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Albus Dumbledore was sat in his study during the christmas holidays, when all of a sudden a bright light appeared from nowhere. He quickly found himself in a room with the Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore's army. Everyone looked up at Dumbledore.

"I can assure you all I had nothing to do with this." He held his hands up.

"No, I did." A deep male voice came from behind them.

"We did, Harry." Another male voice came.

"Fine, whatever." The people stepped out of the shadows.

"Hello. My name is Harry Potter!" One of them said cheerfully. Everyone gasped.

"How can that be possible?" Sirius asked, when all of a sudden, a golden light appeared, and a four-year-old Harry Potter appeared from nowhere.

"Bloody hell!" Ron squeaked in surprise, shuffling out of the way as his best mate's younger self.

"See why my fifteen year old self isn't here? That would have been confusing with three Harry's." Older Harry said.

"One's bad enough, to be frank." Said a distinct older version of Ron, carrying a small girl, with red bushy hair in long pigtails. "Ron Weasley, aged 27. My daughter, Rose." Rose blushed shyly and buried her head in her dad's neck. Younger Ron stared in wonder. Older Harry suddenly moved aside, and two little boys were sat behind him, both looking identical to their dad.

"James Sirius and Albus Severus." He said proudly. Sirius, Dumbledore and Snape gasped in surprise. The older one, James, saw young Ginny and grinned.

"Mummy!" He cried happily. Ginny gasped, looking at older Harry for conformation. He nodded a lopsided grin on his face. Ginny burst into a massive smile and embraced the running boy.

Sirius and Remus meanwhile, were watching younger Harry closely. Sirius was first to notice that he had a small bruise on his jawbone.

"Where did you get that bruise, Harry?" He asked quietly. Little Harry looked up at him nervously.

"I fell down the stairs, sir." He whispered. Sirius looked up at older Harry, who was watching them closely. He shook his head. He mimicked punching himself in the mouth. Sirius and Remus's eyes widened.

"Who?" Remus growled.

"Uncle Vernon." He told them. Everyone watched them. Older Ron turned to Older Harry.

"Jesus Harry, you said they treated you badly, but I had no idea that was what that bruise was! Gin and 'Mione are going to kill you when they find out." He said with an amused grin.

Little Harry suddenly looked up at Older Harry.

"Uncle Vernon said not to tell anyone, or he would-" Little Harry started hyperventilating. Sirius had him on his lap in two seconds, rubbing his back gently.

"Shhh, Harry. It's okay... he's not here..." He soothed. Everyone looked at Sirius in awe. Remus moved forwards to help comfort his un-official nephew. He rubbed Harry's leg soothingly.

"Harry, breath slowly. Deep breaths." He said softly. Little Harry slowly calmed down. He looked up at Sirius and Remus worridly. "My name is Remus Lupin, this is Sirius Black. We don't know why you're here, but I am guessing that your...older self will explain?" He turned to older Harry.

"Yes. I am here, because while browsing the internet I came across a rather extrodinary play on a website called Youtube, called a Very Potter Sequel. Of course, this is the second in a series. But I can't show you the first because it reveals to much of my past, and your future. The Sequel, however shows a mix of this year and third year. Yet, I am only 11... strange... Anyway, Hermione, you know how to work a computer?" Harry turned to Hermione, who nodded.

"Of course." She said.

"Then can you please click play?" He pointed to a computer, that had seemed to appear out of nowhere. Hermione nodded, and clicked play.

Scene opens to a hooded figure standing Spanish style on stage.

Lucius- You're late!

A second hooded figure comes on stage. He removes his hood.

Yaxley- Late? What's it matter? Look at this mornings prophet! The Boy-Who-Lived, does it again!

"Does what again?" Neville asked curiously. Older Harry just grinned, wondering what the reactions would be.

The Dark Lord dead for Good!

"YES!" Many screamed. Dumbledore looked at older Harry.

"Is he truely gone in your time?" Everyone was silent. Harry nodded. "You killed him?"

"Well, Ron and Hermione helped loads!" Harry grinned, ruffling older Ron's hair. Silence for a minute, then the room exploded, getting up and hugging older and younger Ron, Hermione and older Harry. Sirius grinned to himself, but quickly looked down at little Harry.

"Voldemort is a Very Bad man. Everyone is cheering because he's gone in the near future." He explained. Little Harry looked up and smiled slightly. He didn't know why, but he felt reassured by these two men.

After everyone had finished cheering, they all sat back down.

I knew it! We backed the wrong side... AGAIN!

A few older members laughed. At the younger one's confused looks, Dumbledore spoke up.

"Many Death Eaters were like that after Harry defeated Voldemort when he was a baby."

"I did what?" Little Harry asked Sirius and Remus.

"We're not sure how you did it, but you made Voldemort disappear when you were a baby boy." Remus explained.

"As apposed to a baby girl?" Fred grinned. Remus blushed.

"You know that's not what I meant, Fred!" He protested.

"He's not Fred, I am!" George argued.

"Sorry, George." Remus said quickly.

"Not really, I am Fred." Fred grinned. Remus huffed, and everybody laughed.

Lucius- Calm yourself Yaxley!

"So that's Yaxley!"

Yaxley- All us Death Eaters are going to Azkaban now!

"Damn right you are!" Sirius growled. Little Harry flinched. Sirius noticed. "Sorry, kiddo." He rubbed little Harry's back softly.


(Yaxley starts having a tantrum.)

"Hey Gred?"

"Yes Forge?"

"Reckon we can make Snape do that?"

"Hell yes!"

"I can hear you, you know."

"Oh hi sir!"

Lucius- Do you have what I sent you for, or not? (Does random leaps across the stage)

Everyone laughed.

"Isn't that what Draco did in the first one?" Older Ron managed to choke out. Older Harry just nodded through his laughter.

Yaxley- Yeah, I got it. I had to break into the ministry for it! (Holds up a small velvet bag)

"What's that?" Cho asked.

"Time Turner?" Hermione suggested.

"Didn't we destroy all the time turnes at the end of fifth ye-" Older Ron was cut of by Harry smothering his face with a pillow.

"SHUT UP!" He yelled.

"How did you mange to destroy the time-turnes?" Dumbledore asked with an amused grin, his twinkle on full force.

"Spoilers!" Harry cried, as he gave Ron another kick for good measure.

But I got it.

Lucius- (Takes the bag) Exellent.

Yaxley- You should see the ministry. The Dark Lord not dead for more than a day and they'v already got the wizard cops out after us!"

All the muggle borns, and Older Harry burst into laughter.

"What?" Ginny demanded.

"It's a muggle thing!" Hermione choked out.

Lucius- Damn those wizard cops! Well, none of that matters anymore as long as we have this.

Yaxley- Who do you think you are?

"I'd like to know that myself!"

We don't stand a chance against the wizard cops! Not even you, Lucius Malfoy! (Malfoy takes his hood down)

"BRILLIANT!" People yelled, bursting into fits of hysterical laughter. Little Harry buried his face into Sirius's chest, aware that shouting was the first sign of pain. Teenager Ron noticed, and raised his voice.

"GUYS SHUT UP!" When people gave him looks, he cocked his head to the side, indicating Harry. People quickly shushed up, though most wondered why Harry acted like that. Four year olds generally didn't react to loud noises. People looked at older Harry, who felt no need to hide his childhood anymore. He took Albus from off the floor as he spoke.

"Little Harry is reacting that way, because he thinks that shouting is the sign that pain is to come. You see, uncle Vernon is..." He started.

"VERY abusive." Ron finished at Harry's hesitation.

"And I suppose you are going to find out in the next clip, until I recieved my Hogwarts letters, I slept in a cupboard under the stairs." There was silence for a minute, then...


"Guys what did I just say about shouting?" Harry said. Dumbledore's Army looked at Older Harry.

"WHY din't you say anything!" George yelled.

"Because I was afraid nobody would want to be my frined anymore." Harry explained.

"Who would? I'm a freak." Little Harry mumbled. To say everyone was shocked was a massive understatement!

"Who told you that you are a freak, Harry?" Remus asked the small child, who had gone suddenly white.

"I shouldn't have said that." He squeaked. He fought back tears. Remus saw his struggle, and pulled him off Sirius's lap and into his own arms.

"You're aloud to cry." He whispered, wrapping his arms tightly around the small boy. Little Harry just shook his head, and Older Ron motioned Hermione to click play.

Malfoy- DONT ever tell me what I cant do! (Kicks legs)

People started to laugh.

Id watch my tongue, if I were you! For all you know, You-know-who could be watching us!

"I doubt that." Dumbledore said pleasantly. Little Harry smiled slightly at this Grandfather type figure.

Yaxley- He cant be, he's dead!

Lucius- That never stopped out plas before (Kicks legs) You've no IDEA what I have in store! (Kicks legs)

"He does that alot doesn't he?" Sirius grinned.

"He kinda reminds me of David Bowie." Hermione said. The people who knew who David Bowie was all laughed.

Do you really think you'd be at my door is we had nothing to disguss? He may be gone but that is just as well.

"If you-know-'o 'eard 'im say that 'e'd be tortured." Mundungus Fletcher weazed a laugh.

"Don't even joke about torture." Older Harry, older Ron and Neville all scowled.

Come inside and dont you fret, For it's not over yet!

"Uh oh."

(Yaxley and Lucius disappear behind the curtain, and many robed death eaters come on)

Death Eaters- EVIL PLANS! We are making EVIL plans! Evil deeds at evil hands (wave hands in the air) We are making evil plans!

"I really don't like the sound of that." Remus sighed, running a hand through Harry's hair.

(Lucius and Yaxley come out from behind the curtain)

Death Eater #1- LUCius Malfoy, why have you called us here? Wah...

"Okay that was weird."

Death Eater #2- What do we do Lucius?

Death Eater #3- There's nothing TO do. The Dark Lord is dead, Harry Potter wins, end of story!




Lucius- Yes I know, I know. He marrys Ginny, they live happily ever after, there is literally no way to move forward from this point.

"How does he know you two are married if the Dark Lord has only been dead a day, and you are only 12?" Snape asked older Harry.

"Well, there are also books about me, but that is for another day." Older Harry grinned.

Yaxley- Then why are we all here?"

Lucius- I was JUST getting to that.

A few muggle-borns laughed.


Little Harry flinched, and Remus drew circles on his back.

(Death Eaters hiss)

"That's their reaction to us now!" Ron grinned.

"Yeah, Dolohov never saw it coming!" Harry grinned.

"Serves him right for killing off..." He faltered at Harry's glare "Teddy's Daddy."

"Who's Teddy?" Hermione asked.

"My Godson." Harry smiled, thinking of his multi-coloured godson back at home. Everyone who knew of Sirius and Harry's love for each other grinned.

We're in this sorry state because of him!

"THATS WHY IM SO AWESOME!" Harry yelled. Little Harry giggled.

"Ouch! Mate, did you have to scream so bloody loudly! Shit!" Ron hissed, covering his ears.

"Shit!" James repeated. Harry gawked at him. He then glared hard at Ron, who grinned.

"YOU can explain that to Ginny."

"Shit!" Rose clapped.

"And Hermione!" Harry finished. Ron quickly lost his grin. Ginny of the present was fuming.

"RONALD WEASLEY! HOW DARE YOU TEACH MY SON THAT LANGUAGE!" She half-bellowed. Older and Teen Ron both gulped, much to everyone's amusment. Harry giggled, and the adults all smiled. Little Harry seemed to be coming out of his shell now.

"WAIT! Did you just say that IM ROSES MOTHER!" Hermione screamed. Ron nodded.


And to think of all the chances we had to destroy him!

"Way to many, mate!" Older Ron yelled.

"Not THAT many!" Older Harry defended.

"Lets see, First Year, Quirrel who had Riddle on the back of his head, Second Year, a bloody great Basilisk, Third year, about 100 dementors trying to Kiss you, forth, Triwizard tournamnet, Riddle being resurrected, fifth year, the Prophesy and fighting Voldemort again, sixth year you had to force fead someone a bloody poison for no apparant reason as the bloody thing was a fake, seventh year, we dropped out of Hogwarts, destroyed all the freakin horcruxes, lots of people died, then toy KICKED TOMS ARSE! I DONT THINK THAT IS NOTHING!" Older Ron yelled. He quickly covered his mouth when he realised what he had said.

"Bloody genius." Harry face-palmed. "Just screw up the next two bloody years for everyone."

"You destroyed the Horcruxes?" Dumbledore asked, astonished. Harry just nodded.

"We earned those chocolate frog cards good and proper!" Ron grinned.

"Don't say that in front of Teddy though." Harry shuddered.

"Why?" Sirius asked.

" 'Cos little Teddy goes hyper by just the mention on chocolate!" Ron rubbed his head, remembering the time Teddy had gotten so hyper while Ron was babysitting, that he had somehow ended up on the ceiling.

If we had destroyed him in his first year at Hogwarts, we would be ruling the world right now! (Death Eaters all cheer)

Death Eater #1- Yes Lucius, nobody is arguing that. Wahh!

Death Eater #2- Well what does it matter! We can't change the past!

Lucius- I know it seems impossible, we've been thrown of our track. But is we cant move forwards, why shouldn't we move back? (Takes time turner from the bag)

"Hope no genius thinks of that in our time. We'd be screwed!" Older Ron gulped.

FRIENDS and companions of evil and sin. Think not of loss, but a NEW way to win! For what is present, without a beggining to start it all?

Yaxley- Go on!

Lucius- There is a boy that everyone knows!


"We know Harry, Jesus when did you become so loud?"

"Since I became 10 kids, Uncle Harry, and forced into kiddies games!"

"Like tea parties with Victorie and Molly?" Ron grinned. Harry blushed.

"Shut up."

"Molly?" Mrs Weasley looked abashed.

"Percy's eldest." Ron grinned.

"So he came to his-" Fred started.

"Senses then?" George finished. Harry and Ron looked slightly resentful at Fred.

"Not in time though."

The plan is simple, I propose that we CHOKE the weed before it grows, and ends it all!

Remus pulled little Harry closer to his chest.

Do you follow me? (Death Eater #1 raises hand)

Death Eater #1- No!

Everyone burst out laughing.

Lucius- The Dark Lord, would have surived, had they never met!

Death Eater #4- Wait wait wait wait, so you're saying he wouldn't be destroyed?

"He'd be alive, what don't you get!" McGonnagal snapped.

Lucius- He'd be alive, what don't you get?

McGonnagal blinked.

Death Eater #3- I'm still not understanding.

Lucius- With Potter gone, our future will be set!

Death Eaters- Ohhhhhhhhh!

"They're not very bright, are they?" Angelina said.

"I think one of them must be Scaboir." Older Harry said.

"That snatcher?" Remus asked. Harry nodded. Remus's eyes widened but he didn't press the issue.

Lucius- So it's not over yet! (Goes and stands in the middle of the death eaters)

Death Eaters- Evil Plan! What a brilliant evil plan! Malfoy you're an evil man! (Death Eaters run hands over Lucius)

"What are they doing!" Everyone burst into laughter.

We are making evil plans!

Lucius- So it is decided! We shall use this time-turner to go back in time to Harry Potters first year at Hogwarts!

Little Harry was extremely confused as to what was going on.

We'll destroy him before he ever gets a chance to destroy us! My friends! I think we're going back! WHO'S WITH ME?

Death Eaters- YEAS!

Lucius and Death Eaters- Our history is nothing more than what the losers settle for!

Lucius- So look alive, and don't forget, that it's not over, it's not over, no it's. not. over. yet!

(Lucius spinning around in circles laughing evily as Death Eaters run around him)

James and Albus buried their heads into their fathers neck at the scary noises. Rose snuggled closer to Ron. Little Harry shifted slightly.

Starkid Productions

A Very Potter Sequel

"What is Starkid?" Moody asked Older Harry.

"The people who made this play."

(Man with a mostache on stage, putting down a platform nine sign)

Man- Platform Nine, Platform Ten. Nothing inbetween.

"Yes ter is! Patform nine an tree corters!" James said, much to everyone's amusment.

(Spotlight shines on the door, and Harry Potter comes on wearing a blue headband, red and gold striped jumper cand carrying a suitcase)

Harry- Can someone tell me how to get to platform nine and three quaters?

"Oh my God Harry is that meant to be you!" Hermione giggled. Everyone was now laughing at Older Harry, who blushed furiously.

"Unca Hawwy wed!" Rose clapped. Ron grinned at his daughter.

"Yes he is, sweetheart, yes he is."

"Next clip!" Teen Ron ordered.

The People in the Room from left to right going in a large circle-

Dumbledore, Remus (With Harry on his lap), Sirius, Teen Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Mad-Eye, Bill, Charlie, Molly Weasley, Arthur Weasley, Cho, Colin Creevey, Nigel Creevey, Ernie Macmillan, Justin Finch-Fletchly, Zacharias Smith, Dean Thomas, Ginny, Older Ron (With Rose on his lap), Harry (With James and Albus on his lap) Emmeline Vance, Mundungus, McGonagall, Snape, Neville (He ain't happy about that), Seamus Finnegan, Pavarti, Padma, Michael Corner, Luna Lovegood, Terry Boot, Sturgis Podmore, Dedalus Diggle, Flitwick, Sprout, Hestia Jones, Susan Bones, Hannah Abbott.