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Pairing: Eventual Kagome/Sasuke

Rated: T

Original idea/concept: vampirehime92

"Foolish little brother, if you wish to kill me, hate me, detest me. And, yet survive in an unsightly way. Run, run and cling to life, and when you have the same eyes as mine, come to me."

"Why, Nii-san?"


The seven-year-old Uchiha sat up slowly in the hospital bed, feeling the dried tear tracks dried against his pale cheeks, 'Itachi! He...' Sasuke covered his obsidian eyes with his long bangs.

Itachi had just slaughtered the entire Uchiha clan – their clan – and it was all just for to 'test' his capacity.

What did that even mean?

His eyes clenched tightly as his hands curled into tight fists and his young body began to shake in rage – mostly directed to Itachi and himself. Why was he so weak that he couldn't do anything to protect his family from Itachi, not even his parents? His Aunt and Uncle? And not even Cousin Shisui?

Why was he so damn pathetic?

Sasuke ignored how he felt the soft caress of skin against his fingers, thinking it was just a figment on his tired and exhausted mind, "Pathetic?" A soft voice asked, but there are hints of a darkness underneath that had Sasuke snapping open his eyes, "What is your desire, young one?"

This woman was... ethereal with her long silky black hair and her snow-pale skin and her sultry blue eyes, but Sasuke didn't care at the moment.

"Revenge," He managed to choke out, "I want revenge. I want to kill Itachi!" He growled, not moving even as her hand began to glow an eerie black. Sasuke blinked as all his wounds were healed in an instant and the woman gave a smirk that edged on an unforgiving darkness.

"Very well, I have heard your desire," The woman said, offering her hand for Sasuke to take, which he does so reluctantly, "Uchiha Sasuke – bind into a contract with me and I will grant your desire, but in exchange – I will devour your soul as my payment for my servitude to you."

Sasuke froze for a moment, thinking over the benefits and risks of this situation, but he could only come up with one solution.

Nothing else mattered but Itachi's death.

"If this is the only way I can kill Itachi, then – so be it..." He clenched his fingers around Kagome's hand, not seeing her dark grin at his words. Sasuke blinked, seeing their joined hands start to glow.

The dark light surrounded them and Kagome chuckled lightly as Sasuke tensed when she leaned in closer to his smaller form, forcing her to kneel down to his height. The Uchiha was frozen in shock when felt Kagome's lips press up against his own while a finger traced a pattern on his neck.

"This which I have placed upon your neck is the mark of our contract; it bonds us as Master and Servant."

Sasuke immediately collapsed the moment Kagome finished her explanation, the bonding too harsh on his young body.

But he did feel Kagome's arms catching him before he hit the ground...

This idea came from vampirehime92 and the first few chapters may be a little similar, but written in my own way to make it easier on myself.

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