A Time for Change

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The BAU team was lost with out Jennifer Jereau. She was part of the family they had created. With JJ off the team there was one less person who could understand the strain they were all under on a regular basis.

To Derek Morgan, Penelope Garcia and Emily Prentiss it was as if they had lost a sister. Dr. Spencer Reid had lost the only person who called him Spence, a secondary mother figure. Even Aaron Hotchner and David Rossi, who both tried to appear as if it was just business as usual without JJ, felt the deep emotional pain of losing a member of the team.

Sure, Jennifer Jereau wasn't dead but after Elle had left the team it became apparent that no matter how close you are, once you leave the BAU you leave the pseudo family they had become.

Agent Jordan Todd, who had temporarily joined the team until JJ could be replaced, felt as though she was at a funeral. Everyone grieving in their own way but grieving non the less. She would be glad once a permanent replacement could be found. Then one day she and SSA Aaron Hotchner were called into a meeting with Unit Chief Strauss.

"Agent Todd your presence in the BAU is no longer required, we thank you for assisting the team during this transitional period. Agent Hotchner, a permanent Media Liason has been found." Chief Strauss stated almost immediately after the door to her office had been shut. Almost without pause she continued, "this is Special Agent Jocelyn Hunter." Hotch turned as he heard the door open and shut behind him to see a woman with long, dark red hair and shining midnight blue eyes. Agent Hunter looked more like a model than anything, she had Hotch tongue tied.

After working closely with Hotch Jordan picked up quickly on his brain freeze and, after a moment of shock that this woman had so easily left Hotch at a lost for words, broke the silence. "Hi there, I'm Agent Todd. It seems you will be relieving me of my post. Back to Counter Terrorism for me" she said cheerfully. "It is a pleasure to meet you Agent Todd. Chief Strauss tells me you have done well filling the shoes of an exceptionally skilled Media Liaison" was Jocelyn's response. This comment was enough to snap Hotch out of his loss for words. "Apparently not skilled enough to remain with the BAU where she belongs." The anger was evident in the Agents usually measured tone but even more present in Strauss' voice as she responded. "Agent Hotchner I will not discuss this matter again. Agent Jereau has simply made the move towards career advancement and you now have Agent Hunter here to fill the position. I have complete confidence in her ability to handle to job. I would suggest you now go and help her get situated. Agent Todd, thank you for your time."

With that dismissal the three agents left a fuming Strauss in her office. Heading to join up with the team, each of the three agents had similar thoughts. Hotch, silently berating himself for his loss of control both at the introduction of Agent Hunter and at the mention of JJ. Agent Hunter contemplating her new job and if filling the former Media Liaisons shoes would be more complicated than she had anticipated, especially in regards to her new supervisor who she had heard was a serious yet calm man. Finally Jordan making a mental note to warn the team to watch for future breaks in Hotch's usually controlled demeanor while in the presence of the newest agent as she said her goodbyes.