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"Have you ever wanted anything so badly you would everything to get it? I have...your mum. She was the most beautiful girl I laid my eyes on. She was, with her short spiky hair, sparkling green eyes and wide smile, quite irresistible. Every time she came to the classroom, it brightened up. I was awaiting her arrival hidden behind the textbook pretending not to pay attention whilst I was watching her every move. She knew she had been watched but either she was so shy to do something about it or she wanted me to make the first move. "

Jasper paused and looked at his two kids listening to his every word. "If something didn't happen, you wouldn't be sitting here. "

Younger of the kids, Callum, asked his dad: "What happened?". Jasper picked up his glass, had a sip of orange juice and went on: "Uncle Edward moved to Forks. He was extremely good-looking with bronze hair, green eyes and very well behaved. Every girl wanted him and I was afraid your mum wouldn't be an exception. "

"What did you do then?," asked Adrianne, his daughter. "I put on brave face, overcame my fear of rejection and asked your mum out. When she said yes, I thought I would cry happy tears. I spent hours and hours in my room trying to look as best as I could. I had to call Auntie Rose to help me with choosing the right clothes. But it was worth it. You should have seen the look on your mum's face when she saw me. I felt like the only man in the world. She was breath-taking in her black and white dress."

"We spent whole summer together, laughing, having fun and working in small restaurant and when the senior year came, we were official couple. We went to the dance together, applied to same colleges and studied for finals together."

"That`s so cute," said Adrianne. "And when did you get married?".

Jasper`s eyes held bit of melancholy. "It was in L.A. We were studying at UCLA and I asked her to marry me. We have gotten married during spring break in our Junior Year. It was small affair with our parents and best friends attending. Your mum was wearing simple white dress with veil and Auntie Rose was her Maid of Honor. Uncle Edward was my best man."

"And what followed later?," asked Callum. "We graduated from UCLA, moved to New York and started to work. Six months later your mum found out she was expecting Adrianne. We were really excited. When you were born," Jasper looked at Adrianne, "your mum has opened her own boutique."

"This is the reason this boutique is called 'Adrianne', " thought Adrianne to herself. "And when Callum was born, your mum opened second boutique in L.A. Now, kids, it's time to head to bed," finished Jasper his story.

He put his two loves to their beds, kissed them good night and went to living room. He opened the old photo album with their wedding day.

"Telling kids about our wedding day again?", asked silky voice. Jasper turned around and his eyes lit. " I thought you would be coming back tomorrow," said to his wife. "I missed you and kids so I left sooner. I hope you donĀ“t mind."

Jasper said nothing, just kissed her and was glad Alice is home. He missed her.