Harry Potter is owned by JKR. Supernatural is owned by Eric Kripke. The Sookie Stackhouse novels, and 'trueblood' is owned by Charliane Harris and HBO. I own none of them and make no money from this story.

This is a three way.

No, No, not THAT kind of three way you prev! A three way crossover. This is a crossover between Harry Potter, Trueblood (The HBO show based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels or the 'Southern Vampire' series), and the TV Show 'Supernatural'.

When I was 13 I read the Sookie Stackhouse novels right alongside Harry potter. I always though that there worlds would mix. I started watching supernatural around the same time, and fell in love with two brothers. Then Trueblood, The T.V. Show based on the Sookie Stackhouse books came out, and I was in love. So one day I got a wild idea, and figured it was time to try and marry my three loves. And trust me, it's going to take a shotgun or two.

If you haven't seen one of more of the listed shows, don't worry, you're totally cool. I'll keep you in the know. I'll be adding in people one at a time, and at pace. So you won't get lost, I promise.

Harry will be female for most of the story, so he'll be a bit non-canon. Sookie, Dean, Bill, Sam and the others will be Canon.


There will be lots of sensitive themes! Rape, incest, drug use, beer drinking and cursing to name a few. As well as lots and lots of sex. (If you've seen trueblood, you already know.)

THIS IS A STORY FOR ADULTS! As a Aunt, I must insist that if are underage, or if sensitive subjects offend you easily, please don't read.

I write to entertain, not to upset, offend, or even insult.

Feel free to discontinue reading if you are uncomfortable with any part of this story.

Harry's heart was racing a mile a minute. He felt panic rise in his chest as he looked over the open page of the spell book he had open on the bathroom sink. He HAD to of cast it wrong, HAD to.. There was no way. There was just no way. He re-read the entire page. 'Pregnancy test spell for wizards.' The incantation was simple.. The counter spell was easy.. the results where simple to read. If your stomach glowed blue you were pregnant. If it glowed white, you weren't.

Harry's heart raced again. Tears filled in his eyes and terror filled his chest. He was going cast the spell again, this time to try and prove himself wrong… Because his stomach had glown blue. He cast the counter spell and re-cast it.. Blue.

Dispel, Re-cast. Blue.

Dispel, Re-cast again. Blue.

Dispel, Re-cast, Dispel, re-cast, Dispel, Re-cast.

Blue, Blue, Blue.

Harry's heart was beating so franticly his chest started to ache. He began to feel nauseous and faint, at the same time like he wanted to run. Run until he was far, far away from here.. Run away until he fell down, Dead.. Or just run. He couldn't believe that this was happening to him. Panic was soon joined by pain, as the full realization of his situation came to him.

He was only 15. His godfather, Sirius, the only adult that was ever a real parent to him, was murdered. The Ministry was now in upheaval because Harry finally managed to prove that Voldemort was alive… and Dumbledore, the calculative old goat, hadn't done anything to help Harry at all until the very end. After when the damage had been dealt and all was said and done… And now he was pregnant.

It all started after Dumbledore had sent the letter… Harry closed his eyes as a shiver ran though his body. A letter sent to the Dursleys, telling them Sirius was dead… and that the order wouldn't be checking in on Harry, so he could have time to 'grieve and heal in peace.' It was that letter that lead to Harry's month and a half of hell. Of beatings, starving, being thrown back into the cupboard under the stairs and that eventually lead to his pregnancy.. Because it was Vernon that had raped him.

Another wave of nausea hit him as the memory came back to him. He flung himself over to the toilet just in time. His stomach emptied itself of the meager contents right away, but he spent the next 3 minutes dry heaving…

He was pregnant with his UNCLE'S child… He was carrying the baby of that fat, evil, disgusting man that dared to call himself his family.

Some wizard he was. Forced into a pregnancy by a married muggle. Tears started to fall down his face, but Harry didn't cry. He didn't sob. He didn't even hiccup. He had learned weeks ago, possibly years ago that the easiest thing for Vernon to punish him for was showing emotion. More so in the past few weeks.

There was a fierce knocking at the bathroom door that broke Harry from his thoughts. He jolted in fright, and looked at the door with wide eyes.

"Harry? Harry, you alright?.." Dudley asked quietly. Harry quickly wiped his eyes, and flushed the toilet. Silently, he thanked god that it was Dudley and not Vernon or Petunia that found him.

"I'm ok, Dudley. Really." Harry said, as he wiped his mouth off on the paper napkins, and tossed it away and closed his book.

"All right Harry, but you better yourself together quick. Dad and Mom might be returning home any minute. You'll need to be ready." Harry opened the door to the bathroom, and nodded to his cousin who was waiting expectantly on the other side.

"Thanks again, Dudley." Harry said, still puffy-eyed but no longer as panicked.

Dudley froze as he saw the state Harry was in. His face darkened. If it hadn't been for Dudley, Harry surely would have died. Starved or killed himself, most likely. Harry was surprised to find that saving Dudley from the deamentor had won him over as an ally. An ally that turned out to be Harry's saving grace this summer.

"Harry you look.."

"Like hell?…" Harry finished, as Dudley frowned. He nodded in agreement and sighed.

"Harry.. I'll tell you again; I think you need to get away. If not from the Wizards, At least from Dad." Dudley said softly. Harry would of have a hard time believing the sincerity in Dudley's voice if it hadn't been for his help over the past few weeks. This time though, Harry actually considered the words behind the tone. Because this time; it wasn't just Harry that was being abused..

His unborn child was now sharing his body with him...

Vernon always made sure to harm Harry whenever he… Forced himself on him. Harry had to leave number four. He would figure out the rest when he got out. The Weasleys or Number 12 seemed to be the most obvious choices. Or maybe, just maybe, he could make it on his own.

"Dudley.. I think you're right.. I need to get out of here, and very soon."

Dudley's ears then picked up at that, as he quickly jumped at the chance.

"How about tonight?"

"What?…" Harry said, taken aback.

"You can escape tonight.. Dad will expect you to be locked up in your cupboard, at least until they get home.. There probably not even going to check on you until morning. You can leave now, and they wouldn't even know." Dudley explained.

'Well,' Harry thought 'Now was as good a time as any.'

"Alright.. Let's do this then." Harry said, the urge he had to run now coming back upfront, as everything else seemed to die. He was no longer panicking. He was no longer feeling sick. There was only the urge to get himself and his child as far away as possible.

"You pack up your room, I'll grab your trunk."

Harry nodded as they both jumped into action. Dudley ran down the stairs, and unlocked the cupboard again. (The first time was to let Harry out.) Harry ran to his room, and started tossing his clothes, and few other things he owned on his bed. It wasn't much.. Not much at all. By the time that Dudley dragged the trunk all the way up the stairs even Hedwig was in her cage her cage, ready to go. All Harry had to do was stuff his clothes in the truck. Harry stepped back, and blinked.

It seemed almost to quick.. Almost to easy.. Just pack up and walk right out of hell? It seemed almost to good to be true.. But Harry knew that half of the battle would be after he left Number 4. Hell, that battle hadn't even started. He was getting out of the frying pan while leaping Head-first into the fire.

Harry then looked to Dudley, who was now breaking open the bars on Harry's window.

"What on earth are you doing?.." Harry asked, as Dudley finally finished his job. He loosened the bars in the window so it would be possible for someone thin, like Harry, to slip through.

"Dad doesn't know that I found where he hides the key to your room and cupboard.. So, I'm going to make it look like you broke out on your own. With the door locked from the outside, it should by you some time, and buy me an alibi."

Harry blinked at his cousin. "That's... Bloody brilliant." Dudley smiled back in return.

"Yes, well… Let's get you out of here." Dudley mumbled, unaccustomed to being praised by his cousin. Harry just nodded. He grabbed one side of his trunk as Dudley grabbed the other. After getting it downstairs, Harry took it on his own.

It still seemed to quick.. to easy.. Dudley went back up the stairs, and locked all of the locks. He went into his parents room where he put away the key. When he came back downstairs, he had a huge wad of cash and bills in his hand.

"What on earth…" Harry gasped, as Dudley put all of the money into his hand.

"It's about 180 dollars from me, Plus Dad's stash of money he hides from Mum, and the stash Mum hides from him. I don't know the full tally, but it's a good amount. It should be enough to see you on your way."

"Dudley, you know I can't take that…"

"YOU didn't take it, I did.. Now I'm giving it to you. Don't argue with me, you know you're going to need it sooner or later." Dudley smiled, as he placed the money firmly into Harry's hands.

Harry's eyes started watering again. He would of given Dudley a hug if it wasn't so awkward.. The whole 'Fleeing while carrying his unborn half-brother' thing.. . But it would have been weird, so he didn't. the whole situation was which was sick, and wrong, but unfortunately true.

"Now go on.. Get out of here quickly, before you get yourself caught."

Harry then nodded tearfully, and put the money in his back pocket. "Thank you so much, Dudley… You've been a lifesaver. Really."

"Take care of yourself, Harry…"

"I will."

And with that, Harry quickly turned out the door, and to the side walk. He then held out his wand arm, and with a load SNAP, The Knight bus appeared.

Moments later, Harry was gone from Surrey. For good.