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Dressed in black, with a veil over my head, I sat in the church waiting for the funeral service to start. Our entire family was here to pay respects to Demetri and Gianna. Francesca was sitting next to me, in similar attire.

Isabella walked into the church, knelt outside of the pew and crossed herself before standing and gesturing to sit next to me.

I didn't want her next to me; I started to panic, she can't sit here. I stood quickly and walked out of the row and toward the back of the church. I didn't look back, but I could feel eyes watching me. This is not good; I should not let the family see me act this way. I am the wife of the head of our family, my actions reflect on him. He won't be happy about this. Especially, since I have not been straightforward with him. Well, I hardly know what the hell is wrong with me, how can I explain it to him?

I could hear the whispers, I looked toward the front of the church to see Francesca's arm around Isabella. She's upset, of course. She was a friend to Gianna and Demetri. Isabella had broken through Demetri's tough exterior and he was fond of her. They left their child in her care.

A sharp pain pierced my temple. Damn it. I closed my eyes and stayed hidden in the dark corner at the back of the church. This is not the time for a migraine.

The music started and the doors to the church opened. Everyone stood. The priest walked in with his ball of smoke, his words spoken in Italian.

I watched as he moved up the center aisle, alter boys just behind him, and then the caskets came into view. My husband, sons, nephews and cousins carried Demetri and Gianna to the front of the church. I was completely frozen, I couldn't move.

Why did this happen? Why would God let this happen to them? They were just starting their lives. I could feel the anger building in me; I had to get out of here. But I couldn't move. I felt like pulling my hair and screaming.

How many funerals have we been to lately? It just isn't fair.

I stay hidden in the corner; I see Carlisle glance around the room. He's looking for me. Francesca leans over and speaks quietly to him. Isabella is crying, and Edward takes her into his arms. Jasper and the others fill another pew.

Jasper speaks quietly to Edward, who just shakes his head. Jasper's eyes narrow slightly before he faces forward again.

The priest begins the funeral mass, but I cannot focus on his words. I only see the two caskets at the front of the room.


I cannot fucking believe her. I glance around the church quickly, trying one more time to find Esme, but also noticing that eyes keep flickering in my direction. The women are gossiping, also looking for Esme, and watching Isabella intently. Jasper is sitting stiffly in the pew, Edward is comforting Isabella, but he looks like he could murder someone. I see my father and mother comforting each other, and my wife should be sitting next to me, but she isn't. And I can't help but feel a little pissed off.

Yeah, I should be worried about her wellbeing. I should want to comfort her, but she's been impossible to deal with lately. Honestly, she's been acting so strange and it isn't normal; I know something is wrong with her. But I have all of this shit going on with the Aros, and we haven't had time to talk.

What kind of backlash am I looking at for this? My wife stood up and walked out of the church as soon as Isabella arrived. If this doesn't look like shit, I don't know what does. What could she have been thinking?

What would I think if I saw this happen? If I was an outsider, I would make assumptions. Isabella, who is new to our family, walked into this church, approached this row, and sat down next to Esme, the mother of her fiancé. As soon as she is seated, Esme, the head of the family's wife, stood and walked out. I would assume one of two things. One, the girl is the goomah, or two, the girl is responsible for the deaths of the two innocent people we are here to honor. Neither of those scenarios are true, but that is what they will believe. Again I have to ask myself, what was she thinking to do such a thing? This could be very dangerous for all of us.

We are sitting at the front of the church so it isn't easy for us to look around casually. Jasper's jaw is jumping, his teeth grinding. He is on the same page as me, no doubt; he's definitely his father's son. He and Esme have not been getting along lately, mostly because the topic of contention is Isabella.

I'm not sure what she has to do with this, but Esme has it out for her. It's obvious. Loud noise rolls through the church, everyone lowering the kneelers for prayer. When we kneel, I fold my hands and rest my forehead on my fists. Jasper copies me and speaks quietly.

"Everyone noticed Ma get up and leave when Isa got here. There is already talk about Isa having something to do with Dem and Gia's deaths. The women are saying that Isa is your goomah and Ma found out. The guys are wondering how trustworthy Isa is and if she's turned Ed against us."

We crossed ourselves and sat back on the bench. Fuck. I knew this, but shit. The funeral mass went on and on, but my brain could not shut out what Jasper said. If this is what they are thinking, and I take no action, it will only be a matter of time before someone comes after me. And Jasper is close to Isa, the same will happen to him. I have to protect my sons. Both of them.

We are kneeling again, and I whisper to Jasper. "We need to talk after this. Don't involve Edward, it will only make the situation worse. He's already defensive about Isa."

We take communion, we pray some more, the funeral mass is over. We all stand and move toward the caskets, preparing to walk out of the church and go to the cemetery. As we walk through the middle of the church, the doors open letting in the bright light from outside, and I see my wife standing in the open doorway. Her features blurred by the brightness behind her. As we pass, her eyes are on mine; full of tears, remorse and fear.

She knows what she's done. I turn away from her with no acknowledgement. I have to figure out a way to fix this before we are all killed.


I keep taking deep breaths, but it isn't doing any fucking good. My body is full of adrenaline, anger, and sorrow. The emotions are battling against each other and I can't fucking...

I wish I had something to calm me down. But that would be a really bad fucking idea. My dad is so pissed off right now; he might shoot me in the middle of the mass.

I can feel him vibrating next to me. James sat next to me and told me what these assholes were saying as he was walking in. Isabella is the goomah, Isabella had something to do with Dem and Gia, Isabella planned this to get the kid, Isabella is turning Ed against the family…Fucking fantastic. It will be only a small stretch for them to start saying she's working for the Aros or she's a cop.

James is a jittery motherfucker; I punch him in the leg. Asshole probably had a quick hit of something outside.

"Sorry," he whispers.

There's a Fed at the end of our row. I smirk and give him a head nod. Asshole.

I can hear Edward and Isa behind me, Isa is sobbing. She sounds almost frantic and Ed has his hands full trying to comfort her. She has been struggling these past few days. The baby has been a constant reminder to her that Demetri and Gianna are gone. She feels guilty, and my mother has not been helping the situation.

My mother refuses to go near Isa, or the baby. But she won't fucking tell anyone why. But walking out of the pew when Isa arrived is going to have a lot of fucking backlash. People are questioning her loyalty, as well Edwards. My mother's actions have the potential to get us killed. First they'll go after my father, then me, Ed and Isa.

We need to act fast, handle this shit before it gets out of hand. And we have to keep Ed out of it. He will kill a fucker for talking shit about Isabella. Jesus, if something were to happen to her, Edward would flip the fuck out. I doubt anyone would survive. Most people have not seen Edward's scary side, and the few that have, aren't alive to talk about it.

When Father John asks us to kneel, I lean forward resting my forehead on my fists and whisper to my father quickly. Letting him know what James told me. He is already pissed, and he needs to know this shit before we walk out of the church. He has to be in control, he cannot appear weak; this is what I've learned from him. You wear a mask in front of the world, the real you is for family only; and not even family is always welcome to see you.


I'm sitting in the living room, staring out of the window. The city is so far below me that I cannot hear the noise, feel the movement, smell the city. But the constant shift on the street below is soothing my nerves.

I'm not sure what to do. My children and husband are angry with me. I shake my head at my own idiocy; angry is a big understatement. Angry I can handle, but I don't know if I can dig myself out of this storm I've created.

Edward, my youngest son, is not speaking to me. He was vibrating with anger by the time we got to the cemetery. Isabella stood next to him, stoic. A mask covering her face, tears still slipped over her cheeks but her eyes were like glass, emotionless.

My shoulders slump, and tears pool in my eyes. I wipe them away angrily.

Why am I so angry with her? It's irrational. She is a nice person, my son loves her, the whole family loves her. Jasper calls her sister; Carlisle and Santo both refer to her as their daughter. She is trusted as part of the family.

Carlisle considers her his daughter. This leads my train of thought in a dangerous direction, making my hands shake.

Images are flashing through my mind, I can feel my eyes moving as if they are in front of me.

Carlisle picking up a family token from the jeweler.

Santo including Isabella in meetings.

Edward handing Isabella a hand gun.

Isabella's anger with Carlisle when Edward was in danger.

Isabella securing rooms in our home.

Her closeness with Paul.

Her trips with Edward…

My God, what have I done?

I walked out of the church when she arrived. In front of the entire family.

Tears are spilling over and my hands are shaking. What have I done?

I wrap my sweater tighter around my body, and then I hear the front door slam, making me flinch.

Footsteps are quickly moving through the house, he will know I am in here. It is where I come to think, to be alone.

The feet stop moving, and I can feel him standing behind me. I fist my sweater, and keep my eyes closed.

"Esme," he says. And he sounds tired, edgy.

My eyes open and he walks over to the chair opposite me, sitting casually.

I don't speak but my eyes are searching his, what do you want me to say?

"Our children are angry with you," he says. "Edward controlled himself very well, under the circumstances. And quite honestly, I don't understand what is wrong with you." Carlisle stands, his hands are opening and closing, fisting each time. My vision is blurry, but I can see him pacing; trying to calm himself.

"The funeral," he laughs, stopping to stand behind the chair he was just sitting in. "People are asking why you walked away when Isabella sat next to you. People are wondering if Isabella had something to do with Gianna and Demetri's deaths. DO YOU KNOW HOW STUPID THIS MAKES ME LOOK?" he yells. "Just the idea that my future daughter-in-law might be taking out members of my family…" he trails off, taking a shaky breath and rolling his neck. His fingers are gripping that back of the chair so tightly, I'm sure the leather will tear. "Do you have any idea what this could do to us, to me? TO OUR SONS? "

Tears are streaming down my face, I can feel them dripping onto my hand. But I cannot bring myself to wipe them away.

Carlisle's voice is icy. "People have been questioning her motives since Edward's engagement was announced. Do you think she has a guard with her at all times just for the hell of it?

"You just put a huge fucking target on her back," he yells. "I have to make sure everyone, everyone," he says, tightly, "in this family trusts me. I have to have eyes everywhere all of the fucking time! And now I have to worry that someone in my family will go after our children."

His blue eyes are icy, glaring into mine. His breathing is rough and I can almost see his body vibrating with the anger he is hiding from me. "I don't know what is going on with you, but figure it out. I will not accept any more shit like this. If you cannot control yourself, stay home. I don't have the fucking ability to deal with this. My arms cannot extend out to all of you at the same time. Fix this. I don't care how you fucking do it, but fix it. We cannot afford to look weak in front of anyone, especially our own goddamned family," he finished, his voice was quiet but the threat was there.

He looked at me for a few more moments, before walking out of the room. The sobs that I have been holding in finally break free. My throat is throbbing with the ache of it.


I see Carlisle walk out of the room; his head looks like it will explode. I don't think I have ever seen him this furious.

His fury is born of fear. I know this because I have lived it, when this family was my responsibility and my sons and wife were the ones in danger. I was in his shoes, and I remember feeling helpless. Wondering when someone was going to step into my office and end my life, or if my wife's car would explode on her way to the market.

I wanted to go to him, help him, but that would be a bad idea. My son doesn't normally act this way, and he needs some time to come down from this anger.

He needs to ground himself so he can come up with a plan. A plan that will clear Isabella's name, and spare his family. Because in the end, that's what this is all about. Famiglia.

Our core unit is the most important, everyone else is expendable.


I sit quietly in my grandson's living room, holding Matteo. He is such a beautiful baby, so sweet.

He and Jasper are talking quietly in the corner of the room. Edward's face is red with anger; I'm surprised he has not gone to speak with his parents. I'm positive that it would have terrible consequences, but Edward does not think logically when it comes to Isabella. She is his world, and his weakness.

Isabella on the other hand, is shutting down; isolating herself. It is terrible to see such a beautiful person shutting down. She is returning to that persona she had months ago, cold and unapproachable.

I have been sitting here out of the way for an hour or so watching everyone.

Isabella is cooking, Jasper looks wired – he must have taken something after the funeral. Edward is raging inside, but he is fairly composed on the outside. Enzo quietly guards the front door and James is standing out on the balcony.

This is not good. Our family is separated; even Santo and I are not on the same page. He is standing by his son, offering him the support and love only a father can give. I understand this, and I love my husband even more for it. But Esme is wrong, and I cannot stand to be in the same room as her.

I was Esme, years and years ago. An angry mother that felt like I was losing control of my family; Harassing my daughter in law, belittling her, making her feel unworthy. I feel embarrassed at my behavior now that I can see what it looked like to an outsider.

But Isabella has not threatened Esme. Isabella has not overstepped, and is happy in her place as Edward's fiancé. She is entitled to more, should she want that, but I don't think she does.

She adores Edward, it is the only reason everyone has accepted her so easily. It is apparent every time she looks at him, and speaks to him, and touches him. In a room full of people, you will find them sitting together talking quietly, sharing secrets and gentle kisses. Their love is true, and epic, and can withstand this storm.

I sigh, looking at the baby in my arms. We cannot have our family on opposite sides of the war. For now, I will support my grandson and his future wife.

Isabella's isolation might be what my son needs to fix the mess his wife has created.


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