Mr. Rumboldt and Mrs Peacock are together? It almost sounds a farce, I know, but it's not and Captain Peacock is devastated at the moment. He just confirmed his worst nightmare and he looks rather dejected. I'll bet Stephen doesn't feel so bad about all his subtle indiscretions like flirting. He's even been flirting with me. I know he could never love me, but it's worth a try.

"Mrs. Slocombe, may I talk to you for a moment after work? It's important." Captain Peacock asks as we finally go back to work.

"Of course, Captain Peacock. I'd do anything to help you right now. We'll band together to help you." I am almost unwilling to leave him alone because he's always been there for everyone at Grace Brothers' and now it's time for us to help him and offer him all our support. After all his wife is now working as a secretary for the man who she cheated on Stephen with. I don't think I will ever look at Mr. Rumboldt the same again. He has, through his actions, destroyed two marriages, both his and the Peacock's.

"Thank you, Mrs. Slocombe. I very much appreciate the support you're willing to give me." Captain Peacock says as he returns to his post as a floor walker.