Fallen Angel

Chapter Six

England, 1881

Angelus hummed a tune as he was burying the corpse. The poor little boy was too young and weak to be able to get away. Spike and Drusilla were still somewhere else, trying to get food. It was nearly dawn by now, and sooner or later, they would have to find somewhere to sleep for the day.

"Angelus!" Angelus turned. An annoyed Darla stood right behind him. "Why did you leave without telling me? It took forever for me to find you here!"

"It wasn't my idea. It was Spike's," Angelus lied casually. Yet Darla seemed to believe him, and she went off into the trees to find Spike. Angelus climbed into the tree, and lay down on a makeshift hammock.


Spike walked up to the place where Willow, Giles, Xander, Angel, Buffy and Dru were being held captive. It was midday, and Spike was the only vampire awake. The idiots didn't even have a minion on sentry duty, making this a piece of cake.

First, Spike started undoing the knots that tied Buffy to the tree. Buffy didn't notice what he was doing until the ropes dropped to the ground. She turned to face him.

"Spike?" she asked, as though he could be anyone else. "I though you'd untie Dru first."

Spike laughed. "I would, but she's asleep. I wanted to find out how much someone would notice when I took the ropes off. Since you hardly noticed until they were off, I think it's safe."

He walked over to Drusilla, and began to loosen her ropes. Just as planned, she didn't even notice as she was untied.

"Can you help me free the others?" Spike asked Buffy, trying to keep his voice low, barely above a whisper, so that he wouldn't wake up Drusilla. Buffy nodded in reply and set to work on Angel's ropes. It was surprisingly hard work, despite how easily Spike had untied herself and Drusilla. And she woke up Angel in the process.

"Buffy?" he said, his voice hoarse. He looked up at her. Her dark blonde hair was tangled, her face and clothes were dirty, yet she was smiling at him. To Angel, that was the most beautiful smile in the world.

"How did you get free?" he asked.

"Spike untied me," Buffy said.

When Angel was completely free, he helped Spike and Buffy untie the others. By this time, it was nearly sunset, and Spike finally woke Drusilla up. He guessed that Angelus, Darla, and Spike and Dru from the past had woken up. Sure enough, they started walking towards them out of the trees.

"You can't kill us," Past Spike said. "You'd only be killing yourself."

"True, true," Future Spike said. "Be we can injure you, or knock you out. You're a vampire, you'll heal quickly enough."

So they started fighting, all except for Past Dru and Future Dru, who didn't feel like it, and were instead watching at the side-lines, although they soon replaced a badly beaten Xander. Well, Future Dru did.

After the fight, everyone from the past were either unconscious or couldn't get up, except for Past Dru, who made no attempt to stop them. She said that it was a good thing if Angel was put back in his own body.

Buffy dragged an unconscious Angelus back to Willow, and they all watched as Willow performed the spell that would put Angel and Angelus into their own bodies. After that, Willow performed another spell, to send them back to their own time.


New York, U.S.A, 2010

"Well, that was hectic," Giles said. "But we are all here, safely."

Buffy smiled. Giles was right. That had been rather hectic. Willow lay sleeping on the sofa, and Buffy doubted that she'd be waking up for quite a while. She'd looked very drained when they'd arrived. The time travel must have taken a lot out of her. Angel lay slumped across the stairs, lying on top of Spike, sleeping. He looked so peaceful. Buffy walked over to him and slapped his face.

"What did you do that for?" he asked, as he awoke.

"Why do you think?" Buffy said. "You wouldn't wake up."


The next few weeks passed by fairly uneventfully. Willow went back to hers and Kennedy's house, Xander went back to his apartment and Giles went back to England. Spike, Angel and Drusilla however, stayed at Buffy's house, because Dru had nowhere else to go, Spike didn't want to go without Dru, and Angel didn't want to go without Buffy or Spike. Dawn was now afraid to enter Drusilla's room, because of all of her 'freaky' porcelain dolls.


Everything was more or less normal. In fact, they hadn't encountered a demon in weeks. It was too quiet...

Until the last day of September, when Spike, Dru and Dawn wanted to go to England.

"Why?" Buffy had asked Spike when he had told her of their wishes.

"Fireworks. On the fifth of November. Americans don't have Guy Fawkes night, Dru wants to see them, and the Nibblet wants to come to. Thought you might, since Dawn is."

"I'll come." Buffy said. Little did she know, that something bad was going to happen in England…


Author's note: So, that was the first Fanfiction I ever wrote. What do you think? I spent a while proofreading it, to remove all the typos and grammar mistakes, but I left the story itself pretty much as it is. I don't think this story is that good, but I want to keep it on the site. I like to see how much my writing has changed over the years. And wow, has it really been five years since I wrote this? I think I've improved a lot.

I had started a sequel to this story—called Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November—but I got very, very stuck with it. I'm thinking of possibly deleting it and starting again, but I will only do that once I've finished with all the stories I'm currently working on. Anyway, I hope anyone reading this enjoyed the story.