Me: (From her bedroom) I-I DID NOT SEE ANYTHING! FUCK NO!

Emerald: (Turns to Sakura) I wonder what is happening in there?

Me: (Running out of her bedroom) MY EYES! I DID NOT FUCKING SEE ANYTHING!

Emerald: E-ehh? Rina-chan, you should calm down… (- -;)/

Tobi: (Suddenly appearing in front of me) Boo!

Me: Gwaaah! (Falls down on my butt) TOBI!

Tobi: Why is kitten-chan hot-headed this early in the morning?

Me: (Spluttering) B-b-because-!

Loki: (Goes out of my room) Ohayou! (^_^)/

Me: (Faints)

Emerald: Erm… Loki..? What were you doing in Rina's room? (o_o)?

Loki: (Proud) Oh. I crawled into her bed while she was asleep. (^_^)

Sakura: That is creepy…

Jiraiya: Not really. I could use that for my next book! (Nodding to himself)

Emerald: Erm… o…kay?

Sasuke: Hn.

Emerald: Nobody asked for your opinion Sasuke!

Sasuke: Hn.

Emerald: GAH! I give up! Tobi! The floor is all yours!

Tobi: So Tobi owns the floor now? (Hugs the floor) Yay! Tobi will take good care of the floor!

Emerald: Ugh… This fanfic is giving me a headache. (-_(\)

Me: (Groggily wakes up) Wait… Waaaah? (Looks up)

Loki: (Goes up right to my face) Ohayou my little Angel! \(^_^)/

Me: (Faints… AGAIN)

Kakashi: Yosh! That's enough fooling around for this fanfic. Now on with the show! (Silence)

Tobi: Tobi will take care of the floor! The floor is Tobi's now!

Emerald: I need a vacation. (Exits)

Azure: I thought it was on with the show already? Where's the camera man?

Me: (Wakes up) Geez… Now my head hurts. (Rubs the back of my head)

Loki: (Stares right at Rina) You are mine!

Me: Erm… Creepy.

Orochimaru: Who's creepy?

Me: Go away uncle! You're supposed to be dead. Now stay dead!

Orochimaru: (Chuckles) Oh kitten. You have a long way to go. One doesn't just stay dead just because the author says so. (Giggles creepily before vanishing)

Me: What is happening here? Why are you all still idle? The show should've started a few minutes ago! (Looks around the now silent studio) Well?

Kakashi: It seems that the studio crew is missing and the only camera we have is the one you are blocking.

Camera's view: Rina's butt.

Me: (Blushes) Oh… (Moves away)

Camera's View: Yamato and Sakura. Behind them is a very large poster. "It's now or never!"

Yamato: Today we shall have an event! It's called "It's now or never!" The event is brought to you by Author-chan whom I frankly think is very bored with her life right now that's why an event is called. (^_^;)/

Me: E-ehh? Why didn't anybody notify us earlier? (Looks accusingly at Emerald)

Emerald: Nobody told me either. (Looks accusingly at Naruto)

Naruto: Waaaah! I don't know anything! (Looks at Sasuke for support)

Sasuke: Hn. (Glares at Itachi)

Itachi: … (Looks at Kisame)

Kisame: Hey! I don't know what you're talking about. (Glances at Azure)

Azure: (Sweat drops) Hey! Don't look at me like that. Don't know it either. (Looks at Sasori)

Sasori: (Grunts) You are all testing my patience! (Looks irritatingly at Deidara)

Deidara: S-sempai! I don't know it either. Un. TOBI! (Glares at Tobi)

Tobi: (Still hugging the floor happily) Tobi owns the floor! (Camera moves on to Pain)

Pain: I am God. (Camera moves on to Loki)

Loki: (Muttering) You're mine. You will always be mine. (Chuckles darkly) Oh. Hello! (Smiles charmingly to the camera) My name is Loki! I am Rina-chan's husband! (Proud) She's mine!


Loki: Vote for me to marry Rina! (^_^)/) (Camera moves on to Izaya)

Izaya: Ahahaha. This is an interesting circle. (Chuckles)

Me: I-Izaya-kun! (Glomps Izaya)

Izaya: (Trying to get me off him) I must go before…

Loki: YOU! You're not even supposed to be in this fanfic! Get out of here Izaya! (Glares at Izaya)

Izaya: Already going. Nice to meet yah all. (Salutes before disappearing out of sight)

Me: Aww... (Looks down sad)

Kiba: What is he doing here? I thought that he's supposed to be shooting for the next episode of "Durarara"?

Ino: (Heavy sarcasm) Thank you! For breaking the fourth-wall!

Sai: (Goes into the studio) It seems that I am late. I apologize for that. Also for forgetting to tell you all that we will all be having an event today.

Everyone: SAI!

Sai: (Takes out notebook) Hmm… It seems people are not happy when you forgot to tell them about important happenings… (Writes down)

Sakura: (Chuckles nervously) We are wasting so much time. Let's get back to the event, shall we?

Yamato: The event is simple! We'll just be picking two contestants from the bowl and the questioner will pick a question from a different bowl. The 2nd player must answer the question! Or the consenquence. (Lights suddenly dimmed and focused on Yamato's face, making him look creepy) shall be dire.

Everyone: (Gulps)

Yamato: (Back to normal) Anyway! Let us begin!

Sakura: (Picks out two names from the bowl) The questioner is… Shikamaru! And the one to be questioned is… Kisame! (Everyone claps as they walked to the stage)

Shikamaru: This is so bothersome. (Picks a question from the bowl and reads) So Kisame, describe yourself through a song.

Kisame: (Poker face) I'm sexy and I know it.

Everyone: (Silence)

Sakura: O-Okay! That is awkward. (^_^;)/) Now let's move on to our next contestant!

Yamato: (Reads from the paper) Rina and Sasuke!

Me: (Grumbles) Stupid Sai, Stupid event, Stupid author who makes me go through this humiliation.

Sasuke: Hn.

Me: (Snatches a paper from the bowl) Okay. So what would you do if you woke up naked with me? (Awkward silence) WHAT THE FUCK? WHO WROTE THESE DAMN QUESTIONS? I will fucking kill you!

Sasuke: Hn. (Walks away)


Emerald: E-heh? I guess the event will be called off huh?

Kiba: Yep. Rina will destroy this whole place before the end of the minute.

Emerald: (Sighs) I want a vacation.

Tobi: Tobi owns the floor! Don't hurt the floor kitten-chan! T_T


Kakashi: Now on with the show!

Author's Note: A lot has changed and I want to speed up the story a little yet I want to dawdle. XD I am very lost… meh. Anyhoo! I offer you the next show! ^^

"She changed… She's not like the Rina I know yet… She's still her." Emerald muttered numbly to Sakura who is healing her wounds. "She… could kill without any hesitation now." The blue-haired untrained Kunoichi winced as Tsunade injected a chemical to counteract the poison inside her and Sai. "She's in the Akatsuki, am I correct?" The short-tempered Sannin asked as she worked on retracting all the poison from Emerald's blood. "Do you think Rina joined the Akatsuki willingly or do you think she was forced?" The Hokage asked impatiently, making Emerald flinch for a second and look away.

"She joined willingly…" She murmured. Not believing it herself but Rina changed so much after only a month of being away. Emerald closed her eyes and heard someone sit down on the chair beside her bed. She opened her eyes and saw Sakura sitting while Naruto perched at the end of her bed. Tsunade and the other medics were not in the room anymore. Tsk. Ninjas.

"Say Emerald, how did you and Rina became best friends anyway?" Naruto asked while Sakura gave him a look of utter annoyance. "You idiot! You are asking a delicate question! You are stressing her!" Emerald smiled and looked down on her right hand where a friendship bracelet is still attached. "It's okay Sakura. I will tell you the story of how we met though it'll be a long story."

"That's okay! We have all day free! Right, Sakura?" Naruto grinned and smiled at Sakura. The cherry blossom nodded slowly, looking wide-eyed at Emerald. "Yeah."

"You see Ri-chan and I wasn't always the best of friends. I actually considered her as my greatest rival during grade school though I know in myself that I'm always better than her. She is the worst one in our class. The school idiot as we call her. I, on the other hand, am the smartest one. I have been called a genius and a celebrity in our school. Of course, being the daughter of the owner of the richest company in Tokyo has its perks."

"Waaaah! It sounds like me and Sasuke! Right, Sakura-chan?" Naruto exclaimed and looked at Sakura who again nodded before bonking him on the head. "Naruto, shut up! Emerald is telling her story!"

"Nice try idiot!" The whole class laughed at Rina when she tried to explain how the clouds are made. "No! I am not an idiot!" Rina glared at the whole class with her weird eyes. I smirked at her and she glared harder. "She's such an annoyance." My friend Chloe remarked to me and I let out a smile and a nod of approval.

"Get back to your seat, Rina." Our teacher said with low voice which made us all quiet and made Rina look at her with a very aghast expression before returning to her seat at the back of the room. "Okay. How about you Emerald any idea?" I sat up and explained to the whole class how condensation works and all that. Everybody clapped at my brilliance while Rina glared and looked away haughtily.

"Emerald! Emerald! Want to get some ice cream at Raikuri?" A senior asked me. Me, being a freshmen, declined as I always do and returned to walking down the hallway with my friends.

"Emerald, marry me!"

"Emerald, you are so beautiful!"

"Emerald, bear my children!"

"Emerald, be mine!"

I naturally ignored the fan boys who are trying to get my attention and concentrated on talking with my group.

"SHUT UP! CAN'T YOU ALL BE QUIET FOR EVEN A FEW SECONDS? I HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR ADORATION FOR THAT BITCH!" A yell down the hallway made us all stop. My group of fan boys parted a bit and I saw Rina holding a short metal pipe. She looked really angry and I backed away a little when I saw the darkness emitting from her. "She can't be human…" I mumbled.

"Go away witch! You are blocking Princess Emerald's path!"

"Yeah! Go away!"

"Stupid girl."

"Maybe that's why her parents abandoned her."

I saw Rina grip her metal pipe harder and yelled. "SHUT UP!"

"Brainless dope." The senior that asked me out said loudly and my rival lost it. She threw her metal pipe and it whizzed past my head by an inch before hitting the senior square on the middle of his forehead. That action caused a riot amongst all my fan boys. "You could have hit her!" All the boys started to circle Rina but she didn't look frightened like all the other girls. She just glared steadily and grabbed something from her sling bag. Another metal pipe is produced and all the guys started to run at her, fist clenched.

"Ugh… You… are…a mon…ster." The last guy fell down unconscious as Rina put away her metal pipe. My friend Ami grabbed my arm and whispered. "Let's get out of here, Emerald quick!"

I didn't answer and stared at Rina. All around her are scattered bodies of my fan boys. They are all unconscious not dead but still… A mere fourteen year old girl not even reaching the height of 5'2… Defeated a large group of fit guys…

"Emerald!" I got snapped back to reality when Ami screamed and ran away. I turned to look at her but somebody suddenly grabbed my neck. "Urg…"

"You… You have been the bane of my existence. Everyone adored you and everyone likes you…even though you have blue hair…which I know you dye black because the roots of your hair is blue…yet…they all hate me because I have yellow cat eyes…everyone sees me as a reject…a MONSTER…I had enough…" Several things ran through my mind when I thought of the things she will do to me. Will she kill me? Will she torture me? Will she destroy my reputation? It is getting hard to breathe…

"What're you going to do?" I smirked even though I felt light-headed from lack of proper oxygen level. "Destroy my reputation by revealing I have blue hair? No one will believe you. What? You'll kill me? You'll be behind bars your whole life. Don't be dense you dope."

Rina laughed at me. She LAUGHED at my face! MINE! I felt a bit undignified as she continued chuckling until her laughter died down to a smile. "Nah. I am not THAT stupid. I refuse to win that way." She looked at me square on the eye and I found it hard to look away from her cat eyes. "I, Rina Sugihara, will now declare that I will be your rival from now on. I refuse to let you beat me! I will make everyone see that I am not a burden but a hero! I will show them that I could be a great person. I will earn their respect and make them notice me!" She let go of me suddenly. My vision blurred a bit as the oxygen started regulating again but it still made me weak to stand and I fell to the floor.

An open hand entered my vision and I stared at it before looking at Rina who is smiling down at me. "Rivals?" I hesitated for a bit before grabbing her hand and she helped me stand up. "Yeah."

"Wow… She really did that?" Sakura asked me. I smiled at the memory and nodded. "It sounded a lot like Sasuke and I back at the academy! Except I didn't have that bright idea to declare rivals with Sasuke. It just happened." Naruto rubbed his bruised head and grinned.

"Well, after that a lot happened and Rina actually saved my life so many times. Every time she saved me from getting mugged to getting raped, she always says: 'I can't have others fight against you. You are MY rival. Got it?'"

"Ehh… then why did you and Rina actually sound like best friends when you are actually rivals?" Sakura started peeling an apple while Naruto gave Sai a glare who in return, gave him a fake smile.

I rubbed my eyes and smiled. "That is because I finally accepted her as my friend and she got past our rivalry. Sort of. Well… I guess that rivalry is back…" I muttered and looked away out the window. Rina-chan… What have I done?

"Rina, I have a question for you." I opened my eyes and looked at the sixth Pain who is looking at me from across the fire. "Yes, Leader-sama?" I yawned and tried to pay attention to my surroundings. Pain stared without blinking and asked. "Have you ever experience war?"

I glared at him first before averting my eyes to the fire. "Yes. Why?" I heard the rustling of cloth as he sat down more comfortably. I glared at him. Why does he need to sit down in a comfortable position? He's like a dead body for goodness sake!

"I don't even know your background. Your past before you disappeared. Care to tell what happened? I am very curious." Pein asked me while staring at me with his Rinnegan. I looked down at the fire and smiled ruefully.

"If you insist… Well, I just got most of my memories back after my uncle was killed so I will tell you most of what I can handle." I sighed and ran a hand down my uncharacteristically long hair and tied it with a ribbon that was produced from my pack before continuing. " It started at the small hidden village of the storm…"

"See that Roza?" 11 year old Loki pointed at a nearby branch where we could clearly see an enemy Shinobi scouting. I squinted my 10 year old eyes at the forehead protector and saw the drawing to be from the lightning country. "Uh-huh. So that's the enemy right?" I looked at my partner and stared. His dark red hair swayed a bit as he crouched lower and produced a kunai from his pocket.

I grabbed his arm and whispered angrily. "What are you doing? You can't be thinking of attacking him! Even if he looks like he's alone, his team mates must not be far behind. We should report this to my father immediately!" He grinned at me and jumped out in the open, ready to attack a full-grown man who must be a really skilled Shinobi to scout alone. Idiot!

I cursed inwardly and suddenly heard Loki cry out in surprise when the man dodged his assault and grabbed his neck. "A child. Tsk. They sent a BRAT to investigate? Heh. The hidden storm village must be getting desperate to send a mere brat to fight. You haven't even reached thirteen haven't you child?" The man grabbed Loki's neck harder making him gag. I gritted my teeth. S-Stupid war! If this war did not start then I wouldn't have lost my friends! Esmeralda, Naruo, Kai, Daisuke… I-I won't let people die anymore! I HAD ENOUGH!

I jumped out from my hiding place and lunged towards the enemy Shinobi who was going to stab Loki. I kicked his hand with the kunai and used my speed to spin myself around to deliver a spinning kick to his head. The enemy blocked my kick by forming an x with his arms then grabbed me by my feet. "Roza!" Loki yelled when I got thrown to the nearby tree causing the tree to split. The enemy laughed and said. "Another brat?"

Using the hidden cover of the smoke caused by my impact, I coughed blood and ignored the pain from my left arm. I made a quick hand signs and grabbed a splinter from the tree. "Plant element: Wood needle attack!" I felt my eyes glow a bit and my Jutsu activated. "Loki jump!" Loki felt what I was going to do and jumped away. The enemy tried to dodge the wood splinters that started hurling itself from the tree like kunais but I placed my hands down on the tree and yelled. "Not so fast you bastard! Thorns of hell!" Thorns erupted from the branch and grabbed the enemy as he tried to jump away. His yell made the nearby animals to scatter and the nearby villagers to stop working for a second before going back to their normal business.

Loki let out a sigh and jumped towards the bloodied remains of the enemy Shinobi. I jumped down beside him and inspected the body. "Wow. You really outdid yourself today Roza-sama." Loki exclaimed while he looked at the body which looked like what you usually see at a butcher shop. I grunted and punched his arm quickly. "I-ITAAAAAI!" He rubbed his arm and looked at me with tears forming at the edge of his eyes. "You didn't have to punch me so hard you know." I grunted again and took the forehead protector of the enemy Shinobi. "That was for being stupid and attacking the enemy recklessly. What if I wasn't here? You could've been killed! J-Just like…" Both of us looked down and I said silently. "Just don't do that again Loki. I don't want to avenge another soul."

I jumped away and hurried to the mountains where the entrance to the real village is located. Loki watched as the body remains was swallowed by the tree and when it was done, no evidence remained that a battle ensued here. Even the tree where I landed started covering itself with moss looking like a hundred year old tree.

"Father, I found an enemy scout at the outskirts of the village!" I kneeled before my Father who is busy talking with my Uncle. I waited for them to notice me with patience while I tried to calm my heart. "Ahh. Kitten! What brought you here?" My uncle patted my head and I blushed. "I found an enemy scouting the outskirts of our village. I dispatched him and brought back evidence." I produced the forehead protector and my uncle took it from me while grabbing my shoulder for me to stand up. I stood up.

"Ahh.. Hirashi, it seems people are starting to notice this village as well. What do you think?" My uncle dangled the bloody forehead protector. The blood dripped from the cloth with a bit of flesh. My father stared at it for a second. "I guess, it is time to introduce our village to the war then. With our most prized weapon we will be unstoppable."

My uncle laughed and looked at my father. "Remember, I need live bodies by the end of the month." I looked straight ahead trying not to look like I was interested with what they are talking about. "Of course. You will get what we agreed upon. My weapon should be ready by the end of this week as we agreed. I will look forward to its completion." My father waved away to dismiss us. I walked out immediately and ran away. What did he mean by war? A secret weapon? Does my father intend to send people to die?

I ran blindly ahead until I bumped into someone. "Aaahh! Roza-sama!" A familiar voice greeted me. I looked up and saw a seven year old Azure looking down at me. "Aa… Haro Azure…" My butler took my hand and dragged me away. "Now, now Roza-sama! It is time for your studies! Even if you are the youngest and most skilled warrior in our village doesn't mean you should neglect your studies!" I pouted and actually acted my age for once. "But I don't want to study! I want to train and fight! I want to be as strong as uncle!" I whined. My butler stopped and crouched to look at me. He stared at me with both his blue eyes and grinned. "Don't worry! If you study really hard, you will be as strong and as smart as Orochimaru-sama! Now let's go. I will bake you your favorite chocolate cherry cake if you study hard this afternoon." I nodded enthusiastically and ran towards the small academy with my butler running after me.

"Wake up kitten. We need to check your vital signs again." I opened my eyes heavily and yawned. I took my uncle's hand as he guided me through the hallway of the mansion. We reached his laboratory and I sat down the table obediently. He took my vital signs and a bit of my blood before he guided me again towards a tube-like stand. "What's that uncle?" He smiled at me before guiding me inside. A glass wall appeared to complete the cylindrical shaped laboratory equipment. I snapped out of my sleepiness and punched the round wall around me. "What's happening uncle?" I screamed as the tube started letting out water from below, filling my prison slowly. "UNCLE! UNCLE! SAVE ME!" I yelled at him through the glass. He looked as If he didn't hear me because he just stared at me with a bit of a smirk on his mouth. My father walked out of the dark and asked my uncle a question just as the water swallowed me whole and I started losing my consciousness.

"Will she be ready for war by the next three days?"

"Aa. She will be more than ready. She will be magnificent."

My name is Ryousuke Roza. I am 4 years old. I am the daughter of Ryousuke Hirashi. My mother is Kariiyon Erusu. She is a daughter of the third named War Lord Garu. I am technically related to the War Lord and have the authority to command the Kages from all around the world but I am stuck here at the hidden village because of my father. I unconsciously blame him for the death of my mother and my friends. Why?

"You worthless bitch!" My father slapped my mother as I watched trembling from a corner. My mother fell to the floor sobbing. "You let this-this monster live!" My father pointed at me. I hid my face on my hand. "D…Don't call my daughter… a monster…" My mother muttered and grabbed the family heirloom, an old cursed sword, from its stand and walked out but not before saying. "YOU are a bigger monster than my child ever was." My mother ran to the forest. I ran after her crying. "Okaa-san!"

I ran and ran until I reached her at a clearing where a beautiful spring is located. This is where she usually sings me to sleep during the times when this was haven't started. I approached her silently as she let out the sword from its sheathe. She turned to me while kneeling. I approached her and looked at her through tear-stained eyes. "Okaa-chan…" I sobbed. She smiled at me sweetly. "Roza, I want you to continue using your abilities." She touched my cheeks still smiling. "You are not a monster but show them the power you have. Show them that you won't take everything lying down. It is your time to be known my dear daughter. People are afraid of what they don't know. She grabbed my hand and I smiled half-heartedly. I opened my hand and concentrated hard until from my flesh, a bright yellow flower emerged.

"I believe in you Roza." She smiled and took the sword to her neck and committed seppuku. I just stared with shock as my mother's body fell into the water, turning it to dark crimson. The weather sympathized with my mood and the rain fell hard just like my tears.


My friends…

"Oi Roza. What are you doing?" Naruo asked me as he dangled from a tree. The three year old me glared at him before continuing with throwing sharp tree bark produced from my hand. "Idiot. She's training before the academy opens." Daisuke kicked Naruo making him lose his balance and fall to the floor with his butt. "Ow! Daisuke you-!"

"Enemies from the east! They are attacking us from the east!" A villager yelled before getting his head separated from him with a sword. Daisuke and Naruo ran to me and looked at me for instructions. "I am going to fight." I said quietly and without emotion. I lost all my emotions that day that my mother was killed. I grabbed my mother's sword from my waist and turned to the two of them. "You two… stay here and get the villagers to safety." They both nodded and ran out. I ran out after them but headed towards the east. I grabbed my sword and repelled all the kunai that was headed my way. There were at least 20 enemies surrounding me.

"Hah! A mere child! How old are you kid? 3? 4?" I just stared ahead unblinkingly while their supposed to be leader walked towards me and grabbed my shoulder. "Say, I will let you live if you show me where your tiny little village is." I slowly turned to stare at him. My bright yellow eyes made him pause and grab his kunai. "Who are you kid? The only person I know with eyes like that is that bastard Orochimaru from Konoha." I smiled sweetly at him before taking out my sword.

Azure found me sitting down, humming to myself while I was carving my name on the flesh of the leader. He looked around and saw the enemies bathed in their own blood. My butler looked at me with concern. "Roza-sama, let's go back." Even though he is still young, Azure felt that it was his duty as the only butler left to protect his young mistress. "We will get the adults to clean up this mess."

I hummed and turned to him. Finished with what I was doing. "No worries Azu-kun! My plants are dying at this part of the village. Maybe a little food will strengthen it back again." He looked at me with a bit of puzzlement on his face. "What are you saying Roza-sama?"

I smiled and opened my hands. The ground opened to reveal plants which formed to mouths. It grabbed the bodies of the dead enemies and brought it into its "mouth". I closed my hand and it closed. "Done! I'm hungry Azu-kun! Feed me!" I whined and he smiled nervously while taking my hand and heading towards the village.

What we saw made us stop as we reach the gate. "No…" I muttered and ran to the dead bodies of the villagers. "No!" I remembered this was the path Daisuke and Naruo took to the village. I ran and scanned the bodies. "Daisuke! Naruo!" I froze when I saw Naruo. His dark hair is plastered to his face as he hung upside down on the wall, his body ravaged beyond belief. "No…" I turned around and saw Daisuke's blonde hair while his dead eyes let out a steady stream of red blood. It looked like he is crying blood while his head is attached to the wall with a note: "We rule this land. This is to serve as a warning to those who oppose me." It was signed by the water country's Kage. I looked away not wanting to lose it. I looked around when I notice that Azure was not behind me. "Azu-kun!" I jumped to the rooftops and scanned for any signs of blue hair. No. No. No. Not Azu-kun… No…

I looked down and almost lost my balance when I saw Kai's bright brown hair or more like, half his hair because half of his body looked like it was ravaged by an animal. "This is massacre… They killed unprotected children and unarmed mothers…" I muttered, feeling the numbness spread to my heart. I felt it reject all the emotions it once had for everyone and felt myself feel colder.

An explosion of water and ice took my attention and I jumped towards it. I jumped at a safe distance and saw Azure fighting who seems to be the leader of the murderers. "You bastards! Get out of our village! You murdered innocent people for fun!" Azure yelled before clenching his fists. "I… Will never forgive you!" He yelled before lunging towards the enemy with a kunai. The leader smirked and let out a Jutsu he was holding severing half of Azure's face.

"Azu…kun…" I whispered slowly. I felt like my mind is separated from my body as I jumped down from where I was perched and stood between him and the enemy. "Another brat? Doesn't this village even have any decent Shinobis?" The leader spat out at my feet but I just stared lifelessly at him. "Roza-sama! Get out of here!" Azure yelled. I turned to him slowly and just stared at him steadily. What he saw stopped him for what he saw scared him the most. My eyes held no emotions in them, it looked dead. I stared at him and saw that he had one of his eyes closed. "Get out of here." I said with no emotions. He nodded slowly and got to his feet before running.

"Hah! You are leaving me to fight a child?" The leader yelled. One of his men stepped to stand near him and whisper something to his ear. "What did you say? This brat wiped out our guards at the entrance? That's ridiculous!" The leader threw his kunai confidently at me but I stopped it with my right hand and threw it back at him. He produced a kunai to deflect it and gasped when I suddenly appeared in front of him. 'Fast…' He thought. I kept attacking him with my sword while he dodged and deflected. All my movements looked like a blur as I kept on kicking, punching and slashing.

He found an opening and performed a Jutsu which let out a strong stream of water to hit my body which was thrown twenty feet away. "Hah! You are just a kid after all!" The leader yelled before he heard a sweet voice say something behind him which stopped his heart. "Yes I am a kid. My name is Roza." I said to his back before spreading my arms wide. From my back, spines of wood grew looking like a spider is crawling out of my back. The spines sharpened and buried itself at the body of the leader. He let out a cough of disbelief mixed with blood.

My body ripped open to reveal my ribs where the spines threw in the body and my ribs closed to swallow the leader's body. The spines returned itself to my back and my body returned to normal size, looking like it did not just swallow a full grown human a few minutes ago.

All the remaining enemies started running but I opened my hand to their direction and whispered. "Art of hidden arts: The demise of roses." From beneath the earth, glasses emerged to entrap the entire enemy Shinobis. The glass formed itself into rose-shape with all the man trapped inside trying to get out. I walked to stand near my creation and smile sweetly at them. My smile didn't reach my eyes and it seemed to freak them all out. "Where did you all come from?" I asked politely. One of the men yelled out, thinking that I will spare him. "We came from Amegakure! A clan from Suna hired us to take over your village! They didn't tell us that there will be innocent people here!" His comrades glared at him and all of them became silent when I started giggling. "Is that so? Well then, I hope you like oblivion." I smiled at them through the glass as it started filling with acid which started dissolving their feet first. They're yells and cries of pain seemed like music to my ears as they dissolved to nothing but a red liquid inside my glass. The glass filled with their red blood and I smiled at my creation.

"That looks like a really nice flower you've got there kitten." I turned around slowly and saw an unfamiliar man with long black hair wearing Shinobi clothing. He walked to stand beside me and smile at my creation. "Wonderful." He looked down at me and smiled revealing his canines and made his yellow eyes glint in the dark. "You have grown quite well. How about training with me back at my village?" He asked. I just stared at him before walking away. "My mother told me to not talk to strangers." I said loudly before yelling to my butler. "AZU-KUUUUN!" He emerged from his hiding place and jumped to land near me. "How about supper Roza-sama?" He asked with nervousness until he saw that the coldness left my eyes and he let out a sigh of relief. "I'm not hungry anymore." I said childishly before raising my hands for a lift. He smiled and took me to his back. Azure turned to Orochimaru with suspicion. "Orochimaru-sama?" My uncle smiled and walked to stand near us. "Aa. Kindly tell Hirashi that I'll be taking charge of this village from now on." Azure nodded and jumped away with me sleeping on his back.

I woke up a few years later to the sound of something tapping my prison. "Roza?" I squinted through the bright green light emanating from underneath the tube prison to glare at the shadows beyond. "Roza? Is that really her?" Loki asked from the shadows. "Yes… I didn't want Orochimaru-sama to find out that he was hiding her here…" I heard the sound of something being deactivated. "I knew it! I knew he was going to do something like this to Roza-chan!" Loki said agitatedly. I felt the calm water of my prison slowly became turbulent before I felt it being drained slowly. The glass in front of me opened and I fell head-first onto the arms of Loki.

I opened my eyes to see my only surviving friends but instead I saw the older versions of them. Loki looked like he was at least sixteen and Azure looks like he was eighteen. One of his eyes is pure white while the other is blue. I blinked a bit and looked around, dazed. "Roza?" Loki asked me slowly. I quickly turned to him but did not speak. "Roza-sama? How do you feel?" Azure crouched down beside me with concern. I opened my mouth and said. "I'm hungry."

After eating ten meals of ramen and caught up to what is happened, I stood up and dressed into proper Shinobi clothing fit for a ten year old that Azure produced. I put on the fish net shirt, black knee-length shorts, black Shinobi shoes, black vest and a dark velvet cloak. I got out of the inn we are staying in after Azure and Loki got me out of my imprisonment and looked at both of them. "So how do I look like?" I asked slowly. Speaking after a few years of being frozen in limbo is a bit disorienting.

"Like a ten year old?" Azure rubbed his head before I gave him a punch. "Okay, okay. You look fine." My butler smiled at me before ruffling my hair. "You look perfect." Loki smiled at me with affection. "Now, let's head to Suna."

"Roza-sama? Are you sure you want this?" Azure asked. I nodded and looked at my reflection on the river. My hair looked just like what it looked before. It looked longer though and I want to remove my past. I took the kunai and cut my hair short. I let my remaining hair to fall into the river as I looked at my reflection. "Let's go."

"Are you satisfied?" Azure asked me after I killed the clan in Suna that led to the death of my friends and most of the villagers. I nodded slowly and turned away. "Roza? What are you trying to do?" Loki asked me when I approached the cliff and smiled at the dying sun. "Ahh… It is simple Loki. I want to live again. To be wiped of the death I have on my hands. To be able to live a normal life. I want a life of innocence. A life away from death." I made a quick hand signs of my hands and bit my thumb making blood flow.

I wiped my blood to both my cheeks and whispered. "The style of hidden arts: Phoenix's flower." I jumped down the cliff with my arms spread wide.


I heard the two of them yell as my body dissolved into petals that looked like the flaming feathers of a Phoenix.

"That is how I rebirthed into an innocent child in another world different from our own. I live quite normally except I can't seem to get rid of my yellow eyes. You could say that what Zetsu said the first time we met is true. I am a carnivore. A flesh eater just like him." I smiled a bit and yawned. Pein looked satisfied and stood up.

"Rest. The Six tails is near. We will take care of him when the Konoha are finished dealing with the problems." He said flatly. I smiled and yawned. "That'll probably take a few more days. A few more days of rest? Ha! I like the sound of that." I laid down comfortably and dozed off. Pein stared at me before looking at the sky.

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