A/N 1: Yay! My first Finchel fic!

A/N 2: Inspired by the Matthew Morrison song A Boy Can Dream

I met her on the day of New Year's Eve
I was shopping for a powder blue tux on Aardmore Street

Finn sighed, restlessly looking through the tuxes. "Dude, why do we have to shop here for tuxes? These are all like fancy and everything." He glanced at a price tag. "And expensive. I-I can't afford this."

"Sure you can. We're at Aaarmore Tuxes Finn. The most exclusive and best tuxes in Lima. Now go into the dressing room and change. I want to see how you look."


"Finn Hudson, do you want to go to this New Year's Eve party or not?"

"Dude, I do. It's just…this is to much pressure for one night"


"Fine." Finn ripped the powder blue tux off the hanger, slinging it over his arm and disappearing into the dressing room.

Kurt groaned as he sat down. "Straight men are so touchy."

"Excuse me, do you work here?"

Kurt looked up, surveying the girl standing above him. "Um, no. I'm just here with my stepbrother. We're trying on tuxes. Or rather he's trying on tuxes." He smirked. "I already have mine."

"Oh. Well, can you—"

"Kurt, I don't think this tux fi—" Finn stopped dead, noticing the pretty girl in front of him.

"Oh." The girl smiled shyly. "Um, hi. I'm Rachel. Uh…Rachel Berry."


Kurt kicked him in the shin. "Finn."

"Dude, that hurt." He turned to the girl. "Finn. Right. My name is Finn." He stared at her, feeling his breath catch in his throat. Although she appeared shy, he could see a spark, a fire in her eyes. She was almost like a model. Except, of course, in real life.

"So…do you come here often?"

"Come where? Here?" Finn looked around him. "Oh. No. This is just a tux shop. We have a party to go to later. I'm…supposed to wear a powder blue tux."

"Why powder blue?"

"Because it's the in thing," Kurt spoke up. He stood up, getting ready to push Finn away. "Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to find—"

"Dude, uncool. She was speaking."

Kurt sat down, rolling his eyes. "We're going to be here for awhile, aren't we?"

Finn ignored him. "So…I don't really know why I need a powder blue tux. I think black with a…a…one of those things you wear around your waist—"


"Yeah, that. I think it would be okay."

Rachel studied him. "Well, I have excellent taste in fashion. I—"

"Excellent taste in fashion?" Now Kurt was livid. "I have excellent taste in fashion. You—" he pointed a finger at Rachel—"we just met you. You cannot possibly have good enough fashion sense to dress this behemoth."

Finn glared at him. "Dude…"

"It's alright. We don't need him. Here." Rachel latched onto his arm, dragging him away. "We can do just fine on our own."

"Oh fine. Leave the fashionista here on his own." Kurt sat down, sulking. "They'll be back."