Kurt had taken Blaine out to coffee tone afternoon. Kurt wanted to discuss something. Blaine was meeting Kurt at the coffee shop, so Kurt had a little time. He was nervous,but he had to discuss it. Kurt was walking around his bedroom,nervous,thinking.
"What if Blaine say no?Gosh...I'll be so devastated"Kurt thought a bit sadly,imagining the situation."But...I have to do this. Yes. I have to." Kurt stopped in front his mirror and looked himself. "Gosh,I look like a crazy. Stop with this Kurt Hummel. He will say yes. He must say yes"
Kurt sighed and sat in his bed, grabbing his head. He couldn't take away his thoughts.

"Kurt?Can i come in?" Carole asked,knocking the door.

"Yes,Carol. You can come in." Kurt replied

"Kurt,I just was wondering if Blaine is gonna dinner with us tonight"

"Oh!" Kurt replied and stopped for a while "We had plans for tonight,I have to meet him at 7 pm at the coffee shop" Kurt answered. It was 6:00 now.

"Alright, if he wants to have a bite to eat when you guys get beck he's welcome. Carole smiled "It's okay sweetheart,but it's already 6pm...you should get ready or you'll be late"

Kurt looked the time and jumps from the bed

"Gosh!I didn't realize the time! Thank you Carol!" He kissed her cheek and she left to let Kurt alone to get ready for his date.

"Gosh...what I should wear? Oh god, it's too late!" Kurt thought, annoyed and started to look something in his wardrobe to wear. "No, not this...I've wore this shirt in our last date. Why is so hard to choose what to wear?I have nothing. Nothing!"

After Kurt threw all his clothes on the floor, decided to wear some black skinny jeans, a white shirt and a streaky vest. He looked fabulous as usual. Looked himself in the mirror for a while.

"Mm, yes...it's fine. Gosh i have to go shopping soon" shaked his head and looked up the time. "Oh no!I have to go now". It was 6:45 and time to go. Kurt went downstairs as fast as possible.

"Bye Dad and Carole! Off to meet Blaine! Bye!" Kurt shouted as he left.

He knew Blaine would be a few minutes late, he normally is. Kurt sat down in the lounging area and waited for his boyfriend. He ordered a latte` for himself and a double double medium roast for Blaine. He even bought a muffin and picked at it as he waited for his unpunctual boyfriend. Blaine finally arrived 15 minutes late. Then again, Kurt was five minutes early.

"Hey, Kurt" Blaine said cheerfully and gave Kurt a hug. Neither of them were big on PDA.

"Hey Blaine. I got you a double double medium roast. Care to share this muffin with me?" Kurt smiled.

"Thank you. Sure. So why did you want to go out for just a coffee date?" Blaine looked at Kurt curiously as he sipped his coffee.

"You're welcome. No reason. Whats wrong with having a simple coffee with y boyfriend?" Kurt was sweating. He was nervous and Blaine could tell.

"No, I know you better than that. Whats wrong? Did I do something wrong? Please don't leave me." Blaine was worried and nervous now.

"No, I'm not gonna break up with you. Ever. Um...Can I ask you a question?" Kurt sipped his latte`, trying to not look as worried.

"Of course, ask me anything." Blaine looked, curiously at Kurt. When Kurt put his latte` down, he held Kurt's hand, trying to ease Kurt.

"I know what happened at your old school so I understand if you say no, but would you transfer to McKinley? This long distant thing isn't working and well, I miss you." Kurt had said is. His heart was pounding with fear, hoping for a good answer.

"Kurt I..I would love too. But I'm...You know, I'm scared." Blaine admitted.

"Blaine. Santana has the Bully Whips whipped. It's alright. It doesn't matter if people harass me, or you or us. We are together and together we are stronger than any bully. I love you, Blaine and...Please come to McKinley." Kurt smiled.

"Kurt. I...I love you too. So, so much." Blaine smiled one huge smile.

"So...Thats a yes?" Kurt held a smirk on his face.

"You are terribly good at persuasion." Blaine said.

"You are just easy to crack." Kurt said, quickly pecking Blaine's lips.

They smiled at each other for a bit, then finished their coffee and talked about when Blaine would transfer. After they drove to Kurt's house. Kurt had told him if he wanted he could have dinner at the Hummel-Hudson's house. Blaine agreed. Carole had cooked lasagna. Blaine, Finn and Burt talked about football.

"I think dad likes Blaine" Kurt whispered to Carole.

"I think so too" Carole smiled.

After dinner, Blaine helped wash up, being the gentleman he is. He thanked Kurt's parent's for dinner. Kurt walked him to the porch. They kissed a little.

"I love you, Blaine." Kurt said smiling with his arms locked around Blaine's neck.

Blaine smiled at Kurt. "I love you too. But Kurt...there's something you don't know yet about me"