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Ch. 5: "I've Seen it All."

The next thing I knew, was that it was lunchtime the next day, and I was back at Yao's house. The events of last night from after dinner to right now were all a blur. There was only one way to get info from anybody, and it wasn't going to be pretty.

"Feliks, do you want to go shopping at the mall?" I asked the valley girl/guy/gender neutral valley-dweller.

"Like, no way! You, like, totally never shop for, like, anything except for, like, electronics!" Feliks cried. Feliks, I do shop for clothes, it's just that I shop at Old Navy and Macy's and not Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, and American Eagle Outfitters like you.

"I just want to get out of this crazy house," I explained, which was oh, so very true.

After what seemed like hours of shopping in Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, and American Eagle Outfitters, Feliks and I decided to sit down and buy some snacks and drinks.

"So, Feliks, how did I even get home last night?" I asked Feliks, not really expecting much.

"Well, we, like, totally gave up on finding you at around, like, midnight, so, we, like, totally called the police!" Feliks explained.

"You did what?" I cried.

"Yeah, we, like, called the police. When they returned you to the house, you were, like, totally sweating and shaking, totes. Eventually, you, like, totally threw up on the rug and, like, passed out. It was all, like, totally grody and shit," Feliks explained.

Great, so I had a panic attack, too? What a night.

"But, chillax. Ivan and Yao will, like, totally not find out about this shit. Kaoru and I, like, lied to them," Feliks explained.

"We found out about last night, da," Ivan said that night after dinner.

"You guys are not going out tonight, aru," Yao told us. I sighed. Yep, I should've just stayed behind in L.A., had Natalia not threaten me at knife-point.

"Then, what are we supposed to do?" Raivis asked Yao and Ivan. This boy could become our saving grace.

"Entertain yourselves while we shower and sleep together, aru," Yao said sharply before he and Ivan, hand-in-hand, left the room. We grew silent.

"So, what do you guys want to do?" I asked everyone.

"Like, let's totally hit up Amazon!" Feliks suggested.

And that is how we ended up reading bad reviews for good products. For some strange reason, most of them were for Sesame Street stuff.

"Oh, look! One parent said that her kid got scared of this video!" Stacey pointed out as she read the reviews for a Sesame Street video. We all laughed, but not much, since we got bored. Just then, Stacey gasped as something horrible came up on the computer screen.

"What is it?" Raivis asked us.

"Ivan and Yao are in the shower. Together. It's not pretty," Stacey said. Natalia then pushed her out of the way.

"Yes! Big Brother looks so hot in there!" Natalia cheered. I then fainted, again, for the second night in the row.

I will spare you the details of what happened on our last day in San Francisco. Let's just say it involed Russian and Chinese food, karaoke, and a whole lot of loving.

Anyway, on that sunny Wednesday morning, we finally left San Francisco. I had now seen all the ways a Russian man could romance a Chinese man, and I was now ready to go home and forget this all happened.

"Oh, Ivan, i'm going to miss you, aru!" Yao moaned as he thrust his pelvic area to Ivan.

"Thanks for all of your loving. Maybe we can plan another long weeked, da," Ivan suggested.

Oh, hell no.

"Sure! This time, let's go to your place, aru!" Yao suggested as he caressed Ivan.

"That will be perfect! And, we can use Eduard's room to have sex," Ivan said before he kissed Yao on the cheek. Then, I felt it... I felt an urge to say something important.

"GET YOUR OWN ROOM! YOU ARE NOT USING MY ROOM AND MY BED TO MAKE LOVE IN!" I yelled. Everyone gasped, since I haven't said anything about where and how Ivan and Yao make love.

"Alright, then, we won't use your room," Ivan said with a smile.

I now find myself at the same Denny's where we began our journey. We're almost home, and I decided to Tweet about my experiences as Ivan talked on the phone with Yao.

"When can you come by? Next month? For three weeks? That's wonderful! I should tell everyone!" Ivan said before he hung up. "Guess what, guys! Yao and his family are coming over for three weeks next month!"

No. Just no. Somebody please, as Feliks says, "Gag me with a spoon."

The End

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