Angelica Teach loved her daughter. She loved her almost as much as she loved the ocean. More than loved her Papa who she offered to give her life for. And much more than she ever loved her daughter's father, who was the reason she lost her Papa. And now her precious angel was gone.

Everyone said that she should give up on the search, but she didn't. Some said she may have wondered off outside their house a little ways and been killed by wolves or bears that were known to live by. Or she could've simply gone a single step out the door, which would be all it toke for a wolf to come a get such a small child. Others suggested she was kidnapped in the middle of the night by evil people, most likely pirates. Angelica knew that none of this was true, she wasn't kidnapped by pirates, but it have to do with them.

Angelica knew what her daughter could do, but she never really thought that this would happen. Only until afterward did she realize that something like this was bound to happen eventually. The child would naturally want her father and with her powers and intellect, it would obviously happen. But Angelica didn't realize until too late.

Now she had no way finding her daughter, she could be anywhere! And if she did happen to find out where her daughter was, but with Jack Sparrow being the one who was controlling where Miranda went they'd be long gone before Angelica got there.

Angelica could pray and that was it. Pray that maybe someday, Mandy and her paths would cross or Mandy would wish for her mother like she once wished for her father. But it had been nearly six years, and Angelica had seen no sign of her daughter's even existence in the world besides her old belongings at their home. Even her old cat was gone. And now the girl's old bed sheets had long lost her scent.

Oh how Angelica missed her daughter and loved her daughter.

Now she was sitting in a pub in Tortuga when she overheard a couple of drunken sailors babbling.

"Yes, yes, he's actually going to try and go after it!"

"Well, consider who we're talking about, he'd do anything he thought might come out to his profit."

"True, but you think that Sparrow would settle a down a bit, getting a bit old, you know, not that he shows it. And with that daughter he's carrying around with him, he'd might stop taking such risks."

Angelica strutted over to the table the three pirates were sitting at and gave them her most seductive smile, "Excuse me, men. But is that Captain Jack Sparrow you're talking about? He's got a daughter?"

"Aye missy, he does. Looks quite a bit like him, too. Except, she looks like girl."

"A pretty girl, too with eyes of the sea," said the grubbiest looking pirate with a dreamy smile on his face.

"Isn't she not even a teenager yet, mate? A bit young?" said the one with the eye-patch while looking at his drunken friend in disgust.

"Jack would slice you in half if you laid a hand on her, anyway, no matter what age," added the first, who had dirty blonde hair that reached past his shoulders and a faded purple bandana.

"What is it he and his daughter are after?" asked Angelica, taking a seat between Eye-patch and Purple-bandana.

"They're after Calypso's Treasure," said the grubby looking one, while running his eyes up and down his body.

Ah, so when Jack found out she hadn't been lying about that. "Calypso's Treasure? Does he even know where to look for that?"

"No," said Eye-patch.

"That's why he's going after something else, first, "grinned Purple-bandana.

"The Library of Secrets," cackled the grubby one.

The name gave Angelica an ominous feeling. "What is that?"

The grubby one explained, "It's a library where you can found out anything you want to know."

"All the secrets and knowledge of the world stored in one place on one island," sighed Eye-patch.

"So, there he'll find out where the treasure is hidden and any obstacles he might come across finding the treasure?" even Angelica had to admit it was a smart idea.

"Aye, only problem is where the library is," said Purple-bandana.

"He doesn't know where the library is?"

"Oh, he does. It's located just a few several miles north of the Bermuda Triangle," the grubby one pulled out a map and pointed where the library was supposed to be.

It was just above most western point of the Triangle. The only way of getting to it was going through the Triangle (however briefly) or you could go around the entire thing, which could add a few months to the travel.

"Jack's going through the Triangle?" asked Angelica. How dare him but her baby through such risks!

"He figures that since it's only a short bit, it wouldn't do any harm. But the Triangle doesn't let anyone through it and live to tell the story," said Eye-patch. "If it doesn't get him on the way there, it'll get him on the way back."

"And the library? There has to be some catch to that! It can't be just out there so anyone can get it."

"No, it ain't," said the grubby one. "They say there some ancient people that live there."

"And they ain't people, either," said Eye patch. "They be some sort of hybrids."


"No one knows exactly," said Purple bandana. "No one really even knows if they actually are real."

"Pity for the girl," said the grubby one. "With a father like that, she might not live to be an adult."

"Oh, no," said Eye-patch, "she will. And it'll be because she has a father like that."

"Well," Angelica smiled, standing to leave. "Pleasure chatting with you all, Mr... and Mr... And of course Mr..."

"Zach Smith," said the grubby one.

"Matt Smith," said Eye-patch.

Purple-bandana nodded his head. "Nate Smith."

"Oh, you're all related?"

They nodded and said at the same time, "Triplets."

Angelica nodded and said, "Angelica Teach." She turned away thinking that there was no resemblance between the three brother's at all.

It didn't matter, though. She was going to find her daughter and the man who ruined her life and broke her heart, and finally get her revenge.

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