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JJ'd been out for a few hours now. As soon as the doctors had grabbed her arms her head had lolled back and she'd fallen unconscious. They'd been able to give her some stronger meds as soon as the ones James had given her had worn off. Since then she'd been as still as a rock. Hotch and Rossi had headed back to the temporary precinct to collect all of the BAU's things before heading to the plane. Morgan had taken Garcia back to the plane earlier so she could get some sleep and now they were just waiting until the doctors could clear JJ so they could head back to Quantico.

Reid and Emily were sat inside JJ's room. Reid was resting his head against the white wall, his eyes closed peacefully. Emily couldn't sleep so she alternated her time between pacing, looking out the window to JJ the sitting down. It went in repeat until she heard a cough at the door. She turned to see the doctor known as Miller. She silently stepped out of the room and closed the door.

"She's clear to leave now. Although I would like it if you people could keep her out of the field until the bruises have gone and the burn has healed considerably. Also, I'd like you to check she keeps the changing the bandages and using the steroid cream we've given her." The doctor smiled at Emily.

"Thank you doctor." Emily rested a hand on his arm.

"Keep an eye on her Agent Prentiss." He nodded before walking away.

Emily sighed before tiptoeing back into the silent room. Reid was still sleeping. She checked on JJ, she didn't want to wake her up, she looked so peaceful.

"Emily." The blonde girl groaned before stirring. Her eyes narrowly opened. "Your eyes are burning a hole into my face."

"I'm sorry, you just looked so tired but the doctors said we could leave." Emily moved closer to JJ.

"Let's go." JJ suddenly looked brighter at the prospect of getting out of the hospital. She'd tried sitting up but the meds made everything feel like a lead weight.

"Don't move Jayje." Emily placed a soft hand on JJ's shoulder and pressed lightly. JJ rolled her eyes at her protective friend. "There's a wheelchair in the room for a reason."

JJ groaned and threw her head at her pillow before thoroughly regretting it.

"Ow." She groaned, Emily smiled before rolling the chair to the side of the bed.

"Boy genius!" Emily flicked Reid's ear as she passed. He shook his head panicking at the sudden contact. "You're on wheelchair duty." Reid realised what was going on and took his place behind the handlebars. Emily held out her arms for JJ to take as she lowered herself into the chair.

"I hate these things." JJ grumbled.

"Oh please, if you could you'd live on a Segway." Emily mocked.

"Hey, look who it is!" Morgan exclaimed as Reid and Emily cautiously walked either side of JJ onto the plane. He stood and held her hands as she lowered herself onto one of the sofas while groaning.

"I can't wait to go home."

"I bet you could if you knew your future." Rossi added seriously. JJ's eyes widened.

"What?" JJ could hardly speak. Rossi cracked a grin after a minute.

"You're on desk duty for about three weeks." Emily, Reid and Morgan laughed at the expression that had crossed her face before the annoyed look settled on her features.

"Surely, I don't have to have three weeks? One week will be more than enough." JJ spoke in an obvious tone.

"Nu uh." Emily fetched JJ a bottle of water than carefully sat next to her. "And, just to make everything better, me and Garcia will be playing babysitter." JJ opened her mouth in disbelief.

"Don't even try to persuade us otherwise. It's gonna be girls' night, every night for one week." Garcia grinned brightly from the armchair opposite the two girls.

"Is there any point even attempting to argue?" Reid clipped his seatbelt together.

"I'm gonna go insane." JJ rubbed her temples.

"We're glad you're okay Jayje." Hotch sat down next to Rossi.

"I'm glad you guys found me." JJ smiled sensitively. Emily understandably nodded while trailing a light finger over the bruise on JJ's right wrist. "When you did." JJ added securely toward Emily.

JJ and Emily had some weird telepathic voice going on between them. JJ kept sensing that Emily thought they didn't get there in time, JJ knew Emily still felt guilty and there was nothing she could do about that apart from constantly tell her otherwise.

"You guys were awesome. You too Penelope." JJ smiled the first proper smile for what felt like days. It was silent for a little while until JJ spoke again.

"What happened to James anyway?"

Hotch and Rossi exchanged looks before Hotch took the lead.

"He'll be going to jail, for a long time." Hotch couldn't help but smile a little at that. JJ nodded.

"Good." JJ was obviously immersed in her thoughts until the jet engine started and they were slowly rising up through the air. After the seatbelt sign turned off the group were milling around or creating small talk.

"Now if you don't mind." JJ began to groan loudly as she lowered her head onto Emily's lap. "Oh god this hurts." JJ carried on shuffling herself around until she was relatively comfortable.

"Great, now I have to sit here till we land." Emily sarcastically remarked.

JJ laughed evilly.

"You're my bitch."

'Life is like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you represents determinism; the way you play it is free will.'

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