Pressed, dressed, and made up minutes later we head for the shops. "I hate bathing suit shopping, so maybe we should do that first so I'm not so sulky all day." I say a bit grumpily.

"You may not enjoy it, but I'm certain that I will. I must admit, though, it is one of the things I hate shopping for the most, too." Stephen says gently as he pulls up in front of a store. "This is one of my favourite stores to purchase them if I have to; they're very kind. They all know me in here, so they'll be very kind to you. I'd better take my wedding ring off though or there will be questions." Stephen says as he helps me out of the car and slips his ring in his pocket.

"Good morning Captain Peacock. Can we help you with something this morning?" a saleswoman asks as we walk in the shop.

"Yes, we are going on a company vacation to the Costa Plonka on Saturday and my girlfriend needs a bathing suit." Stephen says as he holds my hand.

"Your girlfriend? What about your wife?" the salesperson asks as she looks warily at me.

"It's not something I wish to discuss. You will fit my girlfriend for a new suit or two and a couple of wraps. I'm going to pick out a couple of suits for myself." Stephen says as he starts browsing through the store.

"I shall need your opinion." I say almost clinging to a reason not to stay in the store.

"I'll be right here if you need me. Now go get measured we've got other things to do today." Stephen says as he holds me hands.

"Alright," I say softly.

"That's my girl." Stephen says gently.