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Chapter 5 – Silver and Gold


"Damn that clock!" Mai yelled when she was trying to study hard for their quiz tomorrow. Frustrated, she took it and looked at the so call 'damn clock'.


"Gosh this clock is useless! It's already not working and I just bought it yesterday! What a waste!" Mai yelled, oblivious to Naru who was watching with amusement. It seems that she was very irritated today, Naru thought with his 'oh-so-popular' smirk.


Naru jerked his head up and went outside to check what was that sound.

He opened his door coolly and saw his assistant's head on the table and was snoring lightly. He chuckled and yelled just like what he would do as always.


She immediately jerked her head up while saying, "Huh! What! Err! Why…?"

"Oh…it's you Naru." She said as she flushed red.

"Time is gold Mai, don't waste it." He said as he looked on his wrist watch.

"Yeah, I know time is gold Naru," Mai countered, "But…your watch and my watch are…"

"Silver. So, it mean that time is silver!" She then stuck out her tongue at Naru.

"Childish." Naru said as he retreated onto his office.