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Chapter VI

The morning sun had long since climbed out of the horizon, though still hovering above a little ways from its routinely journey across the sky. Perhaps it had been the crow of a fowl announcing the arrival of the new day to all living things, or perhaps it had been the excited chatter of the folk before they would begin their usual practices; it was hard to tell what exactly stirred him from fragile sleep. His blue eyes fluttered open and the back of his wrist reached up to his yawning mouth. He glanced up with his face still snuggled upon Scorpion's shoulders, the shifting weight of the Lin Kuei pulling him out of his slumber. The Shirai Ryu blinked his tired eyes before lazily turning his head to check on the only other occupant of the chair, Sub Zero sprawled up against his chest and his wide and shimmering blue eyes gazing into the Ninja's blank ones.

Sub Zero screamed.

Scorpion screamed.

Both men tumbled to the hard marble floor, their screams echoing like a deafening siren within the chamber. In their desperate attempts to distance themselves as far away from each other as possible, the panicking warriors only managed to entangle themselves within the ridiculous decorations of their own livery. The struggle must have lasted for about a few moments but to the frightened screaming men it seemed like half an hour had passed by before their incessant thrashing somehow freed them. But it was not without some damage: the adornments tore pocket sized holes into their garments and pulled the stitches out from the shoulders, exposing the Lin Kuei's bare shoulder and pectoral muscles.

"WHAT THE FUCK, SCORPION?!" the Ice Warrior cried out in horror, his arms feebly gathering the torn rags of his clothes to cover his indecent flesh. He lowered his head and began sobbing uncontrollably as the Shirai Ryu regained some composure from the whole ordeal and tried to explain the situation, albeit with fumbling words and facts that were so outrageous in themselves that Sub Zero would never believe him. The chamber's doors flung open with enough force to almost tear them off their hinges, a figure coated in the darkness of the Nether standing at the entryway.

Noob's eyes travelled between his traumatized and partially naked brother and the Spectre who sat on his knees, his hands clutching pieces of blue fabric that undoubtedly belonged to the former. The Wraith narrowed his eyes at Scorpion while the other shook his head fervently in denial, the truth failing to leave his mouth without sounding like a string of incoherent mumbles. Sub Zero looked up at his elder sibling, his eyes holding Noob's before the shame eventually broke him into another fit of pained sobbing. The ex-Lin Kuei marched towards Scorpion and proceeded to beat the hell out of him.

"Please tell me this wasn't a baby-themed orgie party," Johnny had said when the Swordsman helped him up from the ground, the Special Forces agent just as confused as his eyes scanned the spacious room.

His memory failed to provide him any necessary clues as to what was happening, or what had happened: he remembered he was out on his daily jog and in the next moment there he was in a tiny little cot, his arms and legs dangling off the raised sides. Kenshi wasn't the only one, as he had soon discovered after waking up that many other warriors he had familiarized himself with ever since joining the Forces of Light too lay in baby-cots. A few of them were unfortunate. Someone had placed Goro and Kintaro in the same bed which obviously crumbled under their combined weight – the Shokan however were still sound asleep even as they lay in the rubble.

"What happened…?" Kung Lao sighed tiredly as he walked up to the pair, rubbing his sleepy eyes and opening his mouth wide to dispel a yawn. He smacked his lips, his brows knitting together to better emphasize his confusion as he struggled to figure out the strange taste printed on his tongue. "Why do I taste baby formula?"

"ITS KUNG LAO!" an excited Mileena cried out when she laid her eyes upon him, a finger diligently pointing his way that signaled the other females of the swarm. The women stumbled to their feet, some having to topple their own cots to escape confinement, and stampeded towards the startled monk. With a subtle tip of the hat he propelled himself into the air and vanished completely in a ethereal cloak of blue, the disappointed ladies moaning as they came to stop where the warrior once stood.

"Liu Kang?" Kitana called to her lover, the Champion staggering as he steadied himself upon his legs. He was quick to regain balance and took the Princess's hand in his, pulling her up to stand alongside him. He looked around at the bizarre surroundings, the expression he wore silently demanding any semblance of an explanation from the woman. She shrugged, almost toppling to the ground had it not been the monk aiding her to remain steady – why did it feel like she had just learned to walk? She glanced at her partner as she nibbled on her lip nervously under her mask. "I don't know why I feel like I should say so, but I do not want to have any children, Kang."

There was a long pause, the Champion providing her an almost blank stare before nodding in agreement. He didn't know either but it felt like she was making all the sense in the world.

"Whatever the situation," Quan Chi stated with an almost deathly tone to his voice, his brows hanging low so that his eyes seemed darker than before. Shang Tsung immediately pursed his lips, a nervous hand running through his hair in a vain attempt to alleviate the awkwardness. He could try as he might, but no sorcery upon this world or any other could revoke the fact that the two Sorcerers woke up in a pile of broken wood, their arms wrapped around each other in tender embrace with a teddy bear squashed between the two. "I don't feel good after whatever the hell happened between you and me. Not gay."

With that, Chi spun on his heels and walked straight out the room.

"You've probably done this before, right?" Freddy asked of the hulking, always seething God-Killer, Kratos, who responded by driving his fist right into the Nightmare's already mangled face.

A couple of hours later...

Tsung's jaw nearly fell off its hinges when he took in the carnage that lay at his feet. Charred Oni strewn across the compound's extent and some whose flesh had melted enough to allow them to be stickered along the walls. His door lay in shambles, whatever force that blew the entrance apart also causing damage to his carefully assorted potions and other dangerous fluids that pooled upon the ground. To his right, the giant fail-safe he had set up upon the wall glowed a bright red. The Sorcerer clenched his teeth; furious partially at the madmen who cost the damage and partly at himself for hiring such inept guards in the first place.

He stomped over to the big button, nose crinkling in puzzlement when he heard the distinct sounds of a child's sniffle. He looked down at the source of the noise and found a infant garbed in the robes of the Thunder God, small sparks coursing across his pudgy arms and his eyes glowing a divine white.

"Papa?" Raiden squeaked.

The End