I'm back for a final installment, sadly. I hoped you all enjoyed this story, so I won't pester on with this opening. I suppose it's time to answer all the questions, huh? Currently I'm listening to a few phantom melodies as I type.

So, anyway here it is...the ending of the case of The Music Of The Night and sadly the story of Hold On, it's Complicated.


"Say you'll share with me, one love, one lifetime" The man sang to Ran gently and lovingly as he held her hand to his heart. "Lead me, save me from my solitude..." Aoko gasped as she held onto Kazuha.
"Say you want me with you here, beside you..."
"Anywhere you go let me go too" The man sang as his voice rose in the theatre, at this moment he also motioned towards the ring that still sat on Ran's wedding finger.
"Mouri Ran, that's all I ask of…" In a quick flash Ran snatched off the man's mask revealing a horrible grotesque head of horror.

The man shrieked as his eyes glared at Ran.


The death's head simply grinned as a smoke screen exploded around Ran and himself, when it became clear again the two were no where to be seen.

"Ran" Conan hollered as he raced onto the spot where the girl had previously been, knocking over Aoko who fell back onto the bed which now displayed a dead Marcos Ortegiu.

The girl screamed and ran over to Kaito who held her close.

The audience in the theatre was now in an uproar as more police officers raced onto the stage.

Several of the other actors began panicking as a dark maniacal laugh filled the theatre.

"Behold!" It screamed as the lights in the theatre began giving out. "They're all screaming to bring down the chandelier!"


"He took her" Conan declared as he ran into the hall that was now filled with black smoke.

Kaito stepped forward but was suddenly hit upon the head with an immense force, the action caused him to stagger backwards as the smoke blurred his vision.

"Tantei-kun!" Kaito shouted as he heard another blow smacked someone in the head, immediately followed by a cry of pain.


The big glass dome that had sat above the theatre was now shattered and sending out bright burning orange flames into the night.

'Ran...' Mouri thought as he watched the flames dance.

"Sir, the fire fighters will be here soon" An officer stated as he too watched the flames. "We'll find your daughter."

"And Kaito and Conan" Aoko said with a sob.

"Heiji too" Kazuha added.

"And Pierre" Mr. Kawasaki said as his wife cried into his chest.


"My daughter and several other people are still in there and I'll be damned if I let them die this way! We need to gather a search party now! I believe I know where they are...all we need to do is get through that mirror..."


Case: The Music of the Night (A Phantom Tale) - Part 2 (Final)


Ran's heart stammered in her chest as she was dragged into the mirror which opened on some kind of trigger.

"Where are you taking me!" She hollered to the man as he tugged her arm roughly once again.

"You exposed me!" Was all he shouted as he forcefully kept her at his pace. "You...why! Why!"

Ran drew back a bit as the man cried through the dark sockets of his eyes.

She had no idea that his face was so...

"You will never look upon me again, will you?" The man asked as Ran looked at the floor. "I just wanted your love Mouri Ran...hoped that you would learn to love me without ever seeing my face..."

"Love...?" Ran asked as she peered at the man. "You've abducted me" She stated with a shrill in her voice. "You've murdered people-"

"Out of love" The man declared. "...for you..."

"Why...me...?" She asked when he had stopped in his tracks.

The man looked as if he would speak but a rumble above their heads made him return to his quick pace.

"We must retreat to the lair" He stated as he dragged her along once more.


Conan felt the arms that were wrapped around his mid-section as he began awakening and began wandering if that thief was man-handling him again but then he acknowledged that this touch was different. This was not Kaito, he could just tell.

"Ah, you're awakening I see" A voice declared as Conan tried to squint in the darkness.

"Who-?" Conan began asking but was silenced with a finger to his lips.

"Shh, or he shall hear you" The man said.

"Where are you taking me?" He then asked in a whisper.

"I'm supposed to take you to him" The man answered with a pause. "But what hes done now is unforgivable...so I have to double cross him and take him down".

"...and why bring me...?" Conan asked still unsure whether he should trust this unknown man.

"Because I'm supposed to, so bringing you will keep my cover up, I've already called the police to follow suit in fifteen minutes though."

'Who is this guy?' Shinichi thought as they descended in a dark corridor... 'And where is this place...?'


"You will learn to love me in time" The man said to Ran as said girl sat on what seemed like s loveseat.

"As your prisoner?" Ran asked a bit bitterly with fright.

The man had already bind her to the chair so it was impossible to fight back.

"As my wife" The man then said with a sad tone. "Yes, you will be my wife...and we'll be together like before..."

"B-before?" Ran choked out with tears. "What are you talking about before! I-I do not want this, let me go!"

"..." The man said nothing as he cried tears that seemed to be tears from a monster or even death. "You...you have to remember..."

"...remember what...?" She asked unsure.

"You were my wife, and he was my child" The man whispered making Ran all the more confused.

"Wife...? Child...?"

"Oh, do not fret my dear, my servant will bring him soon"

"Bring who?" Ran asked back.

"...wait. I think he is here" The man said with hope as he whipped his head to see Conan-kun and his servant. Ran's eyes ran over the others face as she acknowledged the deformity, it was like a burned face of death...

"Ah, Kurasaki Kimura, you have brought him"

"Kurasaki?" Ran had asked when she finally looked at the visitors. "...C-Conan-kun!"

Conan looked up at the man who still held him and realized that the man was indeed Kurasaki, the composer of the opera house.

"Of course, as I promised" Kurasaki retorted as he put Conan down, who quickly fled to Ran's side.

"Great. Now we can be a happy family once more" The man with the death's head declared as he looked at Ran and Conan. "...a family with love and-"

The man froze on the spot as he felt the gun that sat at his temple.

"Kurasaki" The man simply stated as he looked over to his servant who held the gun.

"...this has to end" Kurasaki stated with a glare. "I put up for you because you needed help, but I can't stand back and watch you hurt more people, this has to end now"

"...but to end things like this...would be a crime against the music" The man stated as he suddenly whisked out a knife from his pocket and stabbed Kurasaki. "I knew you would try and stop me, you're so predictable!"

Kurasaki grabbed at his side and fell onto his knees with a cry of pain.

"...you...can't keep them here" He muttered.

"Yes, I can because their my family" The other said as he stabbed Kurasaki in the neck. The composer fell back with a thud as his eyes mirrored a lifeless corpse...

'I have to get Ran out of here' Shinichi thought as he held the girl. Ran was now in tears as she realized that this derange man was not only going to kill her, but also Conan-kun...

"I'm sorry you had to see that" The man said as he cleaned his knife on his clothes. "But he would ruin our happiness"

When the man turned around he was surprised to see Conan aiming his watch at him.

"What are you doing, my son?" The man asked amused.

"I'm going to end this here and now and make sure you pay for your crime" Conan answered with a glare.

"As if that toy works any longer" The man said with a chuckle.

Conan blinked at him and then fired a dart but nothing came out...

"Little boys shouldn't play with weapons" The figure declared with a small smile.

"And people shouldn't kidnap women and children"

"...it isn't kidnapping" The man declared. "You are both mine...I have the right to you..."

Conan slumped a bit but didn't let his guard down.

"What are you talking about?" Conan asked as rumble in the distance caught his ears.

'The opera house above is burning down...' Shinichi thought.

"The three gypsies" The man answered as he wandered about in his underground grotto. He walked towards a table as Conan looked back to find Ran out cold, she must have fainted.

"The ones who attacked this theatre?" Conan asked making the man tense.

"Is that what they told you!" He asked bitterly as he held a picture of some sorts in a frame. "I bet they said that the three gypsies just murdered in rage and were arrested, correct?"

Conan nodded but kept watching the suspect waiting for any sign of a threat, but this man was surprisingly calming.

"Well, it was true that they murdered in rage for their descendants but what they didn't tell you was that the theatre had fought back..."


The gypsies had gathered their targets in their room with a look of rage and lust.

"This is what you get for destroying out sisters!" One of then hissed as they slashed a man in the neck...


An officer who knew of where the gypsies were stood watch in front of the locked room.

"There's no other access, sir" Another officer told him as the others tried to bring down the door.

"Then retaliate against the carnies! If they want to hurt our family then we'll hurt theirs!"

The managers of the establishment agreed to the orders and informed the police where the carnies were.

"Mr. Kawasaki, are you sure about this?" One of the other officers asked the man who simply nodded in return.

"Yes...because they have my son"


The officers stormed into the rooms of the carnies and began firing at the other several gypsies.


Then they tore through the rooms of the freaks...each one of them were butchered...


Koizo Shuno, a magician, watched in horror as the door of his family room was being forced opened.

"Daddy" His son of seven years cried as he wrapped his tiny arms around the man.

"It'll be okay" He reassured as his wife kissed him on the cheek.

"I love you, Shuno" She declared with tears.


The armed men dragged his wife away...


He watched as his son was tied down...


And he felt the pain as we was clobbered...


Shuno had escaped his tormentors by taking one of the officers guns and shooting them, but he wasn't over, no, he wanted his family.

One of the officers who witnessed Shuno's shootings ordered for back up...


Shuno had entered one of the caverns of the carnies to hide but found several of his fellow friends there dead...among them was his son and wife...


The officers knowing that Shuno was within the cavern ordered for it to be set on fire...

"Burn it down to the ground" The chief ordered.


The cavern went up in flames instantly as Shuno screamed in horror...


The fire engulfed him...leaving him as a hideous monster, but he had escaped through a sewer line, unknown to everyone present...


When the whole ordeal broke out to the media, all was said was that the gypsies had murdered out of rage...


The only source of the reports of the carnies being killed were put forth into the secret files...


The file as we all now was taken...


Conan watched as the man broke down into sobs before him.

"...when I learned of the Phantom of the opera, it all became clear on what I should do..." He declared. "So, I took the tale and worked to my advantage...but I wanted so much more, I wanted my wife and son...so I decided that since Mr. Kawasaki took mine I would they his..."

"Your original targets..." Conan muttered.

"...but then I saw you and Mouri Ran..." He stated as he gave Conan the picture that consisted of his family.

Conan stared at the picture and gasped when he realized the two, being his wife and son, looked eerily similar to him and Ran, even down to the hair...

"I knew you would return to me" The man stated with a smile. "I knew I would have my family..."

"But we're not them" Conan declared making the man shield away his face. "And you know that...besides if you wanted to love me as your family then why did you try to kill me on the roof...?"

"I would've saved you in time" The man stated as he gripped Conan's arm. "I just wanted those two on the roof to perish, how dare they fight over a child like that".

Conan's eyes widened as he realized that this man had probably seen every kiss...every touch.

"They're disgusting" He shouted as his grip hardened. "I would never stand back and watch my son be molested by some over-abundance men"

"Let go" Conan whined as he glared off into the distance.

"This world is not safe for me and my family" The man said to himself.

"Let go of Tantei-kun" A voice suddenly declared making the disfigured man jolt back.

Kaito stood with his arms holding his precious Kid card gun.

"K-Kaito" Conan mumbled as the man tossed him aside.

"I'm glad you're here" The man declared with a grin as Kaito kept his aim on him. "All this time I was celebrating for my families return, but I still have to deal with the likes of you bastards.

At that moment the crazed man tackled Kaito and sent the card gun sliding onto the floor.

"You will pay for what you've done!" The man hissed as he pulled out his knife. Kaito smacked the guy square in the face and ignited a smoke bomb.

"Oh, so you want to play with magic then?" The man asked with a chuckle.

Kaito grunted and looked about.

"So be it" A voice shouted as Kaito was suddenly whisked by a rope around his neck.

"No!" Conan shouted as Kaito was pulled onto the wall like that man who had been in the dining room a few weeks ago.

"Tantei-kun!" Kaito whined as the rope tried to tighten around his neck, but Kaito kept fighting it.

Conan shot forward to get to Kaito but the other man had seized him with a groan.

"Why so you go back to him!" The man screamed in rage. "You are a child! He is a man!"
"I'm not a child!" Conan hissed back. "I'm Kudo Shinichi!"

The man tensed but seized him even more.

"Kudo Shinichi!" The man grunted. "Who is this Kudo Shinichi, and what does he have to do with my dear wife!"

"Shinichi?" Ran's voice asked out in a whisper.

Conan's eyes widened as he looked at Ran who was now looking about.

"Who is this Kudo Shinichi!" The man barked once again making Ran squirm in fright.

"He's my childhood friend!" She shouted back.

"And this boy claims to be him!" He shouted making Ran look at Conan in shock.

"He is not Shinichi" She said back, even though her voice seemed to stutter over a bit.

"I have no time for these games" The man then said as he looked back at Kaito who was now being helped by Conan. "I said let him be!"

"No!" Conan hollered back.

The man snarled and was about to grab at Conan but a metallic card was suddenly shot at his arm.

Blood oozed from the slit as the man looked about the room.

Pierre now stood panting as he held the gun in his small hands.

"Pierre" Conan said in shock as the boy panted more.

"How did you get out of your bindings?" The man asked with a light snarl.

"I found a way" The kid answered as he aimed the gun again. "Now let Conan and the others go".

"You do not frighten me" The man shouted with a glare. "You are only a child and I should have disposed of you when I had the chance!"

The man quickly pounced over to Pierre and smacked him square in the face.

"You won't meddle" he declared as held a knife to the boy's throat. "No" he said as he looked at everyone present within the room.

"You and Ran" he said motioning to Conan. "Are going to come with me or else this boy gets killed, and if you do obey I will let both Pierre and Kaito go. this you choice! This is the point of no return!"

Conan just kept glaring as the man cut Ran's binding to free her. She didn't dare fight back on account that he still held Pierre.

"You're a monster!" Ran screamed out as tears fell from her eyes.

"I'm the monster?" He asked a bit taken back. "They're the monster!" he said as he raised his arm to the ceiling. "I had everything and they just stripped it away from me, they took all I had, and I have a right to happiness!"

Ran froze in place as she looked at the picture that was on the floor.

She had heard his story before actually blanking out...she had heard...everything about him and his family...

"Pitiful creature of darkness..." Ran said in a whisper. "What kind of life have you known...god, give me courage to show you...you are not alone."

She kissed the man on the lips who in turn instantly dropped Pierre to the floor lightly.

His heart hammered as Ran's other hand rested on his face, his face that had horrified all, had horrified himself...she a woman...was kissing him with love that he never ever thought he could ever have...

Love...that he didn't deserve...

He kissed her back but then felt a pain in his stomach so he pulled back.

For once, for once in all the time she had been here he saw her not as his wife...but as Mouri Ran...

Ran pulled back with tears on her face...

"The novel ended like this..." the man said in a whisper with a sob. "But I had no idea that...I would follow that as well..."

Ran and everyone else in the room looked confused as the man headed over to Kaito, he whisked out his knife and Conan at first thought he was going to kill him but instead he cut the rope.

Kaito fell onto his knees with a thud besides Conan, but Conan knew he was okay, the whole time Kaito's hand had been between the rope and his neck, saving him from strangulation.

"I'm sorry..." The man mumbled as he cried even more. "I made you pay...for what they did...perhaps I am the monster..."

Ran looked at the man sincerely as he reproached her.

"I love you...but you are not mine...you are not my wife but..." His hand reached out to her but before he could stroke her cheek a gun shot rang out through the underground labyrinth.

Ran gasped as a fleet of police officers raced onto the scene, followed by Hattori and Kogoro.

"Ran" Her father said happily as he embrace his daughter, but the girl did not hug back, no, she was still looking at the body of the man...

"You shot him!" She screamed as she pulled out of Mouri's arms and ran to the man's side. "You shot him!" She screamed again as she cried.

Mouri looked around at the officers as they all stared at the scene.

"Ran he kidnapped you-" Mouri said as if his daughter had lost her mind.

"He only did it out of love" She said in a whisper. "He didn't realize...he didn't realize..."


The officers escorted the party out of the labyrinth as the sirens blared into the night.

The opera house had been saved but the damages were still so...overbearing...

Pierre had been reunited with his parents but he still felt as if he was dead to the world...

Ran had been saved but she still wouldn't speak...

Conan and Kaito had been reunited but it still felt as if they never saw each other again...

And the truth had been sought out, yet there still seemed to be no sanctuary within it...




"We want to thank you" Mr. Kawasaki said to Mouri while they were in the hospital.

"For what?" Mouri asked a bit bitterly. After Conan had explained about the carnies and everything he felt as if he was actually on the wrong side.

"You saved Pierre"

"No..." Mouri said as he looked into the room where his daughter now laid on a bed. "He had let him go...he had chose the right thing, yet, you didn't"

Mr. Kawasaki hung his head then as he stared at the floor.

"It was rage..." he said in a whisper. "I wasn't thinking..."

"Buts that just it" A voice suddenly said making the two men turn around to see Conan and Kaito. "Rage is just an excuse for why people hurt each other, it's something that you have to learn to fight."

"I think he learned that more than any of us" Kaito said quietly. Conan glanced at him, ever since they had left that opera house they hadn't been like how they were before...

"You assume as if he is gone" Another voice states making them all turn to face Pierre.

"You all saw-" Kogoro began but was cut off by Pierre who simply flipped out a note.

"He escaped once, so why be so surprised if he escapes again?" The boy asked as the letter fell to the floor with a silent thud. "The Music of the Night may have ended, but...Love Never Dies..."


Kaito gave Conan a glance as Pierre stated about love never dying and that made Conan feel a tug within him, things might have changed but...can he be still...or can this whole ordeal still be as complicated as ever...?


I hoped you enjoyed the ending of Hold on, It's Complicated and if you hadn't caught on then I should say yes, there will be a sequel, though it's going to be influenced kind of by Love Never Dies, it'll probably won't be like the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Well, anyway, if you're wondering why I'm making a sequel, then it's because of how this closed, it was sad and a bit dramatic, and to make everything seem all like happily ever after would be so unrealistic, I mean they went through a lot. So in order for closure it asks for a sequel. Besides we have to now re-establish Conan and Kaito's relationship.
Until then,

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