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Hermione then took a deep breath and sternly smacked her hand on the table. "Come on, people. This is no time for tears. We have to find a way to get those two back her, where they both belong." She told them confidently and everyone nodded. Hermione was right. They had to work hard if they wanted to see Sophia and Draco again.

Sophie was lying next to Draco on the bed that the merfolk gave them. They were contented that moment. They had each other and it was enough for them to survive the rest of their life as merfolk. Then, the door clung and opened. It was the chief merfolk. Both stood up (Or how ever mermaids stand ^_^) and moved at the very back of the room they were in, Draco protecting Sophie the whole time.

"Do not be frightened, children. I came to ask if you would like to take a look at our city." He asked. This surprised the two new mermaids. "You'd show us around this place? Why? Aren't we your prisoners?" Sophie asked with a confused tone. "You were never looked upon as prisoners. You made a bargain with us and we simply came to take what was promised to us in exchange for helping your human family. You are both merfolk now. And you both look like your both a pair. Fret not, no one shall tear you apart." Said the chief and ushered them out the room they were placed.

"Since both of you are one of us, we treat all our kind the same. Whether born a merfolk or changed into a merfolk." He explained as they swam out into the city. It was just then that Draco and Sophie saw how wonderful and magnificent the city was. It was shining under the rays of light that passed through the surface of the water. "Welcome to our city." Everyone smiled as the chief and the two guests passed by. Everyone looked at peace and happy there. Draco held Sophie's hand as they took the tour.

After an hour, the chief gave them a small home hear his own. "Please, feel free to be at home. This will be your new home here." He told them as he left them alone. The house was big for both of them but it was beautiful. "This wasn't what I thought would happen when I became a mermaid." Sophie said as she turned to Draco who moved to hold her from behind. "I promise never to leave you… This may not have been what you thought would happen but I will try t make our lives a little better." Draco promised her.

She turned to look at him, "You don't have to do that, Draco. Having you with me here is enough. You didn't care if I was turned into a merfolk. You even risked your own to stay with me. I couldn't never say thank you enough. I…" she told him but wondered if she should say it first. "Sophia Reynaldi, I love you so much. I would go to the ends of the world for you. And wherever you go. I will be there to hold your hand and make you feel that you are never alone." Draco spoke which made her eyes widen in shock.

He said he loves her. She smiled and gave him a hug and a kiss. "I love you too, Draco Lucius Malfoy. Thank you!" Sophie responded. Yes, she was happy now.

Back on land, everyone was looking at every book to find a solution to their dilemma. But after three days, there was no solution to be found in all the books they had looked into. "I can't do this anymore!" Tiff yelled as she threw the book she was holding. She stood up and left the Head Mistress' office. No one spoke for a few minutes. Then Ella sighed, "I go after her." She said and followed Tiff out. She knew where her sister was going.

Tiff was sitting by the shore of the lake, looking out the surface of the water. Ella sat next to her and placed her head on her sister's shoulder. "I just hope that their alright." Was all Tiff said as she sighed in frustration. They're sister was a mermaid and taken down the lake, away from them. A merfolk went back to report what he had just witnessed to the chief.

After an hour or two, the chief came to the house that he had given Draco and Sophie. He saw them kissing and felt rude to intrude. Both pulled away and were blushing scarlet. The chief merely laughed heartily. "No need to be embarrassed. Come, you have important visitors to meet." He told them. Though he loved having new merfolk with them, Draco and Sophie were meant to live as humans and marry and have children of their own. Yes, the chief was going to return Sophie and Draco to the human world.

The surface of the water began to ripple, Tiff and Ella stood up and saw heads coming up. The water was also rising. It was like the water was creating a box for the merfolk to breath. "Tiff! Ella!" Sophie called out as she saw her sisters by the shore. "Sophie! Draco!" Tiff called back to them. Sophie and Draco wondered why they were back to the surface.

Then the chief mermaid waved his trident and a water spiral surrounded Draco and Sophie. "What's happening to them? What are you doing?" Ella yelled. Then before anyone could move, Draco and Sophie were back to their human form. Then the spiral of water placed them on the shore. "I don't understand…" Sophie tried to speak but the chief held up his hand with a smile.

"You see child, if you had come to ask for our healing water for you own means, you would have been a mermaid forever. However you didn't do such a thing. You came to ask for it in order to help your sister. You made your own bargain and we merfolk simply did our side of the deal and came to claim what was promised. However, young Draco here came with you simply because he loves you and would be anywhere with you. And one of my men heard your sisters and reported back to me. We do not do this often, returning things but we shall do this once." He said and without another word, the merfolk turned back to head back to their city.

"Thank you." Draco and Sophie called out. The chief smiled at them before the merfolk disappeared below the lake's water. Draco pulled sophie to him and kissed her, forgetting about Tiff and Ella. Sophie kissed back. It was a public snogging session that Tiff and Ella had to witness. After a few more moments, Tiff cleared her throat, "Alright, you both can continue that later." She teased as Draco and Sophie chuckled. Tiff and Ella hugged Draco and Sophie.

"Thank you, Draco. You showed how much you love our sister by turning yourself to a merfolk just to be with her. And for that, we are grateful to you." Ella said as she gave Draco a hug. Then they all went back to the castle, Draco and Sophie holding hands and everyone saw it. But they were happy. Blaize and Harry were glad to see Draco and Sophie back to human form. "You have got guts, Draco." Blaize teased Draco who simply blushed a little. "I knew Draco had Gryffindor bravery within him beneath all that Slytherin aura." Harry added and they all laughed as Draco buried his head in Sophie's hair.

Blaize held Tiff's hand as he led her to the clock tower, to watch the sunset together. "I love you." He told her. Tiff squeezed his hand and smiled, "I love you too, Blaize."

Ella and Harry were by the quidditch pitch, looking at the same sunset. Harry was holding Ella close to him. "I think I love you, Ella Reynaldi." He told her with a smile. Ella chuckled, "And I think I love you as well, Harry Potter." She said as Harry kissed her forehead.

By the shore of the lake, Sophie was wrapped in Draco's arms. "I love you so much, Sophie." He whispered into her ear. Sophie snuggle and exhaled with a smile, "And I love you just as much, Draco." Was all she said before Draco sealed her lips with his.

At the clock tower, Blaize had pulled Tiff and kissed her. She didn't struggle since she like having his lips on hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and indulged into Blaize's kiss.

Harry had kissed Ella then pulled back. "Oh no you don't!" Ella said as she pulled Harry close to her and kissed him. "Mine." She said as she kissed Harry who was happy to kiss her back.

At the Head Mistress' Office, Poppy and Minerva were gathered around the crystal ball with Monse, Mist, and Star. "Should we do something?" asked Monse. The others chuckled. "I think we should just let them do whatever they want for now." Mist said. "With those Reynaldi sisters plus Zabini, Potter and Malfoy, let's expect entertaining things in the future." Added Star. Poppy and Minerva agreed. With those three pairs, the future looked bright and fun.

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