Miranda Sparrow curled up in her bed in the little homely cottage she shared with her mother and a nanny. Miranda was only six-years old and was thinking about what had happened earlier that day.

She was playing with her friend Harley in a little field behind a store in town. Her mother was out making errands for most of the day, so she let Miranda go play with Harley will his mother watched them. In the middle of the day a man appeared to them and Harley ran to him immediately screaming the whole way "Daddy, Daddy!"

"Daddy?" she repeated. She knew what a Daddy was, but she never met hers. Her mother had told her he was a backstabbing pirate who stole her heart and innocence. Whatever that meant.

Harley's mother, Mrs. Sheffield, looked at her sadly. The woman knew that she didn't have a father, and felt sorry for the child.

Miranda or more commonly known as Mandy, walked up to Harley and Mr. Sheffield and said, "Hello. Are you a Daddy?"

Mr. Sheffield also knew she never meet her father and replied kindly, "Yes, I am."

Mandy looked him up and down. He looked like a kind, loving man. She wondered if her father looked like a kind, loving man, but then remembered he was a pirate. Pirate's weren't kind nor loving, and they certainly didn't look it.

"Ok," she shrugged, and Mr. Sheffield didn't know what the point of the exchange was, and neither did she really.

As she and Harley went back to play sword fighting (which Mandy always won) Harley wondered why she was being so weird about his dad. I mean everyone had a dad, don't they? Why would she be so concerned about his?

"Who's your dad, Mandy," he asked, part way curious, part way wanting to take a breather in between play fights.

"Um," Mandy tugged at her hair and looked at the ground embarrassed. "I don't have one."

Mr. and Mrs. Sheffield shook their heads vigorously from behind Mandy, but Harley didn't notice. "What do you mean? Doesn't everyone have a Daddy?"

She frowned, "Well, I do, I just never meet him, I suppose." By now, the boy had noticed his parents shaking their heads and decided to ditch the subject. But instead of going back to play fighting, he started a game of tag.

She sat there now, thinking of the joy that had come to Harley's face after he had seen his father. I want a Daddy. She thought to herself as she sat up in her bed. She went to get a sip of water when she remembered. Of course, how had she not ever thought of it before! She was an immortal!

Now, let me explain. An Immortal is somebody who can live forever (obviously) and had a special gift. Some gifts were more like curses then gifts. Vampires and Werewolves for example. Their gifts were the ability to live off of blood and be extremely beautiful. Werewolves were able to turn into wolves once a month and become complete and total outcasts to society while enduring he horrifying pain of having his/her body turned into a wolf every month. Neither sounds like the dream gift everyone wanted.

But Mandy did have the dream gift everyone wanted. She could make a wish and have it come true. It doesn't always come true right away, but it does eventually. Her cat had been a wish she had made one morning and that very afternoon Fortune, (the cat) appeared on her bed. They called her Fortune because tied around her neck was money she had wished for her mother, who was running short on cash.

So, basically, all she had to do was wish for her father and wait. It wouldn't be to hard, as long as she didn't wait forever, which she had the ability to. She made the wish, got the water, and fell asleep.

Mandy was awakened by crashing waves and a man's snoring. She grinned. Mother must've done this, she thought. Her mother took her on a ship every summer and they traveled together. Her mother loved the sea too much to part from it completely, and Mandy loved it just as much. It was summer now and she must've brought her on board as a surprise. As for the man's snoring, well, she was probably laid down in the same room as the crew who manned the ship. She rolled over and froze. She was in a bid bed, nothing like what the crew slept in. It was a decent sized room for a ship and there were maps, swords, and other odd assortments of things about. In the bed with her was man with long dark brown dreadlocks that had beads running through them. He had a beard and a bandana wrapped around the top of his head. On his jaw line was a scar that looked very nasty no facial hair grew on it. His skin was tan like hers and his mouth was ajar, showing teeth that looked horribly ugly, almost as bad as his breath.

She let a scream and the man awoke and let out an identical scream. They both fell out of the bed and Mandy backed up against the far wall while he cornered her. She knew what this man was; he was a pirate just like her father.

Her father. That made sense, this was her father! That's why she was here her wish had come true, rather soon too.

"Who are you?" he asked. His voice was rough and intimidating, but it didn't scare her. He didn't seem mad at her or about to hurt her. He was now on one knee looking at her curiously. "How'd you get here?"

Oh crap! she realized. How was she supposed to explain who she was and how she was here without him thinking her mad? She decided to just tell the truth. She told him of how she never had a father and about Harley and Mr. Sheffield. She told him about her being an immortal and what that meant. His eyes went wide when she said this. They went even wider when she told him about her gift. She explained about her wish and her popping up here, and she also mentioned that her father was supposed to be a pirate.

He looked at her closely. Stranger things had happened to him, but he knew he shouldn't believe the child just yet. "Who's your mom?"

"Her name's Angelica." Angelica. So she wasn't lying when she said she was with his child. That made him wonder about the other two "lies" she told.

"Listen, girl. If you can prove to me at least one lick of that is true, I'll believe the whole thing. And since I can't do anything else with you, I'll have to raise you. But only if you can prove it."

At first Mandy didn't understand what he meant, and then she got it. He wanted her to prove she could get anything she wanted by wishing it. Then he'd believe her and take her in. She'd have a father. Mandy looked around the room thinking. What could she wish for? Maybe she could simply wish for him to believe, but wishes like that usually toke a long time to happen. It had to be something that could happen soon, or who knows what he'd do to her.

At that moment, a monkey dressed in tiny human clothes came in through the window and jumped around the room. "Go away, you stupid beast," hissed her father as the thing nearly missed slamming into his head. But instead of going away, it jumped on Mandy's head.

"Get off, you bloody thing, I can't think!" she shrieked. Then it hit her.

"I wish this monkey would drop dead."

The thing that had been tugging at Mandy's long wavy dark hair went stiff, released her locks, and fell to the ground. Her father picked it up and checked it for a pulse. Then he pressed his ear against its chest. Then Mandy became very alarmed.

What if he liked that monkey? He seemed to be very rude with it, but you never know. That might've been his favorite pet, as dear to him as Fortune was to her. Fortune! She'd forgot about Fortune. Then she saw the covers on the bed move and she knew the cat was underneath them.

Then he picked her up and swung her around yelling, "Hooray, you've rid me of that terrible beast. Your defiantly my daughter!" he then kissed her forehead and set her down in a chair at the desk and he sat on the other side.

"Now tell me, darling, what's your name? How do your gifts work, and why are you, a mere little girl, what so many grown men have died in the attempt to become? And how old are you?"

"My name's Miranda, call me Mandy. My last name is... Well, I've always known it as Teach, but I think it's actually whatever your name is. What is your name? And my gift works the way I just explained to you. Except I cannot change feelings, and I cannot wish for something I do not desire. Or in other words, I can't do another's bidding. If I do, or someone takes me as a slave and makes me, then well, it's not good. Also, I can't wish anyone back from the dead, and I can't wish humans dead. And I'm immortal because my mother drunk from the Fountain of Youth and I was born within the year afterwards," she hesitated, making sure she answered everything, then remembered the last part. "Oh, I'm six. My birthday's June 3rd."

"June 3rd? That was last week. I'd thought you'd be at least eight. You seem a bit too smart to be just six. And I don't quite know what you mean. I know your mother drunk from the Fountain, but was has that to do with it?"

"My mom said she found out just after I was born. One of the things about the Fountain is if someone drinks from it and they have a child within a year's time then the child will live forever with a gift. And i think it just comes with the Immortal bit."

"So... so if a man drinks from it, can they get, you know, get," he gestured around his stomach in a wide circle.

"What? No! If they get a woman pregnant and the child is born within a year's time then the child is Immortal."

"Ah yes. And I almost forgot you asked. I'm Captain Jack Sparrow."

"Sparrow. I'm Miranda Sparrow then," Mandy sighed with an enormous yawn. How long had she slept since she got here? She guessed not very long.

He father must've thought the same thing because he scooped her up in his arms again and pulled back the covers and laid her down. Then Fortune appeared and curled up at her side.

"Fortune," she said, pretending she already didn't know he was there.

Jack looked at the cat then back at the girl, "Those he eat rats?"

"Of course."

"Then he can stay. But he cannot sleep in the bed." He picked up the cat and dropped it on the floor. It hissed at him as he went around to the other side and crawled in next to his daughter. Then the cat jumped back up and laid between them

Jack sat up in rage but before he could do anything, Mandy murmured, "I wish Fortune wouldn't sleep in the bed with us." The cat jumped off the bed and curled up on the floor. Jack then leaned back in the sheets and fell asleep. How he would tell the crew the next morning he had no idea. But he knew she wouldn't be a burden. Her gift could come in dead useful and he could easily raise her to fit the pirate life. The only problem would be if Angelica found them... Sheesh there'd be hell to pay then.