Grumpy Old men

A/N i do not own zoids though i think id like to own a zoid imagine going to school or work in a blade liger forget traffic just turn them all into convertibles. this is my first attempt at writing a zoids FanFic and i thought b4 going with something of my own characters id do the classics.

its been 70 years since the fall of the death soarer the guylos empire and the helic republic have been at peace ever since prozens attempted rebellion. however now a third political party entered the scenes the zoids battle commision, they organized small teams of zoid fighters to put on shows for crowds, but all thought they were a fad.

meanwhile in an isolated village known as the wind colony you find 2 houses side by side. they were nice stereotypical white houses one had white trim the other black trim both with quaint white picket fences, but oddly enough shared a backyard. if one was to go inside the house with the blue trim youd see the oddest sight. two old men one slowly balding with a beer belly the other in a faded black leather jumpsuit who always had an oxygen tank by his side. they had an jumbo size television set on which once a year they would play a zoids game, the balding one was always piloting a blade liger the other in black a genobreaker.

today we join our old timers as they battle with two pets at there feet and a small division of children the youngest 6 and the oldest 15 all watching them and cheering on there favorites. the blade liger jumped and manuevered and charged at the genos back only to get knock back the geno fired its cannons but the liger leapt away. the moves always had a chorus of yays or boos from the children and in the kitchen one could hear dishes rattling and coffee brewing...

suddenly the old men cry out "SHADOW!" and "ZEKE!" on the carpet both organoids look up and let out identical huffs of exasperation and roll there eyes as the kids squeal in delight. suddenly the geno chargers and fires its charged particle cannon but the liger dodges jumps and cuts off the jaw of the geno. one group of kids cheer the other boos.

the old man in black lets out a couple of ragged coughs and dons the oxygen mask for a few weezing breaths before letting out a croaking " i almost had you Van your getting slow in your old age-" and starts coughing agian.

Van lets out a sigh and looks at his friend and rival " Im getting old? look at you still clinging to that old jumpsuit when was the last time it was washed you really stink Raven."

"you know i only wear this suit once a year for our games now for the part i really hate."

they both get up slowly joints creaking Van has a cane with a silver ligers head as the handle, raven grabs his oxygen tank and they head out back to see there kids working on the BladeLiger, Genobreaker, CommandWolf , PsychoGenoSaurer and a Gustav. but are drawn not to the zoids but to a small graveyard on which could be read the names irvine and moonbay on one large double tombstone dr D on another and Reese on a third. as raven looks at the third he starts to cry and cough pleading, "why? why did you have to leave reese?"

Van pats his friend on the back and says to him "it was just her time old buddy as it will be ours one day soon..."

suddenly an explosion was heard on the other side of town...


well this is just the start of an old warriors tale of the main character its not that good its going straight from rough draft to fanfiction id love to hear thoughts should i leave it a one shot or carry it on to the inevitable conclusion. theres more id like to put in but wont right now