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I'm moving quickly; trying to get out of the diamond district before rush hour hits. I need to get home to my wife.


My phone buzzes again.

Glossy pink lips with just a hint of tongue.


My cock is already fucking hard and this woman keeps sending these damn pictures.

At the stoplight, I scroll through the pictures she's sent today.

High heeled, open toe shoes with a single strap at the ankle - her fingers clasping the buckle.

Her breasts pushed up by a sexy black vest under her suit jacket.

Her fingers gripping a perfume bottle.

And finally, glossy pink lips with tongue.

I adjust myself again and hit the gas when the light changes.


She's facing the mirror now. I step behind her, and unbutton her suit jacket and then push the cups of the corset down exposing her beautiful tits.

I trail my hands down her stomach, to her thighs and use my fingers to lift her skirt; I run my hands around her hip and cup her ass, squeezing roughly.

"You've been teasing me all fucking day."

I run a finger along the inside of her thigh, but don't touch her where she needs me to.

"I don't like being teased, Isabella."

Her lids are half closed, and her bottom lip is between her teeth.

"Spread your legs."

Her heels make her the perfect height.

My finger runs along her ass, and I tease her to make sure she's wet for me.

I unbuckle my belt, unbutton and unzip my pants and then lean into her, making sure she can feel all of me against her.

"I'm going to fuck you, hard." I take her earlobe in my mouth. "You better hold on, baby."

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