Scully stands on the balcony of a sixth floor suite. The heat of the sun warms her face. Her hair drips water. This new day looks like it can only bring good things. She turns around and walks into the room, up to a sleeping Mulder on the bed. She leans down next to him and smiles. She rubs her finger through his hair, and whisper in his ear...

"Wake up."

Her hand follows down his neck, to his left shoulder, then down his arm. She grabs his hand, then his ring finger. On it rest her fathers ring. Mulder laughs...

"Already, Mrs. Spooky?"

She slaps him lightly on his face, and they laugh. He grabs her arm and pulls her into bed with him. Lying on top of him, she stares into his eyes. She can feel his heart beating fast. They kiss.


Monica Reyes sits in a New Orleans' police car next to a female detective, Det. Sheryl Aimes. Monica tries to figure out where she is headed...

"Did Agent Doggett say what it was?"

"No. Just, that he needed you there quick."

Pulling up to a large marsh, Monica spots Doggett waiting for her. The car stops and she gets out. Doggett can barely contain himself...

"Follow me."

"What is it?"

"Just follow."

She hurries along with him.

"John. Tell me."

He doesn't answer. Coming up to the edge of the water now, Doggett stops Monica and points to his left...

"I think I owe someone an apology."

Monica looks on in utter amazement and shock.

"Oh my God."

"I have an 'I told you so coming."


Mulder & Scully wait at the motel counter to check out. They hold hands, and look around. The clerk comes with their bill...

"One week stay. Eight room service trips, and four movies. That comes to-"

"Wait a minute. Four movies? We only watched two. Let me see that bill."

Scully scans through it, and under 'Harvey' & 'Rear Window' are two items listed under the same name, 'Discreet Selection'. Scully roles he eyes, and looks to a nervous Mulder.

"You fall asleep early. I got bored."

Walking out of the motel now carrying their luggage, Mulder and Scully wait for a cab.

"That was embarrassing."

"You knew who I was when you married me Mrs. Spooky."

Scully reaches over and pinches Mulder.

"I told you to stop that."

Then suddenly they hear a familiar voice...

"Fox & Dana Mulder"

They turn around.

"I figured if we came ourselves, you'd know how serious this was."


Monica walks closer.

"Is that?"

"Well it's not human." replies Doggett. "The coroner's been out here to confirm it. A vet's been out here too. It isn't any animal either."

"But is it an-?"

"An alien? Sure looks like it to me."

On the ground before them is the body of a humanoid creature six feet long. The head, eyes, and hands are large. The torso looks like it's been ripped open and emptied.

"What happen to it's stomach?"

"I don't know. Looks like something crawled out of it."

"Who found it?"

"A couple. Apparently this is where young couples around here, um, park."

"We have to call them."

"Scully said it would take something pretty amazing to bring them back. Doesn't get more amazing than this."


Scully looks worried.

"Is it my Mom? Is she okay?"

Monica & Doggett assure her.

"She's fine. Everyone's fine."

"When what is it? Mulder says.

Monica hands Mulder a photo of the alien body. Mulder & Scully examine the picture. They see something familiar.

"Do you recognize that Scully?"

"I don't believe it."

"You've seen this before?" asks Doggett.

"Our first case together. We exhumed a body. It looked just like this. Where is it?"

"Quantico. Skinner sent us. He said he'll hold the body for as long as he can. But time is short we have to move fast. We got a private plane back to the states."

"We can't" says Mulder.

"I just handed you a picture of an actual extraterrestrial body that we have sitting on a slab in Virginia to you. Proof of what you've been searching for, for over half your life. What you and Scully worked a decade for, and your not going to at least come poke it with a stick?'

"I can't. I made a promise."

Scully looks at Mulder.

"I knew who you were when I married you."

"I don't want you doing this if you don't want to. I'll understand."

"Even to this day, you still think of the X-Files as yours. You found some files in the basement of the FBI, files no one would look at or think twice about, and started investigating. You forget how much of the X-Files is me. I was there too, Mulder. You started it alone, but we can finish it together."

No one says anything for a beat. Mulder smiles and kisses Scully on the forehead.

"Let's go poke it with a stick then."


A young woman drives down the road of a farming town that could be any of countless scattered throughout America. She's watching the road, but is rubbing the temple of her head while she drives. The night time air seems to be making it worst so she rolls up her window. Coming up on a stoplight she stops at an intersection.

The young woman buries her head in her hands.

"These damn, headaches."

She hears the faint click of the light turn green. She hits the gas to get going.

Then suddenly the car is truck by a massive big rig truck dead center. The car is no match and burst open. The young lady is tossed free of her seat belt, and smacks into the pavement head first, cracking snapping her brain stem.


"She's waking up. She's not dead"

"Coroner 101. Bodies twitch."

"Do they breathe too?"


The young woman opens her eyes.

"What happened?" She asks.

The two coroners stare at her in disbelief.

The young woman is lying on the street. Fresh cuts bleeding, and bruised everywhere.

"Your, your car was struck by a drunk truck driver. Tore the fucking thing in half. Tossed you out the car, and broke your neck. Or at least we thought it did. How the hell did you survive that?"

The young woman starts to feel her head hurt again, but this is no normal headache, this feels like her head splitting open. She screams in agony. He body shakes uncontrollably. She feels like every bone in her body is shattering.

"Call the cops over here. Tell them we need one of those ambulances to come back!"

"Mam, stay still. It's gonna be okay. Help is coming"

Suddenly the woman's pain is gone, and her body stops shaking. Infact, she feels euphoric. She looks at her arm, it's tightening up and growing lean muscles, the same things happens to her legs and stomach. Her cuts heal, and her bruises fade.

"What the hell is happening to you?" ask the coroner.

"I don't know!"

Her eyes turn from dark brown to blue. Then her hair goes from black to red.

A cop finally arrives and runs up to her. He shines his flashlight in her eyes.

"We thought you were dead Mam, what's your name?"

"My name..."

She sits up.

" Emily."

A/N: I know it seems a little scattered, but the story lines will converge gradually. This is my first story, so any constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated on how to improve my writting.