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It's Not Real

The Black Organiztion was going down after three long years of fear and hiding she could finally be free.

She was going to create a cure for Kudou and he could be happy with Ran. In a few short hours it would all be over.

Looking at the small childish form of Conan Edogawa she knew she would miss him.

But he had a life a girl to go back to. Haibara sighed.

Conan's eyes widened behind his glasses as he saw something on the counter.

He tackled her to the floor before the house became awash in red.

Haibara coughed untouched by the smoking remains of the house. Kudou-kun.

He was laying a few feet away his clothes still on his glasses broken and smudged.

His head was bleeding.

"Kudou-kun."Haibara said.

":Baro, I'll be fine. I'm just going to rest my eyes for a moment. You'll be here when I open my eyes right, Haibara?" Kudou asked his eyes barely open.

"Sure Kudou-kun" Haibara said.

When the police found the young Haibara she was covered in tears and the blood of her dead friend.


I didn't expect it either. It could be seen as AixConan but I don't really know.

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