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Minerva was pacing back and forth in her office. She kept glancing at the parchment on top of her table. A letter from the Reynaldi's sent her pacing the whole morning. "What could they possibly want?" she asked herself.

Tonight was the start of the new term, and she was nervous. It wasn't like her to be that way, showing how she felt. Just then, the three sisters came through the fireplace. Minerva snapped her head to their direction. With just one look, she knew they were powerful.

"Good day, Head Mistress McGonagall. I am Tiffany Reyanldi, the eldest. We deeply apologize for causing you discomfort." Spoke the raven-haired girl. "Yes, we're very sorry. I'm Ella by the way. The youngest." The blond innocent looking girl said and smiled. Minerva couldn't help but smile back.

"No, no trouble at all." Spoke the now calmed lady. "Sophia, don't be rude. Introduce yourself to our new Head Mistress." Tiff said and the three turned to see the bronze-haired sister roaming near the bookcase.

Sophia made her way to where her sisters where and curtsied at Minerva. "Hello, I am Sophia, the second eldest." She plastered a smile that her sisters knew was fake. Then the smile disappeared and Sophia went back to the bookcase area.

"Please excuse her, your collection of books interests her in ways we don't understand." Ella said with a cheery tone. "Back to the main point, I know you're wondering why we came here all the way from Transylvania's School for Witches and Wizards, right?" Tiff began. Minerva nodded and listened to what the eldest have to say.

"We came here when we heard the news that Salazar's chamber had been opened about nearly five years ago. And we have every right to be here since we are the last remaining descendants of Slytherin himself." Tiff said.

In front of them, Minerva fainted. Ella turned to look at Tiff with confusion, "Did we say something wrong?" Even Ella's voice sounded confused. Sophia walked towards them and sighed. "What did you expect? That she would jump for joy? Salazar has been dead for a very long time." Sophia explained sneeringly.

Tiff casted a non-verbal spell and levitated the unconscious Head Mistress to the Hospital Wing. When they got there, Poppy was all over the place, wondering what had happened. "Ella, do calm her down please. I cannot explain the situation to her properly if she is like this." Tiff whispered to Ella. She nodded and smiled at Poppy. Instantly, the old nurse slowly felt calm but with a look of surprise in her face.

Tiff began to explain what had happened to Minerva and who they were. Sophia watched with interest as the nurse took everything without breaking into a fit or fainting. "You seem to take everything coolly. And Ella isn't even using her ability on you." Sophia spoke with confidence in her tone and stance.

Poppy began to take care of Minerva, "Working in this institution has exposed me to many strange and almost impossible truths. This fact will be just like the rest I have witnessed." The nurse said with authority. Sophia smirked; they were definitely going to like Hogwarts.

Meanwhile, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were on the Hogwarts Express. Draco, Blaise, Pansy and Theodor were four of the few brave Slytherins who came back to finish their schooling. They all decided to forget the past and start a new life and make new friendships. Harry was looking out the window and smiled, "We're finally on our last year. It seemed like time flew by so fast." They all smiled at him. "At least now, we can all look forward to an uneventful year." Draco said.

"Don't get your hopes up, Malfoy. With Harry around, strange events are waiting around the corner to happen." Everyone laughed. Harry elbowed Ron, "Thanks for saying that I'm a magnet for weird events, Ron." They all laughed again. Hermione looked out the window and smiled. "There's the castle. Time to get dress, guys." She told them. They all nodded and got ready.

Tiff, Sophia and Ella were in the Head Mistress' office. They were talking to the portraits of the older Head Masters. "Fascinating they are. Paintings of people who once walked the very halls of this castle." Ella said and smiled. The portrait masters smiled back at her. "Trust Ella to befriend even portrait people." Sophia commented.

"Hush Sophie. Ella can befriend who ever she pleases." Tiff defended the youngest. Sophia looked away to the window and could see the carriages approaching the castle doors. "It is almost time. Good thing you convinced McGonagall to not mention who we really are." Ella said as she stood next to Tiff. Sophia nodded in approval.

"I just didn't want other students acting weird and scared around us. If they found out that we come from Slytherin's blood line that would make everyone feel awkward." Tiff said. Minerva came and smiled at them. "It is now time." She spoke softly. The sisters followed her out the office and into the hallway, heading to the Great Hall.

The sorting went by so quickly and Minerva stood in front of everyone. "It is great to you familiar faces again. We have gone through a terrible time and now we can face a bright future free of fear and destruction. First, I would like to welcome three new staffs that will be joining us this year. The new Head of Gryffindor House and your new Transfiguration instructor is Professor Star. She has been gracious enough to accept the teaching position and move all the way from America."

Everyone clapped as Star stood up and bowed. "Our new Head of Slytherin house and Potions Master is Professor Monse. She is also from America and we are glad that she is here." The Slytherin House gave her a standing ovation as their sign of respect. Monse bowed and smiled at them.

"Lastly, our new Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher is Mist McMist. He, along with Professor Star and Professor Monse has agreed to be transferred here. So students, show them how it is to be a Hogwarts student." Everyone clapped.

"Before we start our bountiful feast, lets us also welcome three special students who have transferred here all the way from Transylvania's School for Witches and Wizards. Please give a round of applause for Tiffany, Sophia, and Ella Reynaldi. They are all in their last year and I hope that all of you will be accommodating." She ended.

The Hall doors opened and three witches stood in one single line. They glided through the center aisle and stood in front of everyone. All eyes were on them, every male in the Great Hall stared at the three girls. Tiff sat on the stool and was sorted into Slytherin. Sophia was also sorted into Slytherin.

When it was Ella's turned, "Well, you seem to be different from you two older sisters." The sorting hat whispered. "What do you mean? Please sort me now. Everyone must be hungry already." Ella whispered back. "Hmmm... Now I know just want to do with you...Gryffindor!" the hat exclaimed.

Tiff and Sophia's eyes widened in shock. How could that have happened? Ella unconsciously walked towards the Gryffindor table with her sisters staring at her. "That was unexpected." Tiff softly spoke. Sophia simply nodded, still in shock. Hogwarts was truly full of surprise.

Then the feast began.

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