The Godfather

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Chapter 1

A nine year old Hermione Granger was not happy. No she was not. Her parents were going on holiday, without her. And she was going to go live with the godfather that she had never even met before. Well, except for at her christening, but it wasn't as if she could even remember her christening, was it. She may be smart, but she wasn't that smart.

She couldn't understand why her parents were not taking her with them. "Please can I go? I promise I'll behave!" She begged.

"Hermione, please!" Her mother said. "Your father and I are going on the Honeymoon we never got to go on."

"You did that last year though!" Hermione said. "And I don't see why I have to stay with my Godfather! I haven't even met him before!"

"Yes you have!" Jean said to her daughter.

"Apart from my christening, name one time that I've met him!"

"Well… I suppose that you haven't seen him that much."

"I haven't seen him! How come he shows up now? After all these years!"

"Well, after the trial for his parent's murderer, he kind of disappeared." Jean said. "But he's back now, and he wants to get to know you."

"And another thing, why do I need to go to America? Why is my Godfather American?"

"Your father used to work for his father honey."

Hermione's nose wrinkled at the mention of her father. "But still… why cant I stay with one of the neighbours?"

"Don't you want to get away from all the children who bully you?" her mother reasoned.

Damn. Hermione hadn't expected that argument. How could she argue against that one? She was always begging her parents to take her someplace or other, where the other kids wouldn't know who she was. Her shoulders slumped. It seemed as if Hermione Granger was going to Gotham.

Living with Bruce Wayne wasn't so bad, she supposed. But there was something… off. Something hidden. Hermione's fast brain pieced it together quickly when reports of the Batman started showing up on the news. She decided to confront her Godfather, who she had taken to calling uncle Bruce, about her suspicions, which she just knew were correct.

She decided to do it at breakfast one morning. "Uncle Bruce?" She asked.

"Yes Hermione?" He asked.

"You're the Batman, aren't you?"

"What makes you say that?" He chuckled.

"You are the only one with the resources to become the Batman. And his appearance ties in with your return from supposedly being dead."

He looked at her in complete shock for a moment, and then started to laugh. He'd known that she was clever, but he not quite that clever. She had barely been staying there a single week!

"You do know how to keep a secret, don't you Hermione?"

"Of course." She sniffed.

"Good, because only you and Alfred know the truth, alright?"

Hermione nodded, smiling at the fact that she was right.

And that was the start of something that could potentially bring to ruin the plans of a certain meddling old coot.

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