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Chapter 1

A small, 11 year old child dressed in an orange baggy jumpsuit was walking slowly along the road, kicking some stray rocks with her feet along the way. The child had long spiky yellow sun-kissed hair tied in a messy bun at the base of her neck, making her spiky locks frame her face, hiding the loose knot at the back. Her blonde bangs were shadowing her face, outlining the three whisker like marks on her rosy cheeks. She also had bright cerulean eyes that were sparkling with angry tears. She was walking with her hands in pockets, a frown plastered on her scarred face.

Uzumaki Naruto, one who vowed never to cry was crying, because she failed the stupid academy test again. Ever year they put the stupid bunshin no jutsu, which was her worst. No matter how much she tried it, it never worked, never! She always passed the written exam, it was never the best, but she scraped enough points to pass, same went for the practical, she didn't have a taijutsu style like her classmates Sasuke, Shino, Kiba, but she was fast and she went around the attacks, dodging them and giving unexpected blows. It worked on everyone except Kiba and Sasuke. Both of them were too good with taijutsu and they were faster then her. Uzumaki Naruto was a complete tomboy, she always got in fights, mainly with Uchiha, she dressed like a boy, loved orange, 'cos it was the best color, 'ttebayo! She never cared for her looks, mascara, hair, like a certain pinkette and blonde who swooned over the 'last Uchiha'. Honestly, she didn't even know what they saw in him, he was just a stuck up prick with a huge ego, nothing more. But noooo, all the girls in their year saw him as some kind of a hero, pfff….

Well, no all, she had to hand it to her, the shy Hyuuga girl wasn't like that, but still, she needed a huge boost of confidence for sure. And there was her of course. The rest were all part of the huge 'Sasuke' fanclub, the leaders being Ino and Sakura.

Currently she was passing by one of the training grounds. They were for ninja who had graduated, not for academy students, it was forbidden to enter there but when had that ever stopped her? So cleaning her tears away with the back of her neon orange sleeve, the young girl marched to the training grounds, intending to do some training and improve her lame bunshin.

The training ground she had stumbled across was no 7. She liked that number, it brought a strange feeling of being complete to her. When she walked absently through the trees, she saw something black up ahead. Curiosity taking over, she went fro a closer look. It was a memorial stone with various names carved on it.

She knew that she wasn't the sharpest kunai in the ponch, but even she knew that these were the names of the ones gone MIA or those who died in action, in other words, heroes. To her that's what they were, true heroes, those who died protecting the leaf. She would protect it with her life too, she knew that.

Her eyes searched the carved names, until she focused on one.

Minato Namikaze

The fourth hokage, her idol. He died a hero's death, saving the village from the nine tailed demon fox. He was everything she wanted to achieve, and she was going to surpass him, dattebayo! She was going to be a hokage, the best of them all! But then she remembered why she came to the training grounds in the first place, oh yeah, the stupid bunshin! Realization hit her with a bang…none of the hokages failed graduation twice, and certainly none of them had trouble with a simple clone jutsu! Maybe she just plain sucked? No, hell no! She was going to prove to them all what Uzumaki Naruto was made of, dattebayo!

Come on, what was a stupid bunshin that she couldn't do? She will overcome it, no matter what!

"Ok, lets give it a try, I can do this…concentrate…" she put her fingers in the ram seal and screwed her eyes shut. Blue chakra started to swirl around her in a maelstrom.

"…and release!" she let it out with a cry of 'Bunshin no jutsu!'

She sneaked a peak. A greenish slightly dead looking clone looked back at her and dissolved right by her feet. Her shoulders slumped.

"You are overloading it with chakra idiot." Said a calm, cold voice.

Naruto snapped her eyes back open and whirled around to glare at the person who said that. The person turned out to be a boy, probably her age or older. The first thing she noticed on him was the Konoha hitai-ate on his forehead.

So he is a ninja. Maybe he graduated a year earlier? But I don't remember him….

The next thing she noticed was the scowl on his face. Like he was mocking her.

"Oh yeah, and how would you know?" she demanded rather rudely.

The boy sighed.

"I have a kekkei genkai that can see the chakra circulatory system, but I am not going to explain it to YOU, you should have known it from the academy. It just proves that its fate that you are so stupid."

Putting away her curiousity about what 'kekkei genkai' was, and secretly not wanting so seem even more stupid to him, she glared at him harder and pointed an accusing finger at him.

"Oy bastard, stop calling me stupid! I am not! Besides, its not my fault they hate me so much that they don't teach me…." The last part was spoken in a whisper, but the boy heard it. Inwardly he frowned, while on the outside he didn't move a muscle.

Sabotaging training? That's not like Konoha…who is this kid?

Naruto just sighed and put her finger back in the ram sign again. No giving up!

"What, can't you move somewhere else? I am practicing!" she snapped at him.

The only reaction she got was a raised eyebrow.

"You know, you, an academy student, are in a training ground meant for shinobi, those who graduated the academy…..i on the other hand am a shinobi, so who do you think should be the one to go away?" he replied casually, his arms crossed on his chest and eyes closed. A small smirk was playing on his face, like he had won or something. But Naruto was having none of that.

"Heh, try and make me get out of here bastard."

With that she made the hand seal and another dead clone popped up in front of her. She sighed and put her hands up to try again.

"Why do you try it over and over again when its fated that you will never be able to do the bunshin?"

She turned to face him. He was in still in the same position, only his eyes were open and showed anger. But Naruto noticed something deep down…was it….curiosity? Or maybe denial? She couldn't help but notice his eyes, they were pale lavender in color, pupil less, but it didn't freak her out, she was used to such eyes, Yamanaka Ino had them, but the color, it reminded her of the shy blue haired girl in her class, maybe they are related or something?

"'cos its my way of ninja, I never give up, never, no matter what it takes, ill reach my goal, ill become hokage so that everyone will acknowledge me for who I am, so that I wont be hated anymore…"

He chucked. It sounded cold, too cold for her liking, making the hairs on her hand stuck up. She unconsciously took step back.

"You? A hokage? A no name like you will never be a hokage, its fated. You can't change what's fated. Hokage become those who were born to be, but not you, you might not even graduate and become a ninja with that clone of yours"

That made her blood boil. She saw red.

The boy smirked and caught the fist aiming for his head with ease.

"You are a joke of a ninja, just give it up, its your fate!" he sneered. She just jerked her hand off and delivered a roundhouse kick on his head. He caught it too and twisting in in an odd angle made her cry out in pain.

"Why do you fight against it?"

"Because I can change my fate! No one tell me what my destiny is besides me! I will change it, I will not be hated for unknown reasons, I will become hokage, and even if you defeat me now, I still wont give up! No matter what! Dattebayo!"

He let her go. She slumped on the grass, but quickly stood up and took a rather sloppy stance. It was all she knew of taijutsu and as she didn't have a ny family to teach her, she used the academy style. She knew she couldn't defeat him, she felt the power radiating from him, but she could always count her speed and…..no that didn't work the first time, she needed a new plan, and fast! She didn't even know why, but this guy irritated her more then the Uchiha teme. He only 'hn' ed when she declared her goals, but this one, this bastard dared to say she wasn't fated to be a shinobi! Fate! Heh, what a load of crap!

But to her slight shock that she couldn't hide, he didn't take a stance, he just stood there, looking at her like he was seeing her for the very first time. His eyes, the beautiful lavender jewels were confused.

I wonder why…What had happened to him?

"Fight fate? You actually think you can fight fate? One who is destined to be a dead last will always be a dead last!..-" he shouted, eyes blazing with anger. Suddenly he was in front of her, glaring daggers at the poor girl, daring her to speak. But she was Uzumaki Naruto, she never gave up on her ideas! She stared right back her eyes narrowed and her hands on her hips.

"…and one who is fated to be a servant and carry a seal, all his life is fated to be just that, a slave! You cannot fight it! That's why you lost to me, it was fated, and that's why you will not graduate! It is FATED!"

Naruto was taken aback by this. She didn't even know why she did it, but she put her hand on his shoulder in what she thought was a comforting manner and just looked at him, eyes radiating confusion. The boy jerked at first at the contact, but then relaxed.

He sat down on the ground, leaning on the memorial stone and sighed, closing his eyes with his elbow. The blonde haired girl followed suit and sat on the grass, hugging her legs close to her.

"I'll tell you the Hyuuga destiny of hatred. The Hyuuga main family has a special ninjutsu passed down, its a juinjutus-cursed seal jutsu."

"Cursed seal?" she repeated, puzzled.

"My uncle and my father were twins, born to the main clan head. The difference between their births was a minute. It was fated that my father would be braided with the Hyuuga caged bird seal and become clan head of the branch clan."

So he is related to the shy girl? She was Hyuuga too…And wait, what seal?

"So you are related to Hinata?"

He looked at her, anger flooding him once again.

"Yes" he said curtly. She could see it was a painful subject to him to talk about, and he was sharing it with a total stranger.

She felt bad for a bit, but then again, she had felt herself like that too, so…

"Hinata-sama is my cousin. She is the eldest daughter of Hiashi-sama, my…my uncle."

"Wait wait wait, I don't get it, what seal? And why the hell is your clan divided into two? Its illogical!" she complained, waving her arms around. When she looked back at him, his expression was solemn, even calm, like he had already decoded on his fate and….didnt care anymore.

She blushed and turned away, embarrassed.

"Gomenasai Hyuuga san, I will not pry anymore, I can see it's a [painful subject for you and…"

"No…no, I will tell you."

He slowly started to take off his headband. Naruto gasped. A green seal was imprinted on his forehead.

"This…-" he tyed the hiate back "..-is the Hyuuga caged bird seal. The curse of the mark represents 'a bird in a cage'. It is...the symbol of being tied to an inescapable destiny. It is designed for the Hyuuga branch members. This seal is given to all branch house members in the Hyuuga clan by members of the main house. Its main purpose is to seal our Byakugan ability when we die, preventing an enemy from learning its secrets. Its secondary purpose is to control the branch house, since it can be activated at will by a main house member with a hand seal only known by them. It destroys the wearer's brain cells."

Naruto was speechless. She never knew that clans in Konoha were so…cruel. And whatever the 'byakugan' was, it was something important, like a cool ability or something, so it was natural that they wanted to protect it, but this way? She couldn't comprehend it, her mind was still working on it when the boy continued to speak.

"The seal is placed when the next main family member turns 3. When I was 4, i had this horrible seal carved in my forehead through that curse seal jutsu, as you see, it was done to me, on Hinata-sama's birthday."

"But why do you need that seal? To destinguish the main and branch families?Why?" Naruto screamed in frustration.

"It is not for decoration!" the lavender eyed boy spat, looking coldly at her.

She shrank back.

"The cursed seal is the absolute fear of death given to the branch families by the main family. With a simple hand seal known only to the main family, the mind of the branch member can be destroyed easily. Death is just as easy, of course. And the curse seal will disappear only after death, sealing up the ability of Byakugan forever."

Naruto still didn't know what 'Byakugan was, but she had an idea that it was something very important, if the family went so such measures to protect it.

"The day I was braided with the seal was also the day Konoha signed a treaty with Kumogakure no sato. But we were betrayed. At night one of them tried to kidnap Hinata. Hiashi sama killed him on the spot. It turned out to be the embassador himself. Kumo denied all of it, saying that Konoha killed their man for no reason. They demanded the body of Hyuuga Hiashi."

Naruto gasped. His tone had turned bitter towards the end. But she kept silent, she felt it wasn't the best time to interrupt.

"They got the body they wanted, but it wasn't Hiashi sama, it was…was my father, Hyuuga Hizashi. They were twins, and with him braided with the seal Kumo couldn't have the secrets of the Byakugan…."

Naruto sighed.

"My father was killed by the main family!" the boy shouted, having the urge to ram his fist in the closest tree.

"You know, maybe it was his own descision.." the blonde whispered.


His face snapped to hers in an instant. She felt a bit uneasy under his gaze.

"Well, maybe he had decided to die, maybe…just maybe it was a way of freedom for him? You should go and ask you uncle, talk to him.."

"No , I am not going to..-"

"But what if your father wanted you to be happy, be free, fight for your freedom? Just go and ask your uncle bastard, and dont blame Hinata, it wasn't her fault."

"If she hadn't been so weak then..-"

"Then what! She was 3 for Kamis sake, 3!"

"I had already mastered Byakugan when I was 3, so did her sister!"

"You are so self-centered you know that! She is a sweet girl, don't hurt her, you hear me? Or else.."

"Or else what!" he sneered.

Next minute he found himself eating the grass, with the blonde seated on him, his own kunai pointed at his neck.


"I defeated you, a low life nobody like med defeated a genius like you. I can fight fate, its tiem you did too, and I am going to get the clone down, I am going to graduate and I sure as hell am going to be hokage!"

Without another word she got up, dusted herself and left, leaving a confused Hyuuga to ponder on everything that happened today.

He came to one conclusion. The day was weird, very weird.

Naruto huffed and growled as she crawled in her bed that day. The Hyuuga boy had pissed her off.

She was so frustrated that she didn't even dry her hair off after the shower.

Tch, stupid idiotic bastard! Hope he at least got what I meant…..And that seal

She shivered.

Sure she might not meet the guy again, but the seal affected her, she even felt some sort of a connection with him, even if she herself couldn't quite explain it.

She wanted to get rid of the seal, she knew that for sure.

Well, it seemed that she needed a small trip to the library to find anything on seals….if there was, after all she was still an academy student.

She turned to lie on her stomach and tried to sleep.

The face of the brunette Hyuuga came popping in her mind again.


She slapped a pillow over her head and groaned.

Academy was over, she had 3 months of vacation before the last term started again. Last year…she sighed. She needed to get the bunshin down, or else she would be thrown out of the ninja system! How will she become hokage if it happened?

Her frustration rose when she went to the library. It was only civilian stuff, no shinobi scrolls at all! Only theory and who needed it! And absolutely nothing on seals!

So with nothing left to do, she marched to the same training ground again.

Tch, bushin teme, you are so going DOWN!

Making the ram sign she screamed.

"Bunshin no jutsu!"

Chakra circled her again and a pop was heard. It was a clone, a dead one. Again.

She groaned and screamed, muffling the sound in her arms.

"You are overloading it again stupid"

The voice surprised her and she jumped. Her stomach did a small flip and her cheeks turned pink.

He was there, casually leaning on one of the trees, eyes closed, arms crossed and a small smirk on his face, again.

"You again! How the hell do you know! And what are you doing here? Don't you have your own team or something? And Why the hell are you looking at me like that? Why..-"

She found a hand over her mouth, stopping her rumbling.

He sighed.

"Well, I…I talked to my uncle about it, and you…", he started, then paused seemingly unable to continue.

She raised her eyebrows.

"You were right" he admitted, "It was my fathers choice, he told me to fight in a last letter. Thank you for making me see."

The blonde smiled, it was visible by the way her eyes crinkled upwards. It felt nice to know she helped him, sort of like he needed her….

"And I know because I have the Byakugan, I am training here, besides I wanted to talk to you, yes, I have a team, but the training starts only in a few hours, so do the missions, and I am NOT looking at you…", he huffed and looked away, trying to hide his reddening cheeks.

Huh? Why is he all red? Do all Hyuuga turn red around me?

Naruto thought it might be her imagination, so she just shrugged it off, but the small butterflies in her stomach were making it a bit hard for her.

Whats wrong with me?

She looked him over. She had to admit, he was….cute. His long brown hair that cascaded down to his lower back..

Heh mine is longer dattebayo!

He was dressed in a white shirtand shorts with bandages going up his right hand and left leg. He had a sharp chin, and the smirk on his heart shaped face was gorgeous, she had to admit it!

But the most amazing were his eyes, those pools of lavender that were currently laughing at her visibly reddening face. She quickly composed herself and stomped on his foot, hard.

Jerking his hand back he let her breathe again.

"Ouch!", grumbled the stoic Hyuuga, not meeting her eyes.

She was doubled over, laughing. When she composed her face again and he faced her, she asked the first thing that popped in her mind.

"Ano, so whats Byakugan?"

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