Hey, so. Who's excited AJ and Paget's coming back? i know i seem incredibly cool about it now, but as soon as i saw it, i was screaming, flailing my arms everywhere. I'm, happy to say the least. Anyway, this is my first Criminal Minds story. i hope it lives up to standards.

Basically, it's a case fic but centred more on the team and JJ. This is also a JJ and Emily friendship fic. Other characters will be featured heavily too so don't fear. Also, i've already written the whole story so i'll proabably post a chapter a day or every two days.

Rating because of typical Criminal Mindness.


It wasn't like victimology had never matched any of the BAU team before.

About a year ago, black men in their thirties were being targeted by some racist, tattooed whack job. A couple of months ago, a twenty two year old female university student decided that, because her boyfriend broke up her, she would randomly go around killing all the team leaders she could get her hands on. Her boyfriend was the quarterback on the football team, so that's probably why she thought all team leaders were stuck up.

Morgan or Hotch could easily have been attacked. They weren't.


"JJ, this guy, he's attacking women. Blonde, blue eyed women. Women in their thirties." Morgan raised an eyebrow.

"I was the one who briefed you; I think I would know the victimology." JJ hardened her gaze, not backing down.

"You can't make a press release. He'll see you and well, you're you." Reid stated. JJ rolled her head to her left where he was stood.

"Thank you Reid. Your input was so helpful." Her mouth twitched into a sarcastic smile. Reid nodded and smiled, not really understanding JJ's sarcasm. "The point is," JJ turned back to the rest of the team, "if the women being killed were dark haired and brown eyed, would you immediately go all big brother on Prentiss?"

Everyone turned to Prentiss who wasn't really in the conversation. She looked sideways at them and noticed their staring.


"She's Prentiss." Morgan stated.

"She's one of us, profiling wise. She can protect herself." Rossi joined the argument.

"Empowering." Prentiss nodded to herself quietly.

"So what you're saying is that I'm not one of you?" JJ turned her head, seeming a little hurt.

"Woah! No, you are so twisting our words right now Jay." Morgan put his hands forward in an innocent stance.

"It's what you said."

"This is where I'm gonna step right on in here." Emily moved herself forward through the group of men and stood next to JJ. "JJ here is perfectly capable of taking care of herself and anyway when are we ever alone? Because of Garcia here," Prentiss pointed at the now red head sat in the corner of the bull pen, "we're sharing rooms, so I'll be with her then and when we're working the case it's not like we're gonna send her off to some old abandoned house on a hill on her own are we?"

The men were silenced.

"In my defence, my steaming cup of hot chocolate was in the room when I was booking the rooms and he kept….doing things." Garcia drifted off into her own mind at the end of the sentence. Morgan smiled to himself before seeing the look on Hotch's face.

"It's not that. This guy's good. The women he's attacking are authoritable figures or women with higher end jobs. Jobs that change lives. That's you JJ." Morgan pushed once more.

"You all seem to be stating things I already know. Actually, I was the one that told you them." JJ said matter-of-factly.

"Guys, what are you actually getting at here?" Emily leaned back on her desk.

"We just want you to be safe. Rossi can do the press conferences and you could help out by working in the office the local police have set up for us." Hotch spoke in his usual monotone voice.

JJ shook her head. For a team leader, he really wasn't leading. She also couldn't help but think the guys were being slightly sexist here. Oh, that could be her next point of argument. She smiled a little to herself.

"Why are you being so sexist?" JJ folded her arms. Emily turned to look at JJ, eyebrows raised. She nodded approvingly. Garcia joined the two ladies and folded her arms much like Emily had done right after JJ.

"Yeah. What happened to equal rights and all the jargon?" Garcia tilted her head quizzically.

The boys' mouths opened and closed. Hotch looked to his left then to his right. None of the team seemed to come up with any other counter arguments. He then wondered why the girls always seemed to win. He sighed then began to walk away.

"Wheels up in thirty. JJ, remember the files."

JJ smiled victoriously before placing her hands in front of her two female co-workers. Prentiss and Garcia smiled mockingly at the boys before high fiving JJ and walking off to their necessary spaces.

"You always play the sexist card." Reid observed, before facing the ground and walking to his desk.

"Why are we flying to Pennsylvania?" Reid looked up from his book.

"Because that's where the murders take place." Rossi narrowed his eyes a little, wondering if it was a trick question.

"Yes, I know that. But statistically it would only take us about thirty minutes to drive there anyway." Reid marked his place in his book and turned to the rest of the team. Most of the team's brows furrowed.

"Habit." Hotch answered simply.

"And suitcase space." Prentiss snuggled further into the chair next to JJ.

"If you needed more clothes you could just as easily drive home and be back within the space of an hour." Reid observed.

"Yes." Emily spoke sleepily with closed eyes. "An hour that could've been used interviewing a suspect or saving JJ from the grasp of the UnSub."

"Hey!" JJ, who was sat in the seat next to Emily, slapped her shoulder almost playfully. Emily's eyes shot open.

"Jayje! I told you I'd just had my shots!" Emily rubbed her arm lightly.

"Really? I don't recall." JJ tilted her head and narrowed her eyes evilly.

"Let's go over the case again before landing." Hotch sat down in the seat opposite Prentiss. JJ stood and pulled out pictures and pieces of paper.

"Okay. Lindsay Evans, Jackie Davis and Emma Woods, all blonde, blue eyed as we know. They are all in their thirties. Lindsay Evans was taken on the second of April. She was presumably taken from just outside her work at Milford High School after a late shift. She was discovered at five pm the next day in the woods. When she was discovered her clothes were severely torn and she was gagged and tied at the wrists and ankles. The autopsy report states that she was beaten furiously. The UnSub then calved the word 'PROMOTION' into her arms, while she was still alive, with a blunt knife. Cause of death is due to a stab wound to the upper left of the chest using, most likely, the same knife." JJ summarised.

"Remind me why we're going over this again?" Prentiss sat up and threw the blanket covering her to the side. She definitely wouldn't be able to sleep now.

"The same M.O is used for Jackie Davis and Emma Woods. Jackie Davis was taken outside her work at the Cancer Research Lab after a double shift. She was taken on the twelfth of April and found the next day also in the woods. Emma Woods was last seen clocking out of the fire station after being on call for the last twenty four hours. She was too found in the woods the next day." JJ finished.

"How come they're always found the next day? The bodies are deep into the wood, why would anyone want to wander that far through in the first place?" Morgan looked up from a piece of paper he was scanning.

"The woods are probably one of the most popular in the area. Milford, Pennsylvania isn't too far from New York and it's quite high up on the tourist hot spot list. Walking through the woods isn't a thing people would think of being suspicious." JJ turned to the map and pointed at the area she was talking about. Morgan nodded in response. "It's probably more suspicious that no one saw anyone dumping a body."

"They were all taken after they'd worked overtime; that isn't a coincidence is it?" Prentiss spoke up.

"Probably not. If the UnSub knew that our victims were workaholics then that would make observing them a lot easier. It looks like the UnSub watched the victim for a considerable amount of time too." Rossi looked at each member in turn.

"The first murder took place between the second and third of April, the second between the twelfth and thirteenth and the third between the twenty second and the twenty third." Hotch spoke, reading off of multiple sheets of paper.

"Could the numbers two, three and ten have some significance? I mean, looking at the dates, a murder always takes place ten days later." Prentiss looked to Hotch.

"It's a possibility. Milford is a small town, which could mean the UnSub's having a hard time finding someone with the right features or that he's already found someone but is trying to determine their routine." Reid explained.

"What about the word calved into their arms?" Rossi turned to JJ. JJ held up a picture of just one pale white arm with trails of deep red blood scattered everywhere, the word 'PROMOTION' engraved into the skin.

"The word 'promotion' was found on each of the victims arms. The M.E suspects the same knife was used on each of the victims and the same knife was also used to stab them in the heart." JJ explained before putting the picture down and falling back onto her chair next to Emily who protectively moved her arm. JJ smirked at her.

"Promotion from what?" Morgan sat back and raised a hand to his chin.

"Or promotion to what?" Reid raised his eyebrows. Everyone looked at him incredulously.

"Don't make us ask Spence." JJ leant forward so she could see around Emily to look at Reid.

"Well, from what I can gather when the UnSub calves the word promotion, it is as if he is giving the promotion to the victims. It's like he is promoting them to death. This could also incorporate their jobs. A teacher, fireman and someone who researches cancer, these jobs are all well respected positions and the UnSub could be highly jealous of these individuals." Reid spoke as if it was the most obvious thing on earth.

"Plug him in; he needs to charge before we land." Prentiss looked to Morgan after a few moments of silence. Reid just looked on confused.

"So what you're saying is he killed them because they had jobs he thought they didn't deserve." JJ shook her head disgusted.

"Yes." Reid stated simply.

"If that's the case, could that also be the reason he targets woman? Especially the stereotype of blonde haired and blue eyed." Morgan leant forward again, suddenly feeling as if they were getting somewhere.

"This confirms our suspicion that the UnSub is male. It also tells us that he's most likely currently in a job that makes him inferior to these women." Rossi clipped his seatbelt together when the seatbelt light turned on.

"It also means we've got five days until the next potential murder." Hotch tightened his lips as the plane began to descend.

"Chief Samson, Jennifer Jareau we spoke on the phone." JJ grabbed the tall man's hand. By now she was used to being hit on by members of the police force they were working with, but just by looking at the smirk on this guy's face, she could tell herself and Prentiss were going to be at the receiving end of plenty of bad pickup lines by the end of this thing.

"I remember, it's good to see you in person." Chief Samson was an alright looking guy, Emily would admit that much. He was probably about six foot four, with black hair, dark eyes and confidence that would make anyone want to slap his pretty-boy face. He was probably in his late thirties and already she could tell he was a 'ladies man'.

"This is Agent Hotchner, Rossi, Morgan, Prentiss and Doctor Reid, is there somewhere we can set up?" JJ smiled politely.

"Of course, we've set up a room for you next to my office. It's a glass partition so if you need me you can just look through." He smiled a seductive smile towards the ladies before turning more to the men and nodding slightly.

"Great." Prentiss smiled through gritted teeth at JJ. They all followed Chief Samson into the room that had been assigned to them.

"Okay, we'll set up and then we'd like to make our first press conference in two hours if that's possible." Hotch turned to face Samson who nodded curtly.

"I'll set it up. Who'll be speaking?"

"Jennifer Jareau she's our media consultant." Hotch spoke with a confused look; wasn't he already supposed to know that?

"Oh yes, sorry. Like I said I'll set it up." He turned on his heel and exited the cosy room.

"I don't like him." JJ spoke to no one in particular while spreading out some case files.

"Doesn't matter, he called us here, we respect him. We're here under his terms." Hotch spoke adamantly.

"I still don't like you going out there Jay." Morgan turned to the blonde, which made everyone else slowly turn to her as well. JJ sighed and dropped the last file she was holding.

"Guys, I'm sure we've been here like two hours ago. I'm JJ remember I'll be fine." She shrugged her shoulder. She was telling the truth, she really was. She wasn't scared; there were plenty of blonde haired, blue eyed authoritable figures around. Not to mention the fact that she was always going to be surrounded by either the police of the FBI. Either way, she was safe.

"Prentiss, keep an eye on her." Hotch looked at Emily, her eyes widened but she nodded once. "Okay, Rossi, Reid we will go to the hotel and check in with everyone's things. Morgan, speak to Samson, see if there was any evidence of where the primary crime scene was. Prentiss, help JJ set up for the press. Meet back here half an hour before the conference." Everyone scattered in their own direction.

The door swung shut behind Morgan. JJ had been stood in the same position since Hotch had told Emily to look after her, her mouth slightly agape in disbelief. Emily didn't really know what to do; she knew JJ had been offended by the prospect of not being able to take care of herself.

"It's okay you know, they're just being like older siblings, too protective…"

"This is a gun right? They didn't give me one of them ones that blow bubbles?" She spun to face Emily, pointing at her gun on her hip. Emily's mouth opened then closed then opened again, turned her head to the right and narrowed her eyes.

"Yes…" She guessed that was the answer JJ was looking for. "As far as I know it's a real gun. You could fire a few rounds at Samson to make sure."

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