Three years later

Puck peeked through the curtains and looked over the crowded arena. It was a full house, completely sold out. That made Puck smile. This concert was a benefit for the LGBT Youth Alliance, one of Kurt's pet charities, and every penny they made from the event would be used to help kids face some pretty harsh realities. As bad as things were for Kurt when they were kids, things were ten times worse for a lot of gay teens. Education, awareness, support… those were the things that were going to make a difference to those kids.

This was actually the last show on his latest concert tour. After finishing Victor/Victoria, Puck had gone right into the studio and started on a new album. The songs were a lot more personal this time than on any of his previous albums and the critics seemed to think that it made the music better. The fans certainly seemed to like the album. He'd had at least one single on the itunes top ten list for more than a year, often there was more than one. And the tour had been a huge success too.

Touring the globe for a year had been a real issue for Puck. He hadn't wanted to leave Kurt for that long, so he kept putting off Jack until Kurt sat him down and told him that if Puck went on tour, he'd just go with him. That was one of the reasons the tour had taken a little longer to organize. They had to work around Kurt's contract with Charlie's Side, the latest musical Kurt was starring in. This one had been written just for him by an up and coming composer who idolized Kurt. It was the story of a young man trying to get his foot in the door on Broadway while staying truehimself, his sexuality and the morals his parents had instilled in him. It was a huge hit and Kurt had won Tony and Drama Desk awards for his performance. But he was signed on for ten months this time, so Puck insisted that the tour couldn't start until Kurt could go with him.

Finn was on stage right then; he was Puck's opening act on the tour and his career had really begun taking off over the last year as more and more kids started downloading his songs. Puck was pretty sure that the next time Finn went on a tour, he'd be the headline act. It made for a pretty nice trip, however. With Kurt, Finn and Puck all together, they had a lot of fun checking out new places all over the world. And Finn had found the love of his life, or so he claimed.

While in Sydney Australia, the bass guitarist that played for Finn had to drop out because of a family emergency. He was replaced by Gemma, a very pretty Australian girl a couple years younger than them. She had blond hair streaked with blue, red and purple stripes, and a wicked sense of humor. In fact, she and Kurt were notorious for their snark sessions where they made fun of each other and tried to see who could be the bitchiest. Then they would laugh uproariously. Finn and Puck didn't understand it, but they were glad the two liked each other.

"Looks like a good crowd," Kurt said as he peeked over Puck's shoulder.

Puck let the curtain drop and turned to face Kurt. "Why did we schedule this concert last?"

"Because you wanted it to be in Columbus," Kurt said. "And this was the only time we could get the arena that fit in the schedule."

"Oh," Puck said. "Just wondering. We're going to Lima after this, right?"

"Yeah," Kurt said. "We've got the reunion this weekend and both of our families are expecting us."

"Cool," Puck said. He was always nervous before a show, but Puck was especially nervous that day. "You think Finn's almost done?"

"According to his set list, this is the last song," Kurt said. "Why?"

"No reason," Puck said. "They have any water around here?"

Kurt rolled his eyes and went to the ice chest filled with water bottles that was only three feet from Puck. He grabbed a bottle and handed it over. "What is with you, Noah? I haven't seen you this nervous since opening night of Victor/Victoria."

Puck was saved from having to answer because Finn had just walked off stage and came over to talk to them. It was only minutes after that when the stage manager told Puck that they were ready to start whenever he was. Puck gave him the nod and the band filed out onto the stage. Out in the arena, the crowd was chanting Puck's name and he gave his lover a brief kiss before nodding to the stage manager. The arena went completely black and then the music started. A deep bass line followed by the drum beat, then the keyboards started in. Finally, the lights flashed on and there was Puck, adding the lead guitar on one of the most popular songs from his last album. The crowd went absolutely wild.

Kurt stood in the wings and watched his lover perform. He was like nothing else when he was on stage. He was filled with life and energy and a charisma that drew people to him in ways that just couldn't translate fully over the airways.

Kurt knew Puck's set list by heart after a year of touring with him, so when he paused to speak to the audience after the sixth song, Kurt was surprised. Usually he went straight from that number into the next.

"You see, I've been on the road for about a year now," Puck was saying. "And I'm kinda happy to be home, in Ohio. But the thing that I've learned this last year is that home isn't really a place. Home is a person, or sometimes people. It's your family, or your lover, or your best friend. Home is where you are loved and where you love in return. So I've been really lucky this year and I was able to take my home with me. Finn, the guy who played before, is my best friend and has been since we were in gradeschool together. And you all know Kurt, right?" There were cheers from the crowd and Kurt chuckled.

He stopped laughing when he heard the next thing Puck said. "Kurt, can you come out here for a minute?" From the wings, Kurt sent Puck his fiercest glare, but he knew that the lights would make it difficult for Puck to see. The crowd began to chant Kurt's name when he didn't appear right away.

"You should go," Finn said from Kurt's side.

"I don't want to," Kurt said peevishly.

"Okay," Finn said. He came around in front of Kurt and before the smaller man could protest, Finn had lifted him over his shoulder and was carrying him on stage with his ass in the air. Kurt was swearing and beating on Finn's back the entire way. "Dude, stop. That hurts."

"Put me down!" Kurt yelled. And finally Finn did. Right in the middle of the stage, right in front of Puck, and 30,000 other people. "Noah Puckerman, you are a dead man. I didn't even get to fix my hair or pick out an appropriate outfit! You know the rules; I do not appear in public without warning!"

Puck laughed and Kurt realized that his words were being amplified so the entire arena could hear him. "Hey babe."

"Don't hey babe me," Kurt pouted.

Puck knew there was only one way to make Kurt forget to be mad, so he leaned forward and captured Kurt's lips in a heated kiss. It took a few seconds for Kurt to respond, but before long he was an eager participant. The noise from the crowd was deafening. Kurt blinked up at Puck with a sappy grin on his face when the badass rock star let him go.

"Yeah, so there was reason I wanted you to come out here," Puck said.

Kurt smiled wryly at his lover, knowing he had been played, but not really caring all that much. "What would that reason be?"

Puck got down on one knee and Kurt just blinked at him in shock. "Kurt Hummel, you are my life and my love. You are my home, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to see your face first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. I want to sing silly duets with you when no one else is around. I want to make you as happy as you have made me for the rest of our lives. Will you marry me?"

Kurt blinked at Puck again as he held out a jewelers box with two identical platinum bands with a huge diamond embedded in each. One for each of them, Kurt supposed. And then it hit him what Puck was really asking. "Holy shit!"

And the arena, which had been holding its collective breath in anticipation let out a laugh at that response.

"Is that a yes or no, babe?" Puck prompted with a smirk.

Kurt huffed. "You know it's a yes, you jackass." And then he laughed along with Puck who was rising up from his knees to hug and kiss Kurt again.

"Sing with me babe," Puck said once they were both back down to earth.

"What do you want to sing?" Kurt asked.

"How about 'It's Your Love'?" Puck asked. He knew it was one of Kurt's favorite duets for them to sing, so it was a safe choice, but it was also a really great love song. Kurt agreed and took the mic from the sound guy. And they started to sing to each other. It wasn't the type of song that Puck would normally sing, but the circumstances made him think that it would be okay. And the crowd seemed to enjoy it. By the time they reached the final chorus, Puck was lost in Kurt's eyes and it was like the arena of people had disappeared.

It's your love
It just does something to me
It sends a shock right through me
I can't get enough
And if you wonder
About the spell I'm under
Oh it's your love

The last notes of the song died out and Puck took one of the rings and put it on Kurt's finger. "I love you."

Kurt took the other ring and put it on Puck's finger. "I love you too."

The End

A/N: Okay, so there was smut in this story and there probably won't be in Fight Club, but I am working on a rather smutty Finn/Kurt/Puck story. The only problem is that the muse who gives me the best smut decided to take a vacation right now! (The Bitch!) Until then, we'll have to all be happy with sweet kisses and nothing more. *sigh*

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