Part 001
New Pet

After months of hearing his son complaining about the cat, Burt Burtonburger decided to get the boy a pet of his own. He along with his two children entered a small pet store.

"Okay Coop" Burt said, "Pick any animal you want"

"But dad?" Coop quickly became quiet



The boy ran toward the dog section. A grin plastered on his face. He could finally get some help with getting rid of Kat. He stopped before the dogs. After looking at the small range of puppies he finally found the one he was looking for, a Yorkshire terrier. The small black and brown puppy was sitting up and looking at his with sad puppy eyes

"Dad!" he called "I found the dog I want"

Burt came walking over "A Yorkshire Terrier?"


"Okay" Burt said, "You can have the dog"

"Yes! Thanks dad"

Once home Coop ran to his room. He placed the puppy on his bed. "We will see how far that cat gets with a dog in the house"

"What shall we call you?" Coop smiled "How about Hunter?"

"You should call him Mr. Fluffy"

Coop jumped. Turning around he said "What is it Millie?"

"Nothing. I just came to show Mr. Kat the new pet"

The purple, hairless cat gave the puppy one look and snickered

"What's so funny Kat?"

Millie shook her head and left the boy's room.

"Okay Hunter. Let me take you outside so I can get your stuff ready for you" Coop picked up the small dog and took him outside then he went back in. The small dog walked out to the grass and sat down

"Perfect" said the dog "This is working better then I expected"

Midnight came and all were asleep in the Burtonburger household except for one being, Kat. The cunning cat slipped out of its owner's room, softly went down the stairs and exited out of an open window in the living room. Over the past week Kat had assembled several different mechanical parts. All the parts were inside the shack at the back. Kat entered the small building. The alien feline snickered. This plan was fool proof or Coop proof. The dog didn't worry Kat. It just seemed to be a dumb dog. Kat picked up the arc welder at his feet?paws and got to work.

Outside the shack sat the terrier. Hunter smirked.

"What are you up to?" he said. The canine took out a small cell phone like device. He pressed the green button and the device went on. On the screen Hunter could see Kat working. "Well it looks like in not the only alien pet here"