Okay, here is a Detective Conan fanfic. I hope it goes well, reason for deciding to write one is basically because I've been watching it a lot lately. (I've sort of grew away from it for a while but now its back!)

Anyhow, let the show begin!

Warning: Kaito Kid and Conan slash. It's not pedophilia…technically…

or is it…?

(Author frozen in thought) – Alert.

You're feature presentation will begin shortly…

Please silent all phones and be kind to those around you.

Warning: The side effects for this fanfiction 'might' be arousal.

Conan sat silently as he listened to the teacher's never ending lesson,

Why was he cursed to be tortured like this?

Do you know how it feels to relearn everything again?

It's like reading a novel over and over again, but not a good one like the Sherlock Holmes series mind you. It's like being forced to reread a Dr. Seuss tale all your life.

Seriously, what is the point of those stories?

They give no moral lesson, they absolutely go against reality, and furthermore they just build up something that is not real.

But that's not the book we are currently discussing, no, we are talking about a fairytale that goes by the name of 'Alice's adventures in Wonderland'.

Though it is intriguing for it's in depth take of the mind, it is absolutely boring when you know everything about it.

"So the doors represent how Alice is blind when it comes to her mind" The teacher said as Conan sighed.

Sure give them an easy look at it.

"What was the last thing I said Mr. Edogawa?" The teacher suddenly asked making him tense a bit.

"Huh?" He asked childishly.

"Exactly" The teacher said back making the class giggle.

Conan sighed once again and gazed at his fellow peers who were smirking at him.

Their teacher had sat him in the corner with a large dunce hat on top of his head.

How humiliating…

"You should really pay more attention in class Conan-kun" Ayumi said with a smile and giggle.

Yeah, yeah…

"Yeah, you really should" Mitsuhiko added.

"Just let him fantasize if he wishes to" Ai said with no expression. "Let him get punished for the little rebel he is"

Conan rolled his eyes at that and continued on walking.

It's not his fault…

"So what were you thinking in there anyhow?" Genta asked.

"…nothing much…" Conan answered.

"I bet it had to do with some mystery case, right?" Mitsuhiko asked curiously.

"No, it was about what he should eat once he got home" Genta hollered in.

"Conan-kun was obviously thinking about the Kid heist tonight" Ayumi said with a sigh.

Ding, ding, ding!


Ai Haibara gave him a look of 'is she right?' which made him nod.

"Oh, so you were planning to go without informing us?" Genta suddenly asked fiercely. Conan squirmed at that and found himself facing Mitsuhiko.

"We're the Detective Boys, but you're always doing things without us"

"Yeah…I thought we were a team?" Ayumi asked sadly.

Conan sort of froze at that and glanced nervously around.

He looked at Haibara for help but she just shrugged.

Yeah, I didn't expect help anyway…

After a long discussion of Conan denying he was going to the heist the trio left and shortly after Haibara as well.

Even though he told them he wouldn't go he still planned to.

It's not like they would find out…

And it's not like he'll miss a chance to catch Kid either.

The police force was suddenly hauled into a net as they chased the famous Kaitou Kid through the hall.


Conan dodged the mechanic rig and followed after the thief.

No way was he getting the Xoious Jewel.

"Keep up Tantei-kun" The thief said as he ran up the flights of stairs.

Oh, I plan to.

And just like every other heist, they ended up on the roof.

The final stand out, the climax, of these heists.

Detective vs thief…

"Hello, my all so favorite critic" The thief greeted from his side of the roof.

"Hello, Kid" Conan greeted back. Though it was Conan, we all know it was really Shinichi.

"So what should I bestow upon the honor of your company?"

"I'm here to catch you" Was what the shrunken detective said.

"Is that so?" The other asked with a chuckle.

This is how it was both would take their side and speak back and forth like a debate.

If a crowd had been watching it would have seem to be a dance, a dance involving two intelligent minds.

Who would out smart whom?

"Well, I don't tend on handing over the jewel" Kid said with a smirk. Conan nodded at this and prepared his belt.

Time for a soccer ball to the face.

Kaitou instantly stood his ground as he watched his rival.

He hated those damn soccer balls…

It was like dodge ball to the extreme.

"I assume you'll be decapitating me now" Kaitou said with a sigh "And here I thought we were just becoming friends"

"With benefits" Conan said back.

Kid chuckled at this and made a smirk.

"Does that imply we're friends with benefits?" Kid asked making Conan instantly freeze and heat up.

"I…I d-did not mean it like that!"

"Oh, did I make you blush?" Kid smirked and then began backing up slowly. "I had no idea you felt like that Tantei-kun, I guess my charms work on everyone."

"Shut up, Baka!" Conan hollered.

"Oh, fowl language" Kid said before leaping with a grin into the night.

Damn he distracted me!

With a quick leap Conan shot a tranquilizer dart at Kid but missed.

Damn it…

"Better luck next time" Kid shouted as he flew away into the night. "But I do wish to say that the feeling is mutual" With that said Kid vanished leaving Conan (Shinichi) a bit confused…

Feeling…is mutual…?

What the heck does that mean?

"Damn, he got away!" Inspector Nakamori shouted with rage.

"And with the diamond too…" Ojisan, Mouri Kogoro, said in a not so quiet whisper.

"Oh, really, I didn't notice!" Nakamori shouted back with anger in his voice.

"Dad" An alarming voice suddenly shouted making the inspector freeze. He gave that same kind of face Ojisan would make when Ran would yell at him to the girl who had hollered. "Just because Kid out smarted you again doesn't mean you should take it out on…" The girl froze and then looked at Kogoro.

"You're the famous sleeping Kogoro!" She squealed happily. "I can't believe you're here"

"Yeah, me neither" Kogoro said with a smile and shrug. He didn't want to come but Conan tricked Ran into making him attend so he himself could come.

Conan looked at the girl and suddenly felt realization hit him.

She looked just like Ran, except her hair was a bit crazier.

As if to make this fact clear she spotted Ran and gasped along with her. They looked each other up and down and stood before one another as if one of them was a reflection.

"That's creepy…" Ojisan said with a mixed emotion face.

"Hi, I'm Nakamori Aoko" The girl greeted after she finished her scan on the figure who could've been her twin.

"I'm Mouri Ran and this is Edogawa Conan" Ran said as she lifted Conan up.

"Oh, how cute…" The girl began but suddenly froze as she looked at Conan.

"Something wrong?" Ran then asked as she peered at Conan.

"No, its just…he looks a lot like…"

"KAITO!" A voice suddenly hollered as the door swung open to a crazy haired teen who rushed in. Soon after came Hakuba, a detective Conan had met before.

"Help Aoko" The crazy haired teen said as he hid behind said girl.

"What did you do now?" She asked fiercely.

"He glued all my paper work together" Hakuba answered with a glare.

"I did no such thing" The other shouted as the girl froze with a gleam in her eyes. She suddenly whipped around and brought a mop to the crazy haired boy.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Kaito, leave Hakuba alone." The boy instantly yelped and ran behind Conan to hide. Conan instantly froze in place as the other placed his hands on his shoulders.

"You wouldn't hit a kid, would you?" He asked.

Conan made a face of 'is this guy for real' and turned to look at the teen. The teen looked back and widened his eyes as if he had seen a ghost.


The look was then put away as the guy suddenly patted hi head.

"Who's the little guy?" he asked making Aoko stop and forget what she was about to do.

"That's Edogawa Conan…" She answered trailing off. She quickly moved over, tore off his glasses and lifted him to the other's teen eyes level.

"Just as I thought" She said making everyone else curious.

"What?" Ran asked as she peered at the two boys.

"He looks just like Kaito, even more so when he was little".

Ran looked between them and suddenly looked at Kaito for the first time clearly.

"You…look like Shinichi" She said making Conan look back quickly. His eyes grew wide as it dawned on him…he did look like him, well, except for the hair.

"Who?" Aoko asked curiously.

"My childhood friend…Kudo Shinichi" Ran answered a bit sadly.

Conan sighed at that silently and looked at Ran.

…I'm sorry…

Ran took out her cell and flashed Aoko a picture of Shinichi.

"He does" The girl said as she finally put Conan down.

Thank you…

He brushed himself off and was relieved but found himself off the ground again.

"I don't see it" Kaito said as he peered at the boy's face closely.

"Can you put me down?" Conan asked quietly with a bit of a stubborn tone.

"Oh, did I make you blush?" Kaito asked making his cheeks heat up more.

When had he begun blushing?

Why had he even blushed?

Why did Kaito's words sound so…familiar…?

"N-no" Conan stuttered out.

"Awe, I think I'm making him feel embarrassed" Kaito said making everyone giggle, even Ran and Ojisan were laughing.

This is so embarrassing…

"So you're a magician?" Ran asked Kaito as she sipped her drink.

After the events Nakamori invited us to dinner with them at some restaurant.

"Yup" he answered happily in glee.

Man, how did I get stuck sitting with him?

Ever since Kaito met Conan he hadn't left his side, it was as if he had decided they were friends…old friends that had just met up.

Kaito whisked his hand and made a bouquet of yellow roses appear before Ran.

She gasped but took the roses with a smile.

"How did you-?"

"Magic" He answered cutting her off. He then looked at Conan and made a pink rose appear before him.

Conan looked at it, reached for it, held it, and then tossed it.

"Conan-kun" Ran said disapprovingly making Conan look at her with a bit of fear.

"Don't worry" Kaito said with a grin. "There's plenty more where that came from". As if on cue a bunch of red roses erupted from within Conan's shirt.

Said boy instantly froze and glared wide eyed at the magician.

Damn thie-

His mind was then halted and he realized he was talking about Kaito not Kid…


Kaito…not Kid

Kaito…not Kid



Kaitou Kid…

Conan glanced up at the teen and felt his pulse rate.

He shouldn't assume anything, he knew that, but…something about it just made sense.

It was as if it was screaming out, a statement that was saying 'I am fact'.

"Something wrong Tantei-kun?" Kaito asked as he peered at Conan.

"Eh?" Conan asked back.

What had he asked…?

"Is something wrong Conan-kun?" He then re-asked.

"…no" He answered with a huge smile.

Just play like a little innocent kid and try not to be suspicious.

If this guy is Kid then act like you don't know…and try to play a whole new game of cat and mouse.

Okay, this was weird…

It was strange…

Somehow this evening turned out to be a huge night of chatting and laughing, Inspector Nakamori was happily chatting to Ojisan, Aoko and Ran were happily chatting about like the girls they were, and I was miserably being carried on Kaito's shoulders.

We were on the beach at night and somehow he had made Ran think that it was unsafe for me to walk on the rocks myself.

So now I was stuck on the teen's shoulders.

If I hadn't felt like a little kid before then I did now.

"So what do you like to do, Conan-kun?" The guy asked curiously with an obvious smile. I couldn't see it but it was still there.

"I want to be a detective like Ojisan!" I shouted in glee. I noticed that when I spoke like a little kid Kaito would look at me strangely.

It was as if he wasn't use to me speaking like this…but we had barely met and I was a kid so what exactly made my tone sound strange?

"Oh, so you want to be like a little detective?" He asked with a chuckle. "I could see it now, up in Broadway, 'Conan, the tantei-kun wonder of the world'". He said as he flung his arms out.

I couldn't help but actually laugh at his voice which was obviously making fun of the line from that film, 'King Kong'.

Ran had forced me to watch it a few weeks ago…obviously Kaito had seen it as well…

"I'm glad I amuse you" He then said making Conan smile a bit.

It was strange…he was being carried by a 'somewhat' stranger but he felt relaxed…he wouldn't even like it when Heiji tried to carry him like this.

"Oh, so now you think I amuse you?" I asked with a snide. The teen chuckled and then reached his arm up to pat my head.

"I can clearly see I do"

"As if" He shot back with a snort.

"Oh, so I don't?" He then asked as he lifted Conan down so they were face to face.

Conan just smirked and stared at the teen before him.

"Not even close"

Kaito grinned which shot a moment of deja-vu to the boy.

"Well, I will" He then said as he decided to cradle Conan who just relaxed into the position as Kaito climbed a large boulder.

All this time Conan had forgotten they were walking on the rocks by the sea.

Fresh ocean air soared through the night as Kaito stopped on a large rock that sat at the top of the mound.

"You see that?" He asked as he pointed out to the sea.

Conan nodded as he looked at the distant light in the ocean, it was quite bright since it was easily seen from this distance.

"That's the old light house of fate" He said with a distant voice, it was odd for him to hear Kaito with a serious tone. "Legend has it that a light house is a place of love…it's where light can meet dark and still maintain peace, where even opposites can attract."

Conan watched the light and then looked up at Kaito.

Could he really be…?

But his thought was halted when he noticed the peaceful face the other held.

It was nice…warming and comforting.

And it made his cheeks heat up quickly within a second.

"Hurry up Kaito" Aoko's voice hollered making both boys turn. It was then that they noticed the others were farther ahead. "Stop lolly gagging and get your butt over hear".

"Coming" Kaito shouted as he replaced Conan back on his shoulders.

"Hold on Tantei-kun"

"W-what?" Conan immediately asked.

"I said hold on Conan-kun".

The teen jumped forward onto the next rock but suddenly screamed in horror.

Conan bobbled from Kaito's shoulders but managed to land on another rock gently.

"What is it?" He asked the teen who had a disgusted face of horror.

He shrieked a bit and pointed over to the rock in front of them.

Conan peered over and found a fish flopping up and down, it had gotten stuck here on a wave probably.

...A fish...? He got scared of a fish...?

"It's just a fish" Conan stated as he held it up to Kaito.

The teen screamed and jumped back with fright.

"Ewww!" He hollered making Conan grin. "Get that evil slimy thing away from me!"


And that was the highlight of the night XD.

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