Long Summary: "Ivan takes Eduard, Raivis, Toris, Feliks, Natalia, and Yetkaterina up to San Francisco, where they plan to stay the long weekend at the house of Yao Wang, Ivan's long-distance boyfriend, and his siblings, Mei Wang, Kiku Honda, Kaoru Kirkland-Wang, Im Yong Soo, Làm Việc Không Qết Quả Molly (translates to "Flogging Molly"; Vietnam), and Char li Chinn (translates to "Charlie Sheen"; Thailand). But, since we pity Eduard, we decided to give him the main character position."

Author's Note: This is my first try at writing a yaoi fic. My first yaoi couple in any of my fanfics will be RussiaxChina. However, this fanfic will be told from Estonia's point of view since he needs more nerd love. So, let's do this!

Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia.

Ch. 1: "And, They Say 'Yeah'."

Eduard's POV

My story starts on a Friday afternoon in a Denny's in Southern California as Ivan Braginski, my cousin, made a phone call.

"Yao, my darling, we will be there at about five or six. No, we are not taking everybody to Fanime over the long weekend, as Eduard is saving up to go to Anime Expo next month. I'll be there in a few hours, my pure lotus," Ivan gushed into the phone before he hung up. Before we go even further, some backstory needs to be told.

My name is Eduard Von Bock, and i'm seventeen and a nerd. My cousins, Toris Lorinaitus, Raivis Galante, Ivan Braginski, Natalia Afroloskaya, and Yetkaterina Braginski, and Toris' friend, Feliks Lukasiewicz, and I are going up to San Francisco for a long weekend so Ivan can see his boy-toy, Yao Wang, who is from Shanghai. Exciting stuff, huh?

For me, this would be hell in the Microsoft offices. Or Apple. Or maybe even Facebook, Google, or Yahoo. Maybe Bing if my mood is really bad.

So, anyway, we were eating at a Denny's on the road to San Francisco. We weren't on the Pacific Coast Highway, so we didn't see Solvang (where my dormmate back home, Matthias Kohler, lives), San Jose (where the aformentioned "Famine" event was going to take place), or even ships that look like the Thousand Sunny. Instead, we saw farmland, crops, and mountains. Oh, I think we even saw some truck stops on the way as well.

I suppose that i'm boring you with this backstory, so i'll skip to what we were doing at Denny's. Ivan was - as you know - talking to Yao on the phone, Natalia was standing right next to Ivan and watching him, Yetkaterina was drinking coffee, Feliks was Tweeting the whole thing from his iPhone bedazzled with pink jewels, Toris had some sausage and eggs, Raivis was playing Angry Birds on his phone, and I was just taking it all in.

"Like, can we, like, totally get out of here? This place is, like, totally filthy and messed up, totally," Feliks asked everyone. Then, Natalia put a butter knife to his neck.

"You dare to try and interrupt my brother's phone calls just to get back in the damn car?" Natalia asked Feliks. I just facepalmed at the whole thing and contemplated leaving all of these crazy people to go to Seattle. Yeah, Seattle, a hub for nerds on the West Coast. Then again, so was San Francisco, so I decided to stay in hopes of meeting Steve Jobs.

A few hours later, we were finally nearing Yao's house.

"Are we there yet?" Raivis asked us for the upteemth time this car trip.

"I thought we gave you those One Piece and Bleach DVDs to shut you up!" Natalia cried from the front of the van. Did I mention that Natalia is Bipolar and possibly Schizophrenic and paranoid? At least she took her meds today.

"Natalia, please. We're almost there, and we don't need anymore drama," Toris - for lack of a better term - "comforted" Natalia. Natalia responded by punching him in the face.

"Who wants to listen to a CD?" I asked everybody in hopes of lightening the mood.

"Like, can we, like, listen to Britney Spears?" Feliks asked us.

"I want to listen to Florence + The Machine," Toris stated.

"Florence + The Machine is shit! We're going to listen to Evanescence, and you will like it!" Natalia said.

"Evanescence is too preppy. How about we listen to some Gogol Bordello?" Raivis offered.

"Who asked you, twerp?" Everybody but myself asked Raivis.

"I think Eduard should make the music choice. We always treat him like crap, so we should make him feel special, like it's his birthday," Ivan explained.

"But, you wouldn't really like my music. It's all Polysics, and Rupesh Cartel, and Kors k, and Jondi and Spesh, and Yoji, and Shpongle, and - " I explained before Ivan cut me off.

"Too bad," Ivan said as an aura surrounded him. Without a word, I put the CD in the CD player. And, so, the most marvelous song began to play. Could anybody tell that what I just said was sarcasm?

He's climbin' in your windows
He's snatchin' your people up
Tryna rape em, so y'all need to
Hide your kids, Hide your wife
Hide your kids, Hide your wife
Hide your kids, Hide your wife
and hide your husband
Cuz they're rapin errbody out here

"What the hell is this?" Natalia asked them.

"Why are we listening to a song about rapists?" Raivis asked everybody

You don't have to come and confess
We're lookin for you
We gonna find you
We gonna find you
So you can run and tell that,
Run and tell that
Run and tell that, homeboy
Home, home, homeboy

"Like, this totally sucks!" Feliks yelled. It was at this point I wondered why I burned songs by Auto-Tune the News to a CD.

"I'm turning this off. We're listening to the radio," Ivan said as he ejected the CD and threw it out the window. Behind us, something blew up, and we can safely assume that it had to do with the CD. As Ivan fiddled with the radio, a fitting song came on the radio. I didn't know the band who made it, but they sounded very good.

This lonely existence may use the way
For the hard of hearts must beat be brave
While this quite lightning storm
Wreaks the harvest gold we try to sow
So, it begins
The way the light still dances beneath
the skin; there, the messenger from Hell since were bound to win
As the days do come, but, the years do go
So, take care of your freedom you'll, never know

"What the hell is this?" Natalia asked everyone.

"I think we saw these people when we tried to see Gogol Bordello at Coachella," Yetkaterina anwsered. As for that Coachella adventure, we'll save it for another day.

I sit on the wing for a blackbird song
To tell me were and when this all went wrong
There's no resolution without remorse
Ignorence blist ye fin let state, of course
Puncture the skin and see his blood run cold on desert sand
Come hear the meant for mothers with childless hands
As the days do come, but, the years do go
So, take care of your freedom, you'll never know
Take good care of your freedom, you'll never know

"I think this song perfectly describes our plight as we make our pilgrimage to San Francisco," Toris stated. All of us just gave him weird looks.

"What? I'm majoring in literature," Toris said, which was actually true.

Take what you give until there's nothing left but everlive
And, night this is on shadows and after kill
As the days do come, and the years do go
So, take care of your freedom, you'll never know
Yeah, take good care of your freedom, you'll never know
The days do come, but, the years do go
So, take care of you freedom, you'll never know

As the song ended, we pulled up to the house of Yao Wang and his brood.

"Alright, everybody out of the Vodka Moblie, we're here!" Ivan ordered as he got his water pipe out. With a sigh, I got out of the van and grabbed the first piece of my luggage I could find - The bag that had my laptop in it. I was going to need it for this long weekend.

Ending Note: All yaoi begins next chapter! As for me, i'm hoping Eduard's thoughts are okay and in-character. (They sound in-character to me)

I would also like to apologize to all Evanescance fans for bashing Evanescance. Even though I don't like them, I had to find a band/singer Natalia would like.

Personally, during the music arguement, I would side with Raivis. Gogol Bordello is pretty good, and if you've seen them perform (I did. I saw a simulcast of their performance at Coachella a couple of months ago), you will laugh, trust me.

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