A day in the life, A vampire chronicle;

By Thomas G. Arndt

Day 12

John woke up next to Alice, he had never felt closer to her, he looked again at the sleeping beauty, there was a little blood still on her face, he thought, she didn't know what she was in for, he could now see all the pain in her life. How she had join the sisters on a lie, they never knew of what had happened to her, when she was still, oh my, only six, he was a great man of size, the things he did to her, he saw his death, yes it was a vampire, but why didn't he take her. He then remembered a man in his life, yes, he got in his way, he had no idea, she was there, he disposed of him, leaving her all alone, she saw him do what needed to be done, and he left her there.

She could of been his way back then, but he didn't know, he had been the instrument of her life, and thru the ages, she had came back to him, but he didn't know, so it took Tony to see her worth, he saw he was the instrument of her arrival to her true unlife. He played a great roll in her renewal, and in her final approach to her true unlife, he was very thankful to him, and so made at his inability to see her true path.

She started to rise so he got real close to her ear, and said," What you are about to see, will trouble you, you now have all my memories, it will be like a flood, don't let it overwhelm you, my life was full of death, but you've changed me. And you may see things that will open up your eye's, don't hate me, if I knew what I know now, you would have never suffered all that you did, we never allow an innocent live like that. You may need Bob, to help you out, do you want me to send him to you?"

See then came back with," I saw a lot when we joined, and I do have alot of questions, but it was all a rush, so I'll need time to put them in order, if Bob is good at this, then yes, send him to help me, if not then it won't matter, do what you think is right."

John stood up, went to the door, as he reached the door, he said," This might be beyond him, so I'll send Naomi also, remember I really love you, and if I knew you were there things may have come out different, now we walk to eternity together."

He then walked over to Naomi's room, he knocker on the door, Naomi answered, so John said," You told Alice of our little secret, I didn't want to, but I can't refuse her anything, I think she'll need you now, I'm going to Bob, for expertise in this area."

Naomi knew right away what had happened, so she left the room right away, so John continued to Bob's room, and again he knocked, Sherri answered the door, so he asked," Can I speak with Robert?"

Bob got up and went right to the door, so he continued," Naomi told Alice of one of our little secrets, Alice will need your help to sort out my memories, you may have to dig deep, and prepare yourself, there real bad, do what you can, you see I love her, and she'll really need you."

Sherri then came in with," Then she'll really need the man she really loves also at her side, go be with her, hold her tightly, you won't have to say anything, it's all in you just being there, and you may have to dig real deep also, especially if it's as bad as you say it is."

John nodded his head, and so he returned to there room, he got real close to Alice, Bob then got real close, and placed his hand on her head and said," As all that is unholy share your thoughts with me, now release them, place them in my our thoughts, and lets see what you now know... Oh my, this is bad, it'll take a few moments, ah yes, there it is the beginning."

He could see Alice's expression change, he knew he really didn't want to be there, but it was for Alice, so he stayed, Naomi then moved behind her, she started to rub her shoulders, the terror in her eye's was also seen in Bob's eye's, it was as if he was sharing every moment. The time went on, it felt like forever, Alice's face started to look different, almost as if a burden had been released, the horror returned to her face, then she said," It was you, NO! Not you!"

She started to weep, he now knew it was time to hold her tightly, she then saw something worse, so she started to weep even louder, he knew this had to be the one, but he was determined not leave her side, until it was all done. Moments later she leaned over, and kissed him, and whispered to him," I forgive you, you didn't know."

Bob then said," It is finished, man, your all burnt up, as judge I dream this as a wanted act, and as you said, she really need my help bad."

Naomi then said," I'm truly sorry, She asked, but I didn't think she would act upon it, I told her it could be really bad, in fact it could rock her soul, do you two forgive me?"

John looked at Naomi with a stern look, but Alice then said," Yes we do, now John I did ask, I didn't have to, and in this light, you have to forgive her."

John then smiled, and said," And as always, I can't refuse you anything, so I forgive you."

Naomi then said," All the fireworks are over, go down stairs we've got training to do."

John turned his head, and saw all the kids at he door, he thought to himself, man this is really going to take a lot of explaining, he then kissed her on the lips, and said," You now know how much I really love you, and now I also know of all the things that were bad in your life, you do know if I'd known you were there, I would have taken you into this life back then, of course you wouldn't have lived the life you've lived, do you also forgive me for that?"

Alice then said," Yes, I think I had to live that life, if not I wouldn't have saw all the things I did, and I believe it made me a better person, would you have wanted me younger?"

" Are you kidding, your perfect, I've never known someone like you in my life, yes I think your right, if I hadn't made that mistake, you wouldn't have been there for me, you've changed my life."

" Go down stairs, I'll be there in awhile."

As he got up, she said," And thank you, I could feel how much you wanted to run, you fought your nature, and stayed with me, you'll never know how much that means to me."

He stopped at the door and replied," Your probably right, but as you know now, I've fought my nature a lot for you."

He then walked out of the room, and down to the council chamber, everyone was sitting there, John started to say something, but Naomi cut him off, and said," Bob, and I already explained, you don't have to tell them."

John then asked," Do you guy's have any questions?"

All heads turned toward him, but not a word was spoken, then Naomi said," Well if there isn't any questions, lets go to work."

" Marion can you stay a few moments?"

She then sat down, and after everyone left, John then asked," Can I barrow your car again?"

She pulled out her keys, and then asked," Are you going someplace?"

" Yes, It was something Alice asked me last night, so I feel after training I'll just do what she wants, is that ok?"

" Oh, for you guy's anything, and I think she'll need some time alone with you, by the way Alice and I are in your class first, so make it fast."

" What do you mean?"

" John your a good teacher, but you have no idea about women, go to her and bring her to her first class, the longer you let her sit, the more she wonders if you really know her."

John then jumped up, then ran to there room, he got there and said," I'm here to make sure your alright."

She stood up, and then replied," I am now, thank you for knowing what I needed."

John held her by her shoulders, and helped her down to the first class, as they were getting close to the room, he thought, Marion thank you, I don't know what I'd do without you. When they came in the room, he nodded to her, he hoped this would say a lot more than he could say, as he let Alice go, he whispered to Alice," Oh, I already asked Marion, and she gave me her car keys, so it'll be a trip after training."

Alice looked so much chipper, she ran over to Marion, and said," Oh, thank you for the car keys."

She then kissed Marion on the cheek, Marion then said," It was the least I could do, you'll have questions for John, it will give you guy's sometime to sort things out, besides after these things I usually have to sit for awhile anyways."

Everyone in the room laughed, so John then started to give them there training for the day, and as usual it took about four hours to complete, he then moved to the car, Alice was right on his tail.

John sat in the car, he then turned, and said," The only thing I can think of is going back to the park, and we don't even know if he'll be there."

Alice blinked one time, then said," We have to try, and if you really love me you'll understand."

John put the car in gear, then pulled out, he thought, I really don't understand, but I truly love you, so it's off we go, even if it's a wild goose chase. It took twenty minutes like last time, they both got out of the car, he walked over and grabbed her hand, they moved slowly as if they were waiting for something. Alice then pointed out a flashlight moving in there general direction, she was about ready to run to it, when John pulled her aside, he then whispered, " Lets make sure first."

So she moved into the woods with John, in moments the man came into view, it wasn't the same man, she gave a little sigh, the man then stopped, he turned the flashlight in there general direction. He then said," I can see you, if your going to attack me get it over with."

John then stepped into the light, he then asked," Were the married couple, the old man helped out the other night, we just came to see if he was O.K. But we didn't want to get jumped again, so we hide."

The man then replied," He's ok. Is your wife with you?"

Alice then walked over to the light to, she then waved at him, so the man continued," Man, Officer Gibbs was right, you are a looker, he told me the truth, I know it was you all who saved him, so I talked it over with some of my friends, and they agree, we do need to talk to you." John then moved forward, with anger in his voice, he said, " What do you mean, are from the Marchion Society?"

The man then replied," Oh please, were not fascist's, but we also knew if you showed, we couldn't face you without support, and I don't think we could target you, but the girl now that's a different story. Yes, we have a fix on her, so if you try to kill me she's dead, we've been watching you for along time John, this is different even for you, he got in your way, and instead of just going threw him, you went around him. We now think we can deal with you, lets just say we observe, and if we see something that needs special care, well we come to one of your kind, there are times when even your types help is needed, yes we know of your problem."

John then asked," And what problem is that, Quetion. Yes, even I know of whom I'm talking to."

The man then said," Yes, and it is proper to tell you my name, I'm called Brother Victorious. That priest of yours did something wrong, he called the Vatican, there sending a special team to this little town, we can't have that kind of blood shed here, so we must try to help you. And if you know of our order, then you also know we don't really want to step in, but you will also know what the B.P. can do."

" No! Not them, why do you guy's have such blood thirsty killers on your payroll, we never did anything to you."

Alice then asked," B.P. Who are these guy's your talking about?"

Brother Victorious then replied," Lets just say it is a secret organization, that only deals with the supernatural, and with the blood thirstiness of most vampires, they feel it is only right to deal out as much death."

John then said," Yes, but innocents as well as Vamps, they have no remorse if they should kill three hundred, just to get one vamp."

" Yes, most of us don't approve of there ways, but they don't care, I once saw one kill a bishop, and that is what your priest has unwisely unleashed on this poor city, you know of him Alice."

Alice then said," NO! Not father Micheal, he would never take life if he could help it, I don't believe you."

" He really didn't know what he was doing, but by calling the Vatican, he started the ball rolling, it can't be stopped now, our only hope is to give you the location of there haven, and hope to God you can do the job, before they can arrive. Here's the location."

He then pulled out a piece of paper, and walked over to John, John then put his hand out, but the man did nothing, then John put out his other hand, and it was only at this time did he give him the piece of paper. He then turned and started to walk away, but as he was leaving, he said," Old habits die hard, with her covered, I knew you wouldn't do anything stupid, but well you know, have a good unlife John."

John then replied," And hope we never meet again, you know I'll never forget this."

John and Alice then came together, he leaned over and said," Dig real deep, and move to the car fast, I'll be right behind you."

Alice then moved, John watched for a flash, and as soon as he was sure Alice was away, he turned and made it to the car just as Alice did, he swung open the door. Alice jumped in and made it to her side just as John was turning over the engine, he hit the gas, and allowed the door to close with the momentum of the car. As they got away, Alice asked," Is it alright if I turn on the radio?"

John nodded his head, so she turned on the radio low, she then said," This explains a lot."

John then asked," How so?"

" When I was younger, a lot of things happened that day, I saw what you had done, but then I was taken away, I never saw his face, his voice was very reassuring, he gave me to the sisters, he then said, to take care of me. An that night, at the park, yes I recognized that voice, the old man, I think it was him, if not, his voice was very similar, you have my memories, think, doesn't it sound very similar."

John thought, yes that was the voice, he must have been part of the Society of Quetion, and he saw that if it wasn't for him, she'd have been dead, so he then said," Yes, I think your right, they sometimes do that, give an older members a job thru one of there parent companies, they can't really support themselves, they use dummy companies to help this support. It's like Paul's usual kind, we can't really support ourselves, they have found ways, to make money, and we are forced to kowtow to them to make our way, I believe Veronica is part of one of those dummy companies."

" Is that how she is able to stay out in the public eye like that?"

" No, but they have ghouls, who are there open board members, this way they can make a look of being legit, they portray themselves as a small part of the company, well when they are the real power."

" Oh."

" We'll have to tell everyone what happened tonight, don't worry though, we didn't do anything wrong."

" You might want to slow down, we don't want a repeat of the other night do we?"

John looked down at his speedometer, he was doing 90, he then put his foot on the breaks, and slowed down to the speed limit, he turned his face and smiled, Alice then pointed toward the road, so he turned his head back to the road. Because of John's mistake it only took moments to get home, he literally pulled Alice to there room, he turned her around, and said," It may not be important, but lets keep our meeting with the Quetion society, our little secret for right now, the others probably wouldn't understand, in fact I'm not really sure I completely understand myself, but only for a little while, ok?"

" Alright, but.."

John cut her off with," Right now I have to talk to Naomi, we can try to sort things out later, now go into the room, I'll be in as soon as I get done with Naomi."

Alice nodded her head, so John kissed her on the lips, turned and went to Naomi's room, he then knocked, at first he wasn't really conscious of how hard he was knocking, but he could hear Naomi saying," This had better be real important, or I'm going."

She stopped when she realized it was John. John then said," Oh yes, it's real important, meet me in the kitchen in five minutes, and I do mean five minutes."

He then turned, and went to the kitchen, Naomi feeling the importance of what John had to say, she beat her time limit, as she entered she asked," What did you find out?"

" Oh nothing much, I just got the location of the Shovelhead's, but it gets worse, the B.P.'s own are coming to town."

Naomi then looked to the ground, and said," It sounds like the shits just hit the fan."

John smiled, and said," I got the info. from a guy who was with the society of Quetion, yes, it just got worse, were all being watched, he knew of us all, even poor Alice, I didn't want to bring any of this on them, now it's here right in our faces."

" Your just not shitting, MAN! I thought the watchers were just a myth, so what do we do now?"

" The watcher I talked to, thinks if we can end the problem, maybe they will just turn around and go home, of course I really don't know how were going to do that, but that's why he gave us the hideout of the Shovelheads. Do you have any ideas?"

Alice then walked into the room, she said," The way you knocked on Naomi's door has all the kids up, there asking me all kinds of questions, I didn't know what to do so I came down here. I need your help, can I give them anything, I feel we should say something."

Naomi then said," NO! We have to keep this a secret, I'm sorry Alice, but button your lips."

John gestured to Alice to come close, then he whispered into her ear," Yes, my love, we have to keep this secret for at least twenty four hours if not longer, it'll be hard, I know how much you love your kids."

Alice then said," Then it stays locked in here."

As she made like she had a key and twisted it as if to lock her lips, then she walked away, with a soft word," Don't be to long, I'm getting real lonely."

John then turned to Naomi, and said," Man, if it isn't one thing here it's another, I've never saw a town with so much action, and the locals probably don't even know what the hell is going on."

Naomi then came back with," Hell your not kidding, but I think it all comes from those Shovelhead's, and the fact that they were able to get rid of the elders so easily, I just don't know where the werewolves fit in all this."

John got a real big smile on his face, he then said," I think you just hit the nail on the head, you know nothing happens without a reason, so why did our most hated enemy introduce us to themselves. See the location of there hideout, yes its as if we could get someone to cover this area right here, oh man, yes I can see it now, it would be a blood bath, they'd be trapped, and we could cover from here, oh man, one swoop."

" But do you really think they would ever talk to us, I mean they usually always attack us first, then ask if we wanted something, this could be just a lot of dead, you know I'm always up for a good fight, but this sounds like our own suicide,"

" Well if it doesn't work, all we've lost is two of the elders here, we still have Dreamia, and Tony, and I think we can us your jeep to make it easier to get away, yes this can work, and if it doesn't, all we loose is our lives, right?"

Naomi then pointed to the map, and said," We can use this as our starting point, that's where Bob and I barely got away from them before, you can put a note on a tree, then we can make our escape. Where do you think we should meet them?"

" We can use our first hideout, it's close to the railroad tracks, and an easy way out if we need it, the only problem is getting out with enough of our own skin, maybe we should bring a few blood packs just in case, what do you think?"

Naomi pointed at the map, then asked," Isn't this were your old hideout was?"

John smiled, then replied," I forgot you weren't with us back then, yes that's it, is it not open enough?"

" Well just, it would be real easy to trap us, then we'd be fighting for our lives."

" What was your impressions of chief Bearkiller, do think he's aiming for a fight?"

" Don't know, I've never met the man."

" But you were, oh no you weren't, well my assessment is he's a fair man, and he'll give us just enough time to make our case, so we have to make it good, and convincing, and then if there in the mood they'll help."

" Is it really worth our time if we have to rely on a whim?"

" Well we have to at least try, I think your right though, they are here for a reason, and this is the first time I can see it, yes this is it we have to rely on our own knowledge, I mean they already had the chance to kill all the leaders."

" When was that?"

" It was with the meeting with Veronica, she needed to show us something she found, and I sent you out to train the kids, you remember the meeting we had with all the kids?"

" You mean the one Veronica addressed us all?"

" Yes, that's it, well he had us trapped in an old warehouse, but he wouldn't allow his own kids to attack us, know that you know what do you think?"

" I don't really know, but if he didn't attack, this is different, you just maybe right."

" I still don't like it, but were stuck, it sounds like as good as we get, I think we should meet with them first."

" Yes, I mean there the lynch pin in the whole plan, and if they don't show up, we'll have to start with another plan, got any ideas?"

John shook his head, and replied," No, but I'm open for suggestions?"

Naomi then looked down to the ground, and asked," None, what happens if this one goes bad, do we just fight until were all done with?"

" Well that seems to be the best way out, I mean you and I can just leave, but the kids, it may be the best course of action."

" Better dead then to face the Black Pope's own, yes, I agree."

" Well at least we can find out how well we trained them, and at least one or two might get away."

" Yeah but which one or two?"

John looked into the air without any knowledge what to say, but he then said," I hate to loose her after I just found her, but this is better then the torture they'd put her thru, you know I saw one of our own kind with cross burns all over there body."

" Yes, and they say there the most humane, well I think this is the best plan we can come up with, I say we make it a night of it."

John got up and said," Yes, but we have to be gentle, we can't allow them to know our fears, I'm going to Alice, I don't know what I'm going to tell her, but we have to have one good night more."

" Do what she wants, be there for her, listen to her, and remember sex isn't the most important thing to us girls, in fact be more like your first night, it will be as if you were just new."

John then laughed, so Naomi then asked," Why do you laugh?"

" Bert he's a teenaged boy, that's all they think of, I've learned in my sixty five years how to respect a woman, at his age all he thinks about is the animalism of his youth."

Naomi then said, with anger in her voice," Well I guess that's my own fault, but he'll have to learn something new tonight."

John felt he hurt Naomi's feelings, but he left the room wondering if he should have said something more, but he really didn't know what to say. John got to his own room, there was Alice already asleep, he got undressed, then slipped under the covers with her, he reached over and placed his hand on her stomach, turned her so her back was to him, then closed his eye's and followed her into sweet bliss.