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Saturday 26th 2011 at 10:04am

Today was the day that she had been waiting for ever since they had first met, the moment she realized that she loved him enough to give up her evil ways and do so much more with her life. Today was the day Jinx and Kid Flash were getting married at noon. The wedding was to take place on the Titans tower roof with a huge ceremony with everyone they knew attending. The bride herself was in the tower getting dressed and ready to marry the love of her life while her bridesmaid and maids of honor stayed with her to help.

"How do I look?" Jinx asked "Do you think Wally will like it?"

"He will most certainly love it" Starfire smiled at her friend "How could he not love it?"

"Girl, you look amazing!" Bee told her "If he doesn't love it then he's an idiot"

"Raven?" Jinx asked "What do you think? You're zoning out on me again! You're my maid of honor at least pay attention!"

"Oh sorry" Raven smiled "You look fine, don't worry about it!"

Yes, Ever since Jinx had met Wally she fit in very well with the titans and Starfire, Bumblebee and Raven all became very good friends especially Jinx and Raven who became almost like sisters which is why Raven is standing here in a dress about to attend a wedding that if you told her would happen a year ago she wouldn't believe you.

"Please friends, Excuse me for a moment as I wish to see how Robin looks" Starfire told them

"It's okay, I'll do it Star" Raven told her "I think BeastBoy needs more help getting dressed then Robin anyway"

"More like helping him get undressed" Bumblebee laughed

"At least Beastboy wears clothes…."Raven shot Bee a glare

"Hey! My man is metal so what do you expect?" Bee yelled "Metal is sexy and he doesn't need clothes"

"Whatever" Raven smirked as she went to check on the guys.

Raven took the elevator 3 floors down to Robin's room where he and the other guys were supposed to be getting ready for the wedding. Raven knocked 3 times and nobody answered

"Where could they be?" Raven asked herself

Just as if it was a message from the gods of Azar her communicator went off.

"Raven?" Robin yelled

"Robin?" Raven asked "Where are you?"

"Listen, were going to be there" Robin tried telling her

"Going to?" Raven asked "I thought you guys got back at 2am!"

"We were supposed to" Robin told her "But something happened along the way….."

"So you're not anywhere in this tower?" Raven asked getting annoyed "What's the problem?"

Give me that!

No way, Dude! I need to tell her!

Beastboy, cut it out!

Ya'll need to chill this is serious!

Hahahahahahahaha! Robin is winning!


Everyone be quiet and let me finish talking to her!

I want a turn!

Beastboy, I said No!

-The communicator can be heard falling on the ground-

"Rae?" Beastboy asked "How are you today?"

"Beastboy?" Raven asked "What the hell is going on? Why are you fighting over a communicator? Where the hell is yours? Why aren't any of you at titans tower? And the most important question WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH YOU GUYS?"

"Funny Story" Beasboy laughed "Promise you won't get mad?"

"Just tell me what happened" Raven sighed as she started to get a headache

"Well, We went out last night" Beastboy told her "We wanted to take Kid Flash out before he got married and we ended up taking him further then we wanted to and accidentally ended up in Tokyo"

"You took him to Tokyo!" Raven yelled "Okay, Look that's not a problem with how fast our vehicles can drive you'll be back in no time! Not a problem"

"This is why Beastboy doesn't get to talk during important calls" Robin sighed taking the communicator from Beastboy "He forgot to mention that we can't remember anything from last night"

"HIIIIII RAVENNN!" Larry yelled in the background "This is sooooo fun! We can't remember anything!"

"Why is Larry with you?" Raven asked "I thought he went back into your head or something like that….."

"I did too" Robin moaned "But he's here too"

"Okay, That's still not a problem" Raven told them "I'll put him back when you get here"

"We still have to find Kid Flash…." Robin mumbled "We have no clue where he is"

"You lost the groom?" Raven yelled

"Just don't be mad! We're going to find him! Just don't tell anyone!" Robin yelled and then hung up

Couples: Jinx/Kid Flash