A/N: A little ficlet originally written for the Sixth WWW Game from the Diagon Alley Interactive forum. We had to write about the worst possible thing the Weasley Twins could do during a Quidditch match.

Disclaimer: If you recognise it, I don't own it.


Angelina gave the twins a suspicious look. They seemed even more hyper than usual, and she had learnt that this could never be a good thing.

"What are you two up to?"

Fred and George both looked up at her from their seat on the bench, wide-eyed and innocent. Uh-oh, thought Angelina. When the Weasley Twins look innoncent (or try to), you know they're planning something, and it's a good idea not to hang around.

"We're not "up to" anything, Angelina," Fred said, looking hurt and reproachful.

"Yeah, what gave you that idea Ange? We're insulted," finished George.

Angelina rolled her eyes. "Well, OK, just as long as you're sure. It's my first game as Captain, and if anything goes wrong, you're dead, both of you." She tried to sound fierce and intimidating, but they just smirked at her and went back to their excitable sniggering.


Twenty minutes in and she was sorry she had suspected them. Everything was going perfectly: even Ron was on decent form, and Katie and Alicia were on fire, scoring goal after goal. She soared past her Beaters, Quaffle tucked under arm as she zoomed towards the Slytherin goal, and she mouthed "sorry" at them, to let them know she now knew they had been telling the truth.

It was at that point that things started to go pear-shaped: out of the corner of her eye, she saw George wink and Fred, and Fred pulled his wand out from inside his robes, muttering something under his breath that she couldn't quite hear.

Next thing she knew, a large, lion-shaped creature was strolling onto the pitch, roaring loudly. It wasn't like any lion she'd ever seen before: in place of its tail was a scorpion's sting, and enormous wings flapped at its sides as it soared sky-wards. Montague had been knocked from his brooom, sent plummeting to the earth fifty feet below before she recognised it, the information she'd read for Care of Magical Creatures surfacing in her mind just in time.

She soared towards the twins, furious, and grabbed them by the ears, dragging them towards the ground.

"Where the hell," she bellowed once they were all on solid ground, "did you two get a MANTICORE?"