Kurt had gotten a lot more touchy since that one day at school. He and Blaine had been making out every second they could, by Kurt's command. Not that Blaine wasn't grateful. He began to suspect things, but assumed it was all in his head. But did that mean it wasn't real?

The next day after school, Kurt was with Blaine, in Blaine's bed. Kurt sucked and licked the side of Blaine's mouth, being sure to give him a hickey in a very obvious spot. Blaine moved Kurt's mouth to his, opening it and allowing Kurt to seep his tongue into it. Kurt began to undress Blaine, as Blaine slid his hand on Kurt's butt, with Kurt on top. Kurt got Blaine's shirt undone. Blaine unlatched his mouth, and Kurt began sucking on Blaine's neck. Kurt slid down Blaine's body, trailing an un-broken line of wet, enjoyable kisses and licks. Blaine slid his fingers under Kurt's mouth to try and block him. He wanted to talk to Kurt. Kurt didn't get the message. He swirled his tongue around Blaine's finger. Blaine removed his fingers and tried to detach Kurt's mouth. Kurt was horny!

"Kurt.. what's the matter.. It's Wednesday. You never want to have sex on a school night." Blaine said. He didn't really feel like going all the way.

"What? Don't you like it? I'm hot and turned on, let's do it!" Kurt resumed sucking Blaine's neck.

"Kurt, no. I love it, just.. We.. can we talk?" Blaine said with an innocent look in his eyes.

Kurt stopped immediately and looked into Blaine's big, round puppy eyes. They were glistening. Kurt could see little bubbles of sweat slide down Blaine's face. Oh, he wanted to lick the sweat so much, but he needed to obey Blaine's wishes. "What do you want to talk about, hun?" Kurt said politely. He sat next to Blaine with his back against the head bored and rested his head against Blaine's shoulder.

"The way you've been acting... it seems like a cover up." Blaine tried to drop hints.

"Do you need some cover up for the pimple on your forehead?" Kurt offered.

"Wait – I have a pimple on my forehead?" Blaine lost focus. He put his hand on his forhead, feeling around for it. "No, back to the subject. You and Karofsky – I mean Dave – have been getting a long. And the song he sang? I can't help shake the feeling that... well... I'll just be honest. Are you and Karofsky... fooling around?" Blaine asked honestly. He hoped and prayed Kurt wouldn't take offense to this.

Kurt sat up looked at Blaine. "Do you really have that little faith in this relationship?" Kurt asked.

"Well, with the way you've been acting.. The way you and Dave look at each other, the way you laugh when he talks, the way you've been... well let's face it, you've been horny. Not that I'm complaining!" Blaine said. Kurt sat up even more an put his feet on the ground, but remained seated.

"You actually think I'd do anything to hurt the only thing good in my life? The only thing that makes me happy, other than Marc Jacob's Collection. You have made my life worth living. Sure, if I never met you my life would be less stressful, but it's worth it. There's no way I'd be living with Carole and Finn with my dad gone." Kurt said.

"Did you think that if you never met me, your dad would still be alive? He hated and loathed, me, Kurt. I made his life hell, taking his son's innocence and all. I think I stressed his life and killed him. I killed you father. But to answer your question, yes. I do think you're cheating on me, reason I asked you." Blaine said, firstly a bit sat, secondly quite angry.

"Blaine, my father had been having heart problems ever since his first heart attack. Dave is my friend, Blaine. It's possible to have friends and not have sex, you know. " Kurt stood at the open door.

"Kurt, you guys walk together, I've seen you flirting, and the way he looked at you in the choir room. Something is going on! The way you two look at each other? It's so freaking obvious." Blaine stood up, flailing his arms about.

"When were we 'flirting'?" Kurt said in a disgusted tone.

"When you were at the water fountain. You went up to him and you two began talking and giggling." Blaine pushed his accusation.

"We were talking about a song in glee. He suggested I do a GaGa song and I laughed at his suggestion." Kurt said.

"What song?" Blaine said. He was totally pissed off.

"Love Game." Kurt said. He refused to make eye contact with Blaine.

"Oh my god. Doesn't he know you're taken? Don't you know you're taken?" Blaine shot a look at Kurt.

"Okay, he said you and I should do it as a duet. I said we already have. Then he went red and giggled. He was embarrassed." Kurt said impatiently.

"Why are you defending him? He hurt you, or did you forget? Somethings you shouldn't let go of." Blaine said. He stood, facing Kurt with his body weight leaned against one leg and his hand on his hip.

"I'm defending him because he and I are both innocent. And no, I didn't forget. All I see is hurt now."

"Hurt in his rear end, alright." Blaine coughed.

"Okay, that's enough. I'm not cheating, nor would I ever." Kurt walked to his room and slammed the door." Blaine was about to barge into Kurt's room and snap, but Kurt opened his door too early. "And even if I was cheating, it wouldn't be with him, or on you." Kurt glared and slammed his door and began to silently cry himself to sleep.

Blaine just laid in his bed, listening to his Sad Song play list on his ipod. Eventually, he fell asleep, though it was about 4AM before he fell into a deep sleep. When Blaine awoke the following day, he looked like a zombie. Julia allowed him to stay home, but he had to go to school after lunch. When he did get to school, he and Kurt didn't speak. They didn't sit together in Glee Club, nor did they make eye contact. When Mercedes asked Kurt what was the matter, he smiled a fake smile and simply said "nothing".

All the glee girls asked him what was up between him and Blaine, and eventually, he gave in. Kurt told his friends about the fight.

"Well, he has the right to ask you.." Quinn said.

"And if he didn't think it was true, why would he ask?" Tina said, trying not to get the famous Kurt Glare.

"I think something's wrong with Blaine's head. The way you were touching him? How could that be cheating?" Mercedes backed her white boy up.

"He thinks it's a cover up." Kurt sulked.

Rachel sighed. "Just don't be as stupid as was and porously make out with someone else just to hurt him.." Rachel stared dramatically off into space.

Tina, Quinn, Mercedes and Kurt just stared at her. "Rachel. I'm not crazy. I actually care about my boyfriend. Well, if he still is my boyfriend." Kurt said.

The four girls squealed and tried comforted him. "Kurt, he does love you. You can't be mad at him." Tina said.

"He accused me of something I didn't do. When try to make him realize I could never, he pushes the accusation. I won't speak to him until he apologizes." Kurt said.

"That's gonna be hard. You live together." Quinn reminded.

"Simple. It's not like we share a room. And I have you guys. I'm just worried about dinner." Kurt said.

"Why? Do his parents make you guys sit together as a family?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah, and his aunts are used to us sitting so close we might as well share a seat. Ugh, being that close to him makes me want to puke right now." Kurt gagged.

Rachel sighed. "You know, you shouldn't talk like that. You never know. You might want him again and he'll be dead. Or worse, with someone else." She said. She stuttered a bit.

Kurt said nothing to Rachel's comment. He knew she was right. "Can we change the subject? The fight is between Blaine and I." Kurt said coldly. He met eyes with the sun. It seemed to twinkle, as if it were winking. What could it be saying? That Rachel was right? Kurt didn't make a note of what she said. He just assumed that time would fix everything, as it usually did.

The two boys didn't speak to each other for the rest of the day, nor the next. Mildred got worried, but Julia said it was about time they had a fight. But the feeling Mildred got when Kurt and Blaine didn't even look at each other was bad. She felt that if she didn't speak to Kurt, something bad would happen.

Kurt was in his room, digging through his piles upon piles of clothes when Mildred came in "Kurt, can I talk to you?" Kurt didn't turn to look at her. He just made an 'm-hm' noise. "Kurt, I heard the fight between you and Blaine." She said.

"Yes, and?" Kurt said rudely.

Mildred sat on Kurt's perfectly made bed. "Not that I'm saying you are, but if Blaine thought you were cheating on him, by asking you he was just saving himself from heartache." she said.

Kurt was now looking at her. He rolled his eyes. "Don't you think it's our fight to deal with, not yours?" he glared.

"Kurt, you're parents raised you right. I'm sure your mom was a good person, but I know for a fact Burt wouldn't be pleased if he heard you speaking to me that way." She raised her voice.

"Look, I know. I'm sorry. I guess I'm still mad at Blaine." Kurt leaned against his dresser.

"Blaine loves you. I can see it in the way he looks at you. And I know you love him. It's something special. You have love, and you have someone who loves you. Don't throw that away. Oh, I can't even guess at a number at the amount of people I have dated. Adding boys before I knew about myself, the list goes on and on. Please, don't..screw it up." She said. She looked like she was about to cry.

Kurt just stood there, emotionless. "I'd like to be in my room alone, thank you." He said in a cold, sad voice.

'Kurt, just really think about what I said. And think before you speak. You might say something you regret." said Mildred. She wanted to cry. She loved Kurt and Blaine, and she loved seeing them together. That was the best advice she had ever given, and it might have been to waist.

Kurt and Blaine went again, another day without speaking. Kurt went to Mercedes' house and came home quite late. Around ten thirty, and Julia was not pleased.

"Kurt, where were you?" she said, tapping her foot impatiently.

"I was out at Mercedes'." Kurt replied with an innocent look.

"Well I didn't know. I was about to call the cops. You need to come home a lot earlier. By dinner, at least. You know the standards in this house, Kurt." She said. It was strange for Kurt. Julia and Mildred were actually treating him like family, and not a guest.

Kurt sat down on a chair facing her, and held back his tears. "I know, Julia. I'm sorry. I just.. I'm really confused." Kurt said. He held his head in his hands.

"Is it about Blaine?" She said blankly.

"Yes.. no.. I don't know! I'm just so confused. I tried talking to my friends but they're no help because they all talk at once and have different opinions. I need to choose for myself but I have no clue." he ranted.

"Can I be honest?" Julia asked. Kurt nodded. "I like seeing you and Blaine together. You don't understand how much you helped him. He never told anyone about his past. And he was terrified of every school but Dalton. He never would have faced his father. You are the key to his lock. I know he loves you. When you're gone at a friends house, he's talking about you. I know it's not my opinion and this goes against everything my instincts say, but.. Please forgive him." She said anxiously.

"I.. I had no idea I did that much. It seemed as though he helped me.. it felt like an unbalanced relationship. He showed me all these beautiful places and I have nothing to show him." Kurt shrugged. He didn't know what else to say.

Julia thought for a moment. "You need to go talk to him. Maybe he's in his room." she suggested.

Kurt shook his head. "No, I might know where he is." Kurt said. He left and went outside. First he decided he needed to go to the store. He needed to get some stuff for Blaine.

Blaine was in his tree house, strumming his guitar slowly. Outside it was raining. The tree house looked like it was about to fall. But there sit Blaine, making the instrument to make very little sound. He wasn't playing a single chord. Just strumming his fingers, but it sounded beautiful. Blaine stopped immediately when he saw Kurt.

He tried to glare at Kurt. "What are you doing here?" he asked rudely.

Kurt glared even harder, making Blaine shiver. "Trying to sort this out. Or I can easily move in with Mercedes." Kurt threatened. He emphasized every syllable with rude, hot, Diva attitude.

"Aren't you afraid you'll barf?" Blaine said in a dark, angered tone.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Kurt said rudely.

"I heard you.. the thought of you being close to you made you vomit." Blaine said sadly.

"Well at the time it did. Now do you want to continue fighting, break up, or try and fix it? One word and I'm out. It's all I need." Kurt said sharply.

Blaine looked up at Kurt. Their eyes met. "No, we can talk." Blaine said softly.

Kurt crawled into the tree house and sat against the wall, opposite side of Blaine. "Why do you think I would cheat on you?" he said calmly.

"I was just doing the math in my head! Your horniness seemed like a cover up, the way you and Karofsky look at each other, the way you were so nice to him in the locker room and office. The song he sang, it.. I.. my mind wonders, okay! I.. I just never want to loose you." There was a pause.

Kurt just sat there, staring at the floor. "You take stupid third-hand guesses and accuse me of cheating?" He hissed.

"Don't turn this around on me! You're the suspect!" some of Blaine's spit went flying across the fort onto Kurt's face.

Kurt wiped the spit from his face dramatically. "Well I feel like the victim and that we're on trial!This isn't right for a relationship! You of all people should know, Mr. I Won't Fight With You!" Kurt shouted.

The loud noise shook the tree house. "Don't scream in my thinking-place!" Blaine said loudly. "Couples fight, it's what they do!" he barked.

"This is true, but they don't go three days without talking! Especially ones that live together!" Kurt hissed violently.

"Just because we weren't speaking doesn't mean I wasn't thinking about you." Blaine tried to sound angered and romantic.

"Strangely enough, same. I didn't want to think about you, because I was offended. And I still am! How dare you think I would cheat on you!" Kurt shouted.

"How dare you not want to think about me!" Blaine shot back.

"I can't argue in a fucking tree house." Kurt huffed.

"That's mean. This is my place." Blaine said softly, trying to sound hurt.

Kurt got down from the tree house. Blaine stood up and got down. "Are we going to continue this? I asked you if you were cheating, you said no, and instead of dropping it, you made a big deal out of it. It's fucking stupid!" Blaine said with anger.

"Because, if you think I'd do that, you don't trust me. And if you don't trust me, you don't trust us. And that's a problem! Trust is key to any relationship!" Kurt snapped. He wanted this done and over with.

"Oh, and you'd know?" Blaine hissed.

"I would, actually. I dated you for over a year!" Kurt paced the floor.

"Dated or dating?" Blaine glared, but sounded somewhat hurt.

"Undetermined" Kurt said in a harsh, mean, glass-shattering voice.

"Meaning?" Blaine needed an answer.

"It means I don't know!" Kurt yelled.

"Kurt, I need a straight answer about this. You can't be sitting on a fence!" Blaine screamed.

Kurt said nothing. He and Blaine made eye contact, and stepped towards each other, crashing their lips against each other. When the kiss ended, they just looked at each other. "Shower?" Kurt offered.

"No.. I want more.. Basement... Now." Blaine demanded.

The two stumbled to the basement and fell on the couch. Blaine began undoing Kurt's pants immediately and Kurt undid Blaine's shirt. Kurt sucked and licked Blaine's shoulder and earlobe, and Blaine moaned at the touch. But it wasn't sweet and passionate love making. It was hot, angry sex. Both constantly reminding how much they hate the other.

Kurt flung his shirt off and trailed licks down Blaine's body, but stopped when he realized Blaine's pants were still on. For what seemed like hours, Kurt finally got Blaine's pants off. He kissed all around Blaine's dick, but never on it. Teasing Blaine, he licked the insides of Blaine's thighs. Kurt tried to flip Blaine over, but Blaine wouldn't.

"Flip the fuck over!" Kurt shouted.

"Blow me!" Blaine hollered back.

"No!" Kurt use every muscle in his body to flip Blaine over. Blaine fell off the couch, landing on his stomach. Kurt leaped down and without warning, he slipped on a condom and penetrated Blaine's ass. Blaine moaned, but it wasn't enough. Kurt thrust deeper, but all Blaine let out was a whimper. Kurt pushed into Blaine as hard as he could, making Blaine scream. He yelled a series of curses.

"Calm the fuck down! Someone will hear you!" Kurt yelled. He Continued to push in and out. Blaine would not be walking the next day. Kurt felt himself beginning to cum and pulled his dick out of Blaine immediately. Blaine was huffing and puffing.

Blaine rolled over and sighed. "You're pure fucking evil."

Kurt smirked. "Fuck you." He gathered his clothes whiled Blaine just sit there, starstruck.

"You just did!" Blaine said rudely. He didn't move. Kurt stumbled upstairs to his room and fell asleep. Eventually, Blaine found his clothes and went to his room.

The following day, which was a Friday (it was a pro-D Day so Kurt and Blaine had the day off) , was quite strange. Kurt an Blaine barely looked at each other, and when they did, it was a suggestive, devilish smirk. When Julia and Mildred were outside, Kurt and Blaine stepped out of their room at the same time.

Outside, Mildred and Julia were discussing the boys. Arguing and betting on their relationship status was apparently quite fun. As Julia dug in the garden on the cool, fresh, early April day, while Mildred blabbed about Kurt and Blaine.

"I mean, I think they're mad at each other, but still together." she aid after complaining for 10 minutes, wine in hand.

"You do know why they're still together, right?" Julia said blankly.

"Because they love each other and deep down, they know it's silly and that eventually, they'll be living in New York together with fans everywhere and children running through the yard?" Mildred took a shot.

"No. Haven't you seen the looks they give each other?" she shook her head and planted flowers.

Back in the house, Kurt and Blaine were just staring at each other, eye fucking. "I hate you." Blaine said.

"I hate you too." Kurt repeated.

"The shower?" Blaine offered.

"The shower." Kurt agreed.

Mildred sighed and took a sip of wine. "They just seem angry, still."

Kurt ran into the bathroom, Blaine not far behind. Kurt stripped off his clothes quickly, as did Blaine. He turned the shower on for a bit before hopping in. While waiting, he gave Blaine mean, devilish looks. He looked at Blaine, then his own cock, silently telling Blaine what would happen.

Julia rolled her eyes. "They've been having nothing but sex." she said with anger in her voice.

"Julia. You don't know that. I'd like to believe that they're both innocent. Kurt, oh gosh. Remember when we met him? He was afraid to go in Blaine's room without an adult. You can't think that he changed that much in less than a year." Mildred stuck up.

"No, but I do believe that he grew more comfortable with Blaine, hence the fact that they live together."

Mildred rolled her eyes. "Okay, can you stop putting my son in dirty positions?" she yelled. She gasped as Julia stopped and looked at her. "I mean.. nephew..?" Mildred covered.

"Did you call Blaine your son?" Julia recapped.

"Well, he feels like my son. I'd never let a thing happen to him. I'd catch a bullet for him. All those time's he'd come over when he was little. He probably doesn't remember the early years, does he?" Mildred said a bit sadly.

"No. He was only two. I mean, how could he?" Julia looked worried.

Back in the house, the water was finally hot. As soon as the two boys stepped in the hot, steamy shower, their lips crashed, moving together. Kurt licked Blaine's chest, tasting the thick sweat. Blaine sucked Kurt's shoulder, making Kurt moan with pleasure. Blaine trailed licks and kisses down Kurt's body, leading to his penis. Blaine went down on his knees, licking around Kurt's cock. He licked from the balls to the tip, but didn't take it in whole. He licked Kurt's thighs, teasing the taller boy. Kurt thrust his hips a little, but tried to refrain to continue standing.

Kurt leaned against the glass wall and put the ball of his feet against the other side of the wall to support him as Blaine blew him.

Blaine was about to bring Kurt completely into his mouth when Kurt pulled Blaine by the hair to his lips. They kissed a few times, then Kurt pushed Blaine against the wall and dropped to his knees, diving for Blaine's dick. Kurt spun his tongue around Blaine's penis, then bringing it in his mouth. He sucked and licked from the balls to the tip, losing himself in absolute pleasure.

Kurt unlatched his mouth for a moment to breath, and when he did, he could feel Blaine pulling him up. Kurt stood up, wrapping his arms around Blaine's neck and kissed him. Blaine could tell Kurt's stomach was tensing up, so to give him more pleasurable pain, he licked down Kurt's body and took Kurt's dick into his mouth. He licked up and down, he swirled his tongue around the big, hard, cock. To give Kurt more harsh, sexual pain, he grabbed Kurt by the ass and pulled him into his mouth even more, deep-throating it. Kurt could feel himself beginning to cum.

"God, dammit Blaine, fuck, I'm gonna cum," he shouted. Blaine ignored. "Fuck, are you def?" Kurt bitched. Again, Blaine ignored. "Christ, get the hell off my dick!" Kurt yelled. Blaine ignored. Kurt came into Blaine's mouth, Blaine swallowing every last drop. A few minutes later, Kurt just felt uncomfortable and left.

He wouldn't tell a soul, but Kurt missed the passion of their love making. Sex actually did something to him, other than make him loose weight. Kurt was a very dramatic person, he needed romance and love. To fall in love, trust the person, have the person trust you, and then make sweet, passionate love together. Love is sacred, and Kurt missed it. He didn't see the point of having sex if it was with someone you didn't want to spend your life with. I mean, it's called 'making love' for a reason, right?

Kurt needed to talk to Blaine, but after that? The quickie in the shower? How could they have an honest, civil, grown-up conversation? Kurt would have to tough it up, because he really wanted their relationship back. He missed Blaine. He missed cuddling, talking, breathing together. Just napping in the hammock was amazing, and he wished he could do it again.

Kurt slowly crept into Blaine's room, where Blaine was strumming his guitar, practicing a new song. It sounded like "Don't Let Me Down" by The Beatles. Kurt sighed. He was about to knock, but then realized he didn't need to. They just had sex, Kurt could do anything to Blaine he wanted. He burst open the door. "We need to talk." Kurt said.

"That was the most amazing 15 minutes you've ever spent? Mine too." Blaine said jokingly.

"No, actually, that's the exact opposite I want to talk about." Kurt said, a little impatient.

"Oh, um.. what do you want to talk about?" Blaine said, in a more serious, soft tone.

"Us.." Kurt said simply. He looked out Blaine's window.

"What are we?" Blaine asked. He was sort of confused. He didn't want to talk, but he knew it was an area that needed to be covered.

"I don't know. Are you willing to apologize?" Kurt snapped.

"Are you willing to let it go?" Blaine hissed.

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Blaine, I'm going to be honest. I miss you. I miss cuddling, I miss the way we looked at each other, I miss your parents walking in on us kissing, I miss spooning." Kurt said. "I'm just a hopeless romantic.." he sighed.

"I miss those things too... " Blaine said softly.

"I'm sorry for over reacting. I love you." Kurt said.

"And I'm sorry for accusing you of something you'd never do."

"And?" Kurt smiled.

"I love you." Blaine smiled.

"aannd?" Kurt smirked.

"You look fabulous." Blaine said.

"I love you." Kurt kissed Blaine. They laid down on Blaine's bed, hands entwined. They rested their heads against each others' and drifted off to sleep, dreaming about each other. Julia came in about an hour later to check on them, and fount them. Her heart melted.

In the middle of the night, Kurt randomly woke up. Kurt stood up to go to the bathroom, which woke Blaine up. Kurt slowly crept through the house. He was afraid to turn on a light, in case he woke someone, but didn't know where he was going. When he walked into the bathroom, his eyes began stinging. He squinted, trying to block out the light.

Blaine knew Kurt quite well, and knew that Kurt would go to his own room to prevent being caught, and in fear of waking Blaine up. So Blaine quietly tip-toed to Kurt's room, lying in a seductive position. His legs were open, his elbow supporting his shoulders and the only thing that was covering him was a small piece of blanked. The rest, exposed.

When Kurt was done in the bathroom and went to his room, his heart dropped. Then in clicked.. Blaine wanted to have sex. Kurt rolled his eyes and snuggled up beside Blaine. Blaine nudged Kurt's back. Maybe Kurt didn't notice the obvious sexiness?

"Whhaat?" Kurt whined.

"You know... you can't resist..." Blaine said, trying to be sexy.

"Okay, right now you sound like Puck talking to some new sophomore. And Yes I can, watch me." Kurt said sharply.

"Kurt, we owe it to one another. To push the troubles away and just make love. You deserve it, Kurt. You deserve the passion, the romance, the love." Blaine said romantically.

"How about another night?" Kurt suggested. But the thought of romance, passion and love with Blaine was quite intriguing. Blaine ignored him. "Blaine, that'd make it three times in the span of two days..."

"Hush... allow me to amuse you..." Blaine said, slowly moving on top of Kurt, pinning his boyfriend against the bed. He slowly pressed his lips against Kurt's gradually opening his mouth. The slowness teased Kurt, but it was everything Kurt imagined the perfect time to be.

Blaine slowly crept his fingers along Kurt's body, feeling Kurt's muscles tense up. Blaine's hands were on Kurt's hip bones, then suddenly shot up to Kurt's mouth, holding him there and kissing him. Kurt had no clue what to expect, he just went along with it. He wasn't gonna lie, he adored it.

Blaine held Kurt like a baby, with one hand on Kurt's bum and the other on his neck. Blaine sent warm licks around Kurt's neck, but never once allowed his lips to touch Kurt's skin. He moved his hands to the middle of Kurt's back, making it arch. Blaine's plan was working. Blaine sat up, taking off Kurt's boxers. Kurt sat up to kiss Blaine fully, but Blaine stopped hit. He held his lips against Kurt's, but didn't kiss. He just whispered "shh" and got Kurt to lay down again.

"Do you trust me?" Blaine asked seductively.

"Of course I do.." Kurt said, confused.

"Then allow me to do anything.. don't move a muscle.. unless I ask you to.. It's all apart of my plan." Blaine said, lips half a millimeter away from Kurt's lips.

"You're scaring me.." Kurt said.

"Shh... Trust me..." Blaine said, trying to creep Kurt out at this point. He slid off Kurt's boxers, not touching his skin at all. It was magic.

Kurt stayed still as Blane zig-zagged wet kisses along Kurt's body. Nipple to nipple, hitting every single rib, and then he came to Kurt's hip bones. He sucked each hip so hard, there'd be hickey's there. Blaine kissed down Kurt's legs, sucking his knee, then continuing down his shin. He kissed between Kurt's toes. As he made his way to the other foot, there was a second or two when he wasn't touching Kurt at all. Kurt was covered in a layer of sweat, and was struggling to stay still, not to moan/ scream and to keep his ... body under control. Blaine slowly made his way up Kurt's left leg, tasting every drop of sweat coming from Kurt's pours.

Kurt let out an "uh" sound, making Blaine smirk. Blaine made his way back to Kurt's mouth. "Kurt.. put your arms up..." Blaine said in a very calm voice. Kurt clenched his hands.

"Babe... I need something to grab on to..." Kurt said, moaning at the same time.

"Grab the headboard.." Blaine suggested in a huff.

Kurt grabbed Blaine's headboard and clenched it tight. He thought he was going to break the wood! Blaine licked around Kurt's armpits, shoulder, chest and ribs. He could feel Kurt's abs. The boy had muscle! Sure, it wasn't a six-pack like Sam's, (Blaine had 'accidentally' seen Sam's body in the shower... he wouldn't tell anyone, but Sam was fucking sexy). Blaine put his cheek against the middle of Kurt's chest, hearing Kurt's racing heartbeat. He moved up a bit, so Kurt could place on perfect little kiss on Blaine's forehead.

"let him go.." Blaine said as his face went up and down from Kurt's breathing.

"let who go?" Kurt asked.

"The perfect thing between your legs.." Blaine winked, giving Kurt a butterfly kiss.

Kurt breathed out and slowly let his body relax. Er, harden up. Blaine sunk his body down between Kurt's leg. He could feel Kurt's boner against his stomach. It felt good. He rubbed their cocks together, making both of them red and swollen. Perfect. "Kurt.. wrap your legs around my body.." Blaine commanded.

Kurt wrapped his legs around Blaine's legs. "No, babe, I mean my waste... " Blaine clarified. Kurt did just that. Blaine found access to Kurt's ass. He didn't even warn Kurt by fingering him. He just slipped on a pink lubricated condom and penetrated Kurt. He pushed in slowly, making Kurt give an "ugh" sound. He pushed harder, getting ¾ of a scream. Blaine pulled out almost all the way, then pushed in hard, hitting Kurt's prostate. Kurt dropped his hands from the headboard to Blaine's head, pulling Blaine's hair. Blaine looked up, meeting eyes with Kurt. "I love you" they both mouthed, not having the energy to actually speak.

Blaine could feel Kurt's stomach tense up, also knowing that it was about time for Kurt to cum, memorizing how long he lasts with practice. "It's okay... you can go ahead.." Blaine said, surprisingly calmly. Kurt bit his lip and let his cum out. He and Blaine soon became stuck together. With Kurt's cum against Blaine's stomach, he pulled out of Kurt, for he was about to cum as well. Blaine came up to Kurt's face. He just stayed there, on top of Kurt, staring into Kurt's beautiful, glistening blue eyes. He rested his nose against Kurt's, feeling Kurt breathe.

"Blaine.. I love you.. I love feeling you... but I can't breathe.." Kurt said.

"Weird... I can't get up.." Blaine lied.

"You will..." Kurt kissed Blaine so heard it began hypnotizing. They easily rolled over, Kurt now bing on top. The kiss broke.

"One thing... we're still stuck.." Blaine pointed out.

Kurt kissed Blaine and rolled them onto their side. "Darn. And I was hoping to sleep alone tonight." Kurt said sarcastically.

Eventually through the night, they broke free and fell asleep. At around 5 AM, Kurt woke p with something at the back of his mind. He began to wake up Blaine. "Blaine... Blaine... BLAINE!" Kurt said loudly.

"whaaat?" Blaine complained.

"Go to your own bed... we don't need Julia and Mildred finding out.

"They're not Hufflepuffs..." Blaine said in a cracked voice.

'They're not what?" Kurt said. He was confused.

"Nothing.. you said finding, I thought Hufflepuff..." Blaine got up, knowing Kurt was right.

Right when Blaine was at the door way, Kurt spoke up. "Blaine.. I love you. Thank you."

"For what?" Blaine was still half asleep.

"This.. you... that.. I'll be sore for weeks, but oh, god. Totally worth it. Sweet dreams, Babe." Kurt smiled.

"Pfft, I'll have dreams. But they won't be sweet. I love you, Kurt. Rest well, Babe." Blaine smiled and shut his door quietly. He fell on his bed and was asleep before he hit the pillow.

Julia woke up when Mildred went to the bathroom. Julia needed to speak with Mildred. When Mil came back, she was a bit confused. "Mildred... Lay down." she commanded.

"Julia, are you seriously thinking of doing it? It's not our night..." Mildred said.

"Oh... God no, it's not Monday. Or Tuesday, nor is it Thursday." Julia smirked. "We need to talk about Blaine and Kurt." Julia's smirk went away and became a stern-looking face.

"What about them?" Mildred said.

"They just had sex." Julia whispered.

"Buu...?" Mildred said.

"It was quite obvious. You're going to ask Kurt, I'm going to ask Blaine. And if one of them lie, we're bringing family over. Most likely my youngest brother's children. They are fucking annoying. And we will make the boys babysit." Julia announced.

"Julia, you're crazy. It's not like one of them is going to get pregnant." Mildred said. She hated her in-laws.

"No. The point is, they won't be able to have sex with 7 guests in the house." Julia said.

"What the fuck? Seven?" Mildred was shocked.

"Yes. Justin has 7 children."

"Okay, you're not that cruel. You're not going to make two teenage boys babysit seven bratty children. The house will go up in flames! I'd be the one lighting it!" Mildred said.

"But you agree it's a good punishment for lying, yes? It's only a maybe. If one of them lies. Remember, ask Kurt and I'll ask Blaine." Julia said. He foot was down.

"I really hope you don't do something you'll regret."

"Please. Justin is divorcing his wife who's thirteen year younger than him. He wants the children out of the house. I'm helping my little brother. Isn't that kind?" Julia said. Mildred sighed. "Good night, Millie. I love you." She said sweetly.

"Good night, Jewel." Mildred smiled and drifted off to sleep.