Here's a little outtake I wrote for Fandom for Children. Thank you to all who supported this cause.

Now I know some of you were curious so here is how Rose from FMLW met her Emmett

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That bloody horse...

I can say it out loud. My kids aren't here.

That bloody sodding stupid horse.

I've had a long week. Being a single mum to two demanding children with a yard to run is exhausting and I desperately need to unwind. But, being the conscientious type, I have to go and do one last round of checks on the horses before I flop. The staff have finished for the day several hours ago and it's already dark, but I like to have one last check before I turn in.

The house is quiet, my ex having taken the children for the weekend. Bree and Riley were so looking forward to it, as they do every week. His house, of course, has every video game and electronic gadget on the planet. It's like heaven for them. From what I gather he showers them with fancy gifts every time they visit. Some of it they bring home, but not all. I guess they are trying to spare my feelings. Don't get me wrong, we don't exactly go short but I am by no means able to spoil them like he does. Some of it is down to guilt, I'm sure, but if the kids are happy, I'm happy.

Normally when I'm home alone I knock on Bella's door and invite her over to join me. We have spent many happy nights boozing it up together, either here or at the pub down the road. Sometimes if funds allow, and she's in a good mood, I even manage to twist her arm and drag her into town so we can hit the bars. I have no desperate desire to go "on the pull", but I do enjoy a drink and a dance. However, tonight her cosy little cottage is in darkness as she's back home visiting her family for the weekend. She's such a constant little presence, this place kind of feels weird when she's not around. My brother isn't around either, he's catching up with some old friends. So it's just me on my lonesome tonight, my only company a bottle of red. I'm going to put on my pj's, raid the kids chocolate stash and most likely pass out in front of the tv.

So before I get started on my racy Saturday night, I make my way to the stables, checking each box one by one. They are all occupied as the nights are still a bit too chilly for the horses to be outside. All is well until I get to the end one which contains Bella's pride and joy, Freddie. That horse is a damn nuisance. He can escape by opening his own stable door so we have to make sure the kick bolt at the bottom is securely fastened. He upturns buckets, knocks stuff over and deliberately (in my opinion) steps on your foot if you don't move fast enough. That horse is the devil, I swear. He's immensely talented though, with a very bright future ahead of him. Bella dotes on him even though he has carted and dumped her in the brambles on more than one occasion.

Tonight, he has managed to cast a shoe. Nothing serious, you might think, but he has it half hanging off. Should it catch on anything it could cause damage to his foot and with important competitions coming up I can't risk it. So I have to go call out the farrier on a Saturday night. Luckily we're on good terms.

He's a relatively new guy, only been around a few months and always fun to have around. Bella likes him, which says something, as she usually dislikes most men, shying away from them. But she seems to like Emmett McCarty. They're always as thick as thieves when he's here, usually arguing about football.

He is very likeable though. Huge, dark and he has a wicked smile. He's hot. I can't help but make the comparison with my ex who is scrawny and blond and a bit of a weakling. He's losing his hair too. Ha! I had to get that one in.

I'm not one to talk though. It's been a long time since a man was in my bed. Okay a really, really long time. The last time I got propositioned was by some pimply faced youth at the local pub. Sorry but I wasn't that drunk and I want a man, not a boy.

Time to go call the eye candy, I mean, the farrier.

Stop it Rose! Down girl.

I walk back up to the house, into the warm and pull out my phone to make the call. I have Emmett's direct number which is much handier than having to call his out of hours service. I just hope I can get hold of him and that he's not in the pub on this Saturday night, like most people with a social life usually are. I really don't want to end up with his partner in the practice, Tyler. He always eyes me like a piece of meat and has a serious B.O. problem.

Tonight I am in luck, I get straight through to Emmett and he answers cheerily on the second ring.

"Hello, Emmett McCarty at your service."

I can almost hear the smile in his voice.

"Emmett, hi, Rose Hale here. Sorry to bug you on a Saturday night. I've got a problem with one of Bella's horses. He's gone and cast a shoe and I don't think I can leave it overnight. Any chance you could drop by?"

"No problem. I'll be right over."

He disconnects swiftly before I have chance to say anything more.

I decide to wait in the kitchen as I don't fancy hanging around outside in the cold any longer than I have to. Hopefully this won't take too long and I can get back to my Saturday evening of peace. I quickly give my appearance a once over in the mirror. Nothing out of place there. I'm not exactly dolled up but at least there are no incriminating smudges courtesy of my kids or the horses. Now that would be embarrassing.

I glance out the window just in time to see Emmett's Land Rover pull into the yard.

Wow that was quick.

I don't remember him being that local. If he was, surely our paths would have crossed more often. Maybe he just happened to be in the area? Ah well, sooner this gets done, sooner I can get on with my evening.

I pull my jacket closer around me and step outside into the chilly air. Emmett parks haphazardly and leaps out. I take a moment to admire the pretty. He's a fine hunk of a man. Just right for me. Being five foot ten in my bare feet tends to limit my choices somewhat when it comes to men.

"Rosie!" Emmett calls as he bustles to my side.

He's all smiles, dimples in his rosy cheeks, his complexion a little ruddy from being outside all the time. I can't even find it in myself to get mad or want to punch him for calling me that. No one calls me Rosie. Not even my brother, he knows the consequences.

"Emmett," I respond, smiling. Gaah I'm almost simpering. This is unheard of.

"So where's this problem horse? Lead on, gorgeous."

Normally these type of endearments would make me cringe. I'm strictly a "no bullshit" type of gal. But from him, they aren't so bad. Hey, I almost like it. This is most disturbing.

Oh hell. I think I might have a crush.

I shake my head, trying to dispel these rogue thoughts, and turn on my heel, heading to the yard. A light misty rain has just started to fall, adding to the lingering chill. Ugh I really don't want to hang around out here any longer than necessary.

Emmett follows me eagerly as we head to the end box. I open the door, and there is Freddie, looking rather sorry for himself, skulking with his head down. I can see by the disturbed bedding that his foot has been bothering him. I show Emmett in and stand well back. That bloody horse has bitten me too many times to keep count. Thank heavens they don't have sharp teeth.

Emmett fixes Freddie up in record time and he is relatively compliant. No stamping, fidgeting and no biting. Almost one for the record books. We step out into the misty damp air, headed back towards Emmett's car.

"Well, thank you so much Emmett. I'd better let you get back to your Saturday night. Hope I didn't interrupt anything important."

I try to keep my tone light but I can't help but wonder what he was doing. As he is casually dressed in jeans and work boots he obviously wasn't on a date or anything.

Maybe he has a wife and kids at home? Who knows?

More importantly, why on earth am I even bothered by this possibility?

Dammit. Too much time spent on my own is turning me into an obsessive. I need an intervention. Thank goodness Bella's back tomorrow and I can get back to being busy. We have so much planning to do. I can stop all this silly nonsense.

I snap out of my inner reverie when I realise Emmett is talking to me.

"...any plans. Could murder a cup of tea though."

He turns to me with a cheeky grin. I can't help but smile in return. There's something of a naughty little boy vibe about him. It's those dimples.

"I think that can be arranged," I reply, shooting him a wink and leading him into my kitchen.

It's relatively tidy in here with the kids gone. I put the kettle on to boil and turn around to face Emmett, leaning back against the counter.

"So what's it to be?" I enquire. "Tea or coffee?"

"Tea would be great," he answers.

Excellent, a man after my own heart. Bella and I often joked if you opened one of our veins you would get tea, not blood.

"Unless you've got a beer?" Emmett enquires cheekily.

"Aren't you on call?" I counter.

"Actually, I'm not. I came along tonight to do you a favour. Always happy to help you girls out, you know?"

Bloody hell!

He wasn't working but came over here anyway. Did the gods of man-meat send him to me?

I abandon any preparation of tea and go straight to the fridge. I pull out two beers and gesture towards the table. No way am I inviting him into the lounge. I have no idea what kind of debris the kids might have left in there. I'm no slob by any account, but this is a lived in home, not a showpiece. Not that I think Emmett would mind. He seems very much the down to earth type.

"Nice place you got here, Rosie," Emmett remarks, glancing around. He leans back in his chair, looking perfectly at home. It alarms me that, as I study him sitting there, he doesn't look at all out of place. This kitchen so rarely has visitors other than family or staff. But this doesn't feel weird. At all.

"So you have a family?" Emmett probes. "I mean I hate to appear rude but looking at the artwork here...I'm hoping it wasn't drawn by you. If it was, well I'd be kinda concerned about your drawing skills, y'know?"

The cheeky bugger. He's pointing at the collection of my kids pictures, pinned to the whiteboard and the fridge. My daughter, Bree, is a very enthusiastic, if not accurate, artist. Her last picture of me had two heads and four legs, I swear. My youngest, Riley, is still at the colourful scribble stage. But of course every item has to be displayed and admired so no one's feelings are hurt.

Emmett looks politely interested so I go for it, waxing lyrical about my family. I tell him about finding the farmhouse on the cheap, a couple of years ago, how my brother helped us get settled here, how far we've come. He listens, fascinated, before venturing forth with his own tale.

Emmett isn't at all what I expected. Despite the cheeky charm, he's no manwhore. Instead, he's a single dad to a seven year old boy. Like myself, his little one is with his ex tonight so when I called he was just kicking back at home. The more we talk, the more we seem to have in common. It's bizarre.

Before I know it, time passes and there is an accumulation of beer bottles on the table. I glance up at the clock. It's gone eleven. How on earth has this happened?

So much for my empty evening.

I feel slightly buzzed. Not drunk exactly, I'm not that much of a lightweight. Just mildly fuzzy, enough to take the edge off. I don't feel tense or nervous anymore.

The conversation comes to a natural lull as we reach that point in the evening where things need to be sorted, goodbyes to be said. But I'm feeling a little reckless. I can't pinpoint it and I don't think it's entirely due to the booze.

Maybe it's this unique moment, finding someone so like me, the likelihood of that happening is just one in a million. This hot, sexy but nice guy is here in my kitchen. I have the house to myself and he doesn't have anywhere else to go.

Dammit I'm so going to make a move.

We both stand, pushing our chairs back. I can sense something crackling in the air. Maybe just attraction, lust, I don't know. I feel or sense Emmett's eyes drift to my lips. I seize the moment and launch myself at him. Arms draped around his neck, I press my lips to his.

He hesitates for about a millisecond then responds with abandon, backing me up against the wall. Kisses turn heated, hands roaming under clothing. Things escalate. Fast. Clothes are shed, kisses become bites, caresses become gropes.

Holy crap this is hot.

I am turned, lifted and placed on the countertop, my jeans around my ankles as Emmett plunges into me.

We are like wild animals, insatiable. Panting and groaning.

Bloody hell it's been a long time. How did I go without this?

Hell I don't think it's ever been like this. Not ever. Emmett's thrusts become harder, deeper and I see stars. We both find our climaxes and he holds me to him while we come down.

The adrenaline fades and I realise what I've done.

Oh bugger.

Never ever shit on your own doorstep, that's the saying. Now I am going to have to face him, week in week out. He'll know what a desperate woman I am.

Damn, damn, damn.

I hide my face in his shoulder, terrified to meet his eyes and break the spell.

But this is Emmett. Not some cold opportunistic tosser. What does he do? He smacks me hard on the ass. I yelp, looking up, startled.

"Well, Rosie, that was one fucktastic round one. Now where's your bedroom?"

He winks at me. The cheeky bugger!

"Umm...upstairs," I stammer, somewhat bewildered. "Last room on the left."

He wants more?

"Great!" he beams, setting me on my feet. "Lets go!"

He chases me up the stairs, smacking my ass again as we go, reminding me cheekily he likes a full cooked breakfast in the morning.

Looks like this is going to be quite a night.


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