Dean walked quickly and quietly up to the back door of the house.. Armed with his shotgun at his side and lock picking kit in his hand, he got to work on the latch. He had been outside New Orléans for two weeks, two freaking weeks, when he had finally gotten a REAL lead. When he what first started his search for the three missing girls, He did all the normal things one would do on a hunt.. Question people, find leads, research it, then Gank it.

But for some reason, he kept on getting off course. Something kept him from finding out what was really going on...

He had questioned the families, the police, The local Voodoo priestess Olia, even the god damned next door neighbors.. But it wasn't until two hours ago that the bell went off in the back of his head.

And it only took two freaking weeks... He inwardly growled to himself. Wouldn't of taken that long if Sam wasn't at COLLEGE.. But Nooo.. Stanford boy had to take off and- No. Stop that. Dean shook his head viciously. Don't think about that.. On a hunt.. Drop it. Just Drop it.

The door knob gave a small POP, and the door opened a little. Dean pocketed his kit as he raised his shotgun up, Leveling it for good aim. He stepped into the house. Get in, Get 'em, then get out fast...

He stepped into the house, and walked around. The first floor seemed clear... He took a quick walk of the place just to be sure. It was when he came on an odd door off the living room that he stopped. He figured it was a closet before.. but now, with a light coming out from the bottom.. He wasn't so sure. He opened the door quietly and looked in...

Staircase... The door lead down to a basement. Bingo.

He angled his sawed off down the stairs and started the climb down. What he saw when he got to the bottom..

Well, The evil witch he had hunted he figured would be here.. But the three missing girls he had looked for, standing around her in a protective fashion.. That he was not expecting.

"Hello, Olia..." He said, his attention turned to the 'Voodoo priestess' in the middle. She smiled hatefully back at the hunter. The other girls still standing in their places around her.

"Mr. Winchester... Wondering when you where going to show up."

"Well, I would have been here sooner, if you hadn't been sending me on wild goose chases the last two weeks." He said, being sure to raise his gun a bit more. The 'Priestess' moved back, but the teenage girls stayed still. Dean wondered about that for a moment, and he took his eyes off the woman so he could take a look at the girls.

All three where tired-looking, wearing dresses that didn't seem to fit their age or style.. and all where wearing creepy, twisted looking necklaces with a stone in the middle with a spidery symbol etched in it. It was then that Dean looked into their eyes.. Their sad, glassy, hopeless eyes...

"You fucking BITCH.. Your controlling them!"

Olia only smiled, and then tilted her head back and laughed.

"Took you long enough to figure that out.. And to tell you the truth, it's not all that hard to control these Blonde Bimbos." The woman said, as she reached her hand over, and brush one of the girl's hair. Like someone would pet a dog.

"Offer them shopping trip, a new purse, or something shiny and they fall right in line. Just ask their former boyfriends." She said, with a sadistic smirk, as she turned back to Dean.

"Really, You should be grateful... I'm putting these useless, ungrateful spoiled brats to good use."

"And what use would that be?.." Dean asked. He had to, really, because he had no clue. Olia looked at him and glared.

"The thing about Voodoo, my dear hunter... Is that you can't do it for yourself." Dean winced at that.

"So you put those necklaces on the girls, So you could make them cast voodoo spells for you."

"If you want something done right..." Olia said with a smirk.

"Good to know." Dean said. Olia then lifted and dropped her arm down hard. The three girls leap to attack.

Dean dropped his shotgun, so he could fight the girls hand-to-hand.. he'd be damned before he shot innocent girls because some fucking WITCH was controlling them. Instead, he held them off, and overpowered them so he could yank off the necklaces, one at a time. It took about two minutes, a lot of shuffling, and a black eye, but he managed it. Luckily after he took the necklaces off, the girls collapsed in exhaustion.

When the last girl fell to the ground, Dean was able to turn his attention back to the main problem. Olia. He turned and glared at her as she stood in shock just staring at him. It seemed she hadn't been expecting him to take out the others... Or to stay in front of the stair case which was the only way out. Dean smiled as he leaned down and picked his shotgun off the floor. Once again, he aimed it at the Voodoo bitch.

"... I take you didn't think this through all the way?..." Dean asked as Olia looked at him in fear. She tried to bolt further into the basement.

None of the neighbors heard the gunshot that followed. None noticed the black Impala that drove away. But the police lights and sirens that arrived 15 minutes later, due to an "anonymous tipster" was heard loud and clear.

"Hey, Dad..." Dean said on his cell, after his father picked up. He was speeding out of New Orleans like a bat out of hell, not that it was much of a difference as to how he normally drove. But since he promised his dad he would call when he got done, he called him.

"Hey boy. You finish up that job yet?..." John Winchester's gruff voice answered from the other side of the line.

"Yes, Sir I did... Turns out it was the Voodoo priestess the entire time. She mind-warped the girls into doing her dirty work for her. It's all taken care of."

"You mean to tell me you've been talkin' to the woman behind the whole thing since day one,; and you just figured it out now?..."

Dean winced at his father's words. He also shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

"It wasn't just her lying to me.. She'd been sleeping with the officer in charge of finding the girls, he was lying to me, too."

"Ya, and next time those lies could get you killed. You messed up, Dean. Don't let it happen again."

"Yes, Sir. I promise I won't." Dean said in a steady voice. Inside, he was wavering. He hated it when his father treated him this way.

"Good.. I'm heading down to Jericho now. I might be there a few days."

"You mean by centennial Highway?... Those missing men on the road?" Dean said, looking interested.

" Their not just missing.. they Disappeared entirely. Not a trace of them left. I'll be there in the morning. If you find a new job, call me, if not lay low until i'm done here. I'll call you."

"Got it, Sir." The tone on the other side of the phone let Dean know that his father had hung up. He hung up as well. Dean sighed as he kept his eyes on the road. He and his dad had hunted separately for about two years now, but somehow his pop was still running things, even from afar. Dean didn't really know how he felt about that.. He sighed as he looked to a road sign on his left.

Bon temps; 50 miles. Dean suddenly smirked.

He still remembered that pretty young thing he meet at the airport. Rose Black. He was just there to drop off Pastor Jim who was needed for a possession in D.C., But then he saw her, and he had to admit she caught his attention. She was almost everything he was looking for in a girl.

Petite, with long colored hair, and gorgeous green eyes.. Yeah, she was a little shy, but that was ok. And English! He smiled. He'd never been with a English girl before. She was something else, something he'd yet to have before. He'd have to look her up when he stopped off for the night...

She said she was opening a new store in town, right? Not many new stores open in small towns. She shouldn't be that hard to track down. Not for a hunter like him. The phone call with his father now out of his mind... A pleased smile now crossed his face.

Well, He did said they might run into one another again, didn't he?... He'd hate to disappoint.

He drove into Bons Temps, and quickly found the local dining spot.

Merlottes. That was a different kinda name.. But then again this was a different kinda place.. It looked like a cross between a log cabin and a local pub. He had to admit he kinda liked it. Figuring it was late enough to stop and have a bite to eat he pulled into the parking lot and made his way inside.

Just a few moments after walking in the joint, he froze.

A young brunette in VERY short shorts walked by with a tray of burgers and fries.. A another waitress, blonde and bubbly, leaned over the fully stocked bar and put in an order for a table. Two guys in road crew gear, one wearing a AC/DC shirt, where playing pool in the gaming area off to the side.. And a guy at the grill was tossing herds and spices on a big, thick steak he was cooking up.

Bar... Burgers... Babes... and a Pool table... Dean could hardly belive his eyes.

He was in hunter's heaven... He had no idea how this day could get any better.

Then, She walked in... Rose. His sweet, cute, across-the-pond beauty. Carrying in PIES... lots and lots of PIES.

"I've got two cherry, two apple, and one pecan. The rest is still in the truck."

Dean was about to pinch himself.

"Oh, yeah... This is definitely heaven."