just another dreamer
Lucy W./Edmund

everyone knows you're just a
d r e a m e r

you live in a fantasy universe
with your eyes like the sky

(but not the British sky)

your cousin buys you a book
The Chronicles of Narnia
and from then on you're all
just like the dreamer girl you are

maybe you're insane
maybe you live in your own world
but it's got to be better than this one

a mirror in the guest bedroom
framed in gold
encased in silver
blue-painted fingernails brushing cold glass
and with a whoosh
you're in another world

n a r n i a, he tells you
where the sky is blue like your eyes
where animalscan talk to you
where there's a boy

e d m u n d
brown hair, brown eyes
p e r f e c t i o n
brave, strong, chivalrous
basically he is
everything you were looking for

but he's a (prince of Narnia)
so what interest has he in a girl like you?

you're like the cool {Narnian} ocean
rippled at the slightest touch
blown away by [his] wind
supposedly cool but really you're just
f a l l i n g for him


lorcan who?

everything is all

then there comes the announcement
'a ball? In Narnia?'

fixing your brown curls
wearing a beautiful {ocean} blue dress
pretending like your nerves aren't on edge

you dream of dancing with him
lying in his waiting arms
strong arms wrapping around you
holding you

really, what could go wrong?

but there's another factor yet unseen
she's a p r i n c e s s
and really, she's perfect for Edmund
{unlike you, the peasant}

so you r u n away

because darling, you weren't ever going to be Cinderella
he's already found his princess
you were just a {distraction}
in the big scheme of his life

run, run, run, little peasant girl

you end up back in England
(the blue dress is the only symbol that it wasn't a dream)

you kiss Lorcan but
blue becomes [warm brown]
tan becomes {creamy white}
light brown becomes (dark brown)

deluding yourself that he's Edmund Pevensie
when really he's just a Scamander peasant

Victoire's w e d d i n g
an upset Lily
you fall into the pond
{but you don't come up}

you're back in wonderful N a r n i a

and he's there again, dating that girl
{you cry into other lucy's shoulder
and she reassures you it'll be okay
it won't last long

maybe you should've stuck with safe Lorcan
but no, Lorcan n e v e r made you feel this way

[the way you feel when he looks at you]
{when his arm brushes yours}
the c h i l l b u m p s on your whole body
(maybe this is love)

he breaks things o f f with her
[and he looks at you as he does it]

just the way he says your name
is enough to make your heart thumpthump

so maybe
you fell reallyreally hard for him
and maybe
you're still a naïve little dreamer girl
but maybe
you still have hope for a happy ending

and he kisses you just like in the romance novels
{end part 1}

but there's still a part two
because no h a p p i l y e v e r a f t e r lasts forever
no matter what they say
there are still
battles to fight
lives to save
people to help

and your prince is no exception

worrying about him
he's the night to your day
and without him, you burn out
sizzle into nothingness

but that is when it sinks in
you weren't meant for Narnia
you have to go back at some time
this isn't permanent
your happiness is only
t e m p o r a r y

so, darling
hug your loved ones
kiss your lover
pretend you'll come back someday
(even if we all know that you won't)

because, darling
happiness doesn't last forever
it's just a temporary thing
and soon enough
you'll be back to closet dreams and cheap substitutes

and before long
your sun is going to
sizzle and burn itself out

{goodbye, Edmund
I love you}

[too l a t e now, darling]

and it's all over because in the end
you're just another dreamer

A/N: Dreamerverse. Lucy W.- centric, with Lucy/Lorcan and Lucy/Edmund.

For anyone out there who believes in dreams.

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