My Silly Life

Chapter 1 Summary: When a storm comes, Dean gets scared, and Mary is there for him. Weechester!Dean

Rating: K+

Warnings: May be some mega-cuteness and parts that will make you go 'D'awww!'

Word Count: 100. On the nose.


Mary had just finished closing all the windows. The sudden summer storm had come down really fast this time. She would have sworn that she had heard soft whimpering.

She tracked down the noise to the hall cupboard and opened the door to reveal a cowering Dean.

"Dean, what's the matter, sweetie?" She asked, crouching. "Is it the storm?"

He nodded. "I'm scared, Momma."

Mary cracked a small smile. "There's nothing to be worried about, storms are just God's way of watering the earth."

"Like how Dad waters the garden?" He sniffled.

"Yeah. Exactly like how Dad waters the garden."