She ran for her life.

"Where am I? Where am I? "She asked herself, seeing nothing but a blur of red as she rushed by , trying to find a way out of this nightmare. The masked black people followed her relentlessly, seeking to corner her.

Suddenly, she bumped into a wall.

"OUCH!" She yelled, springing back and turning in a circle, taking in the surroundings. Her chasers blocked her escape.

"Who are you?" she asked, hesitantly.

"We are the black knights." The tallest, most feminine looking one replied.

She looked down at her feet. To her surprise, she was fading away. The Black Knight looked as well.

"We can help you find him. But you need to help us as well."

She looked them squarely in the eye. Then she looked at her body, rapidly fading away.

"In that case…I agree to help you."

Obediently, she followed them out of the alleyway. She looked up at the moon, a black hole in the blood coloured sky.

To herself she thought "Now, it is you who is relying on me….Onii-Chan."

"ANOTHER new girl?Seriously?"

Kakeru Satsuki exchanged a look with his childhood friend, Yuka Minase, in the seat next to his before looking at the girl who stood at the front of their class.

She was wearing the school uniform, but wore black tights and boots rather than knee-length socks and white boots. Her skirt was also longer than the school standards. Unlike Shiori, the returnee from Italy who had arrived a few days ago, this girl seemed shy and her yellow-green eyes looked at the ground. Her hair was green-blue, with streaks of dark blue, held up in a curly ponytail.

"Class, this is Haruhi Morimoto. Would you wish to introduce yourself?"

Haruhi looked up. "Nice to meet you. I've been home-schooled for most of my childhood." She looked at the teacher.

"There is a seat next to sit there."

Haruhi nodded and walked to her seat, quietly sitting down. Yuka flashed her a smile, which was returned to her, albeit a bit stared open-mouthed at her , but didn't make a big show , as he had done upon Shiori's arrival.

Kaori whispered to him "Not your type, huh?least we get a break from your one-track mind"

"She is definetly hot stuff. But scary. Like from the hot stuff."Tadashi replied immediately.

Kaori responded by smacking him around the head with her satchel. She then looked at the teacher.

"Gomennasai sensei, Tadashi was being a baka!"

The teacher sighed, and started the lesson.

After school ended, Yuka and Kakeru met up with Misuzu Kusakabe.

"We're meeting up to discuss the red night, am I right?" Kakeru asked

She nodded once and they set off down the hill to go to the café that was familiar to them all. Once , Misuzu would not have even acknowledged the existence of Kakeru or Yuka , due to her being a third year student , and them being second years. But when they had met only the day before , in the red night , she realised that this could not be right, and she should stick with them.

"Yuka-Chan, see you tomorrow?"

Yuka and Misuzu turned. Haruhi waved at Yuka and smiled.

"Yeah, no problem, nice meeting you!" Haruhi grinned even more and ran in the opposite direction.

"Who is that?" Misuzu asked. Absently, she swirled a strand of red hair around her gloved finger.

"Haruhi. She is new." Kakeru replied then he cried out, and held his head in his hands " My eye!"Yuka light blue eyes widened, then she too crumpled in pain.

Misuzu gritted her teeth. She knew what was coming. Her mind wandered to Haruhi

"I've seen her before." she thought.

But before she had time to ponder further , the red night arrived , jolting the world out of palce.