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Chapter Three: I Need You


"I… I have…" I moaned, as he pressed me against the wall of his room. "Jake. I have to…" The words in my head died in my throat as he pulled my jacket off my shoulders and threw it to the floor. He hoisted me up and my legs wound around his waist automatically as he gifted me with bone melting kisses.

"Have to what?" He asked, stopping for a full second before pressing his lips to a bare spot on the column of my throat. My pulse beat wildly as I tried to remember what I'd been saying.

"Call… Call… Call Alice." I panted out, licking my lips and trying to calm myself. "She'll be so worried." Surprisingly, Jacob was unconcerned with the possibility of facing the wrath of Alice.

"Call her later. Or never. I don't even care." He groaned, his hands finding the zipper to my skirt. He slid a hand down my shoulder to my breast, palming it, rubbing my nipple with his thumb.

I grabbed his backside and pressed myself against his hard-on. When he groaned, I slid a hand around his waist and into the waistband of his jeans. I felt him pull my sweater up and push my bra down, tugging my nipple into his mouth. The second his warm mouth closed over my nipple, I let out a strangled sound, something between and gasp and a cry and I jerked as he bit my nipple then soothed it with his tongue.

Fuck, I wanted, no, I needed to touch him too. I wasn't going to let him do all the work.

I yanked the zipper of his jeans down and slowly slid my hand inside his boxer briefs, wrapping my fingers around his erection, stroking him once, twice, three times.

"Fuck!" He ground out, backing me toward the couch and pulling me down. We hit the cushions together and the couch jerked as it hit the wall. I was so startled, my hand froze and he reacted as he felt me stiffen.

"Are you okay?" Jacob asked, reaching out to touch my face, his eyes dark and glazed.

"Uh huh." I replied, grabbing his jacket and pushing it off his shoulders with the desperation of a madwoman.

He dragged my sweater and the silk tank top underneath the rest of the way off and reached for the clasp on my bra while I started peeling his jeans off. I made a small, needy sound as his erection sprang free and he lost it for a moment, grabbing me and kissing me so hard that our teeth clashed and our noses bumped. My hands kept working at his jeans all the while, tugging them down his thighs then pushing them over his knees. He kicked himself free and reached for the zipper on my skirt.

The rough sound of the zipper echoed through the room, cutting through the sounds of our gasping and panting. Luckily, unzipping my skirt made it possible for me to pull it over my head and I yanked it off in one frantic, urgent motion. Once I settled back down on top of him, I opened my thighs wide and he groaned again as his erection nudged into my heated center. We were both gasping like landed fish, mindless, mad. He pressed his hips forward and backwards in a constant motion, greedy for more, wanting everything. My actions mirrored his own.

I was close to spontaneously combusting when he stopped his mind-numbing movements and held my roving arms down. I let out an impatient sound and gazed down at him desperately.

"Bed. We should be in a bed," he said.

"I don't care." I whined, urging him to move again to no avail.

"I do. I want this to be special. This is our first time."

"Our first time," I repeated, the force of what we were about to do hitting me for the first time. I felt a telling warmth spread through my cheeks as I grinned.


"I guess we should make an effort, then." I replied with some hesitation, which made him chuckle.

"I know. I can't wait either." He said. I moved off of him with reluctance and was about to stand when he shot up and scooped me into his arms, as if he couldn't wait for me to walk. I grunted unattractively when he opened the door to the room.

"No sheets," I mused with a little good humor. "I guess the hotel maid forgot…"

"Are you kidding? Who cares about the fucking sheets?" he said, and he took me to the mattress in a flying tackle.

We butted noses as we kissed again, my breasts warm against his chest, my legs tangling with his. He lifted his head and skimmed his hand down my ribs to my hip, his eyes following the movement.

"So soft…" He whispered as he trailed his hand down my thigh and nudged my knee to one side. He shifted in the bed so that he could press a kiss against my belly, which clenched in response.

"This is probably the wrong time to mention this, but…" He began, looking at me sheepishly through his lashes. "You know, when we were fourteen and I moved next door?" He asked, continuing at my answering nod. "I used to watch you get changed from my bedroom window almost every night. When you had your blind down and the bedside lamp on I could see everything in silhouette. It drove me crazy." He said it lazily, casually, his focus on my body. "You probably think I'm some sort of pervert."

"Not exactly…" I began, running my fingers through his soft hair. "I used to do the same thing… Especially when we went through puberty… Puberty was good to you, you know…" I laughed. "If anything, I'm the pervert."

Jacob rubbed my lip with a thumb, an enigmatic look on his face. "Did you ever have fantasies about me?" He asked. I thought about it for a minute.

"Well," I began. "Yes. But they were always very tame. I always imagined you were a good kisser… Good to know that you lived up to that."

"Want to know something?" He smiled when I nodded and leaned in close. "Mine weren't tame at all. Especially one I had after graduation night…" He mused.

"What happened in that one?" Excitement began to spread through my body.

"In fact," He continued as if I hadn't spoken. I think I want to do it right now." He mused.

My eyes flew wide with surprise as he shouldered my legs wide apart and buried his face in between.

"Oh!" That was all I could verbalize. His tongue honed in on the opening between my legs and wedged itself high up inside me, tasting the wetness there. The arms I'd stretched out to support myself collapsed and I lay down, my hips arching up towards his mouth with no conscious thought of my own. He spread my legs wider, opening her totally to him, his moan creating a pleasant vibration.

My eyes drifted shut when he slipped two fingers deep inside me; moving around and around, in and out, shallow then deep. The breath rushed out of me when he licked it with the flat of his tongue, soothing yet electrifying at the same time. He began a mind-destroying lick and lap torture of the sensitive nubbin, reducing me to a gasping, moaning and pleading creature. I ached for him, not just his tongue. I even said so, drawing a chuckle from him. He restrained my undulating hips easily and continued his torture.

"Oh God," I moaned brokenly, so ready to fall when he stopped. "Wait! Don't stop!" I moaned, shivering when he kissed his way back up my body, lingering on my breasts.

"That was better than I thought it'd be…" He whispered as I caught my breath. "Dream You never lived up to the real you." He lifted my chin with a finger and kissed me. I could taste myself on his tongue, and the sheer eroticism of that thought made me moan.

"Jacob…" I pleaded. "Please…"

He kissed me again. Then he was spreading my thighs wide and nudging at my entrance and—finally—sliding inside me. We froze, the room suddenly very quiet. I looked into his face and saw the need and wonder and truth in his beautiful, dark eyes and wondered if he saw the same in mine.

"Ohhhh," I whimpered, breaking through the quiet in the room. He was huge, so huge and deep inside her. Jacob gripped my hips and pushed in just that little bit more, as if he couldn't bear the thought of even a centimeter of air between us. I felt so full that I could feel him pulsing deep inside of me.

He began to move, at first with gentle thrusts, but with my urging, with faster and deeper strokes. Each time he would withdraw almost completely before plunging in once again, pushing through my pliant muscles, aided by the moisture that gathered in my center.

"Jake…" I whimpered in ecstasy. "More…"

He responded with a grunt before clamping one hand on my shoulder, pulling my down to meet his ever-intensifying thrusts. It took all of a second for me to learn his rhythm, to adopt it and to follow it; I bucked my hips, giving him complete and total access, however he wanted it. I rode with him, circling my hips to find the most satisfying friction. Clutching at his hard, beautiful body. Savoring every hitch in his breath, every brush of his hands against my breasts, my belly, and my hips. Breathing and sighing and whispering his name. The pleasure was so intense, so sharp, it bordered on pain. His fingers strummed my aching clit, making my hips buck wildly. The harsh expletive he muttered echoed in my ear as he burrowed deeper into me, forcing my slick flesh to give way. And when he lifted me up, our chests touching, I was only too glad to hang on to his defined shoulders. His arms wrapped around me, warm and safe and exactly where I knew I belonged. I squeezed my eyes shut, mindless and dazed.

And then I was there, my climax crashing down on me with the force of a boulder in an avalanche. My nails dug into his arms as I held on. The cry that was hovering on my lips exploded in a full-fledged scream as I came and lost control. I lost all sense of time and had barely come down to earth again when he tensed, pressing his face into my neck. He breathed my name over and over as he came, his body shuddering against mine.

Afterward, he lay heavy and lax on top of me for a long moment, his ragged breath warm against my neck. After a while he rolled to the side, taking me with him. We lay facing each other and I ran my fingers through the dark silk of his hair, reveling in the freedom to touch him like this.

"Go to sleep, Lee…" He whispered as I fought my exhaustion. "We'll talk in the morning, but just… Just let me hold you."

I was only too happy to oblige, kissing him softly on his chest before I succumbed to the darkness.

I love you… I wanted to say, but I tumbled into sleep before I could open my mouth to form the words.