Final chapter!Please enjoy it!

Crow's POV

He had no idea what was going on.

All he knew was that he had to help Kakeru. After all, he was the brother of the girl he had loved the most, and , although he may have lost her , it was not right to let her brother lose the girl he loved the most. Even though he had no idea how Kakeru knew Ruka. Or why he called her "Haruhi"

He thought long and hard about how he and the other signers had defeated their foes. He looked at the witch hovering above Kakeru and Ruka. He looked at the other 2 girls, the red haired one with purple eyes and the one with a flower in her hair, and the dead body of the blond one .he distantly remembered how they had all seemed to stick together before he had materialised in this world.

They shared a bond too. And that was what was needed to defeat the witch and get back home.

"We need to combine our powers." He said aloud.

Kakeru's POV

He stared at Crow, his mouth open. Perhaps this unexpected crazy visitor had some use.

"Why didn't we think of this before?" He looked at Haruhi, glowing and unconscious, and sighed pensively, standing up, glancing at the others to see what they made of the whole thing.

Yusei and Aki looked at each other briefly again and nodded. What they said to each other in those glances Kakeru did not know, but he couldn't be bothered to work it out.


"Hmmmm…that may work for the signers….but what about us, we're completely different?"

"But you have a bond all the same, no?" Yusei stepped away from Aki's side and swept a glance over the reaming fragments.

"That's right!" pleased to be saying something that was useful; Yuka beamed "Remember Yukiko? Tomo to asu no tame ni!"

Kakeru grinned back, nodded and swiped his sword at Liselotte through instinct.

"There's nothing to lose in trying it. But I should really be fighting now…something to keep Liselotte busy while you guys work out how to deliver the finishing blow."

Misuzu's face set in anger and determination.

"Ok. Do your best, then."

Kakeru turned away from them, took one last look at Haruhi, and then went straight into a one-on-one battle with Liselotte. But that did not stop him listening to the conversation going on behind him.

"Why don't we just rush at her with weapons all at once? That's combined strength."

"You want to know something wrong with that theory, Jack? One , this is a WITCH we're fighting , not a super talented duellist with rare monster cards and two , you have no idea to use the sword that…err…what's her name gave to you."

"Birdbrain!" her name is Misuzu. Gomen, pay no attention to Crow."

"Don't worry , Jiro-san."

"JIRO! It's Jack…"

"You look like my brother whom I've only ever seen in photos…..because he was kidnapped when I was a baby…but that does not matter now."

Kakeru had no idea that Misuzu had a brother. But then, he had no idea what Crow meant by "Duellist "or "Rare Monster cards".

"Are you sure that a duel is not possible?"

"Yusei!She's from the 12th century… would that be possible?"

"12th century?"

"Yes, I thought that you were meant to be the smart one here."


"Daijoubu, Aki. Anyway, what I meant, I had dreams about that witch –girl and a king called Verad in a war-torn country before Ruka brought us here…"

"You Know about Verad?" Misuzu was incredulous , Kakeru could tell from her voice.


"I have an idea."

Kakeru could sense everyone staring at Yuka as though she had grown horns.


Kakeru jumped.

Liselotte froze.

"Verad…is that you?"

Kakeru then figured out that the voice was coming from his eye , the one he always covered with his eye patch. Promptly he removed it.

"Liselotte. Don't destroy the world."

"Liselotte looked lost

"Thought you hated the world, Verad."

"Not now. I've seen how it can be good. "

All of a sudden Liselottes's face twisted into an ugly sneer.

"It's too late now, Verad." She let out a large amount of power all at once, and Kakeru came back into himself. He held out the sword, ready to take the blow.

He heard all the others come up behind him.

Someone placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Concentrate hard, ok, Kakeru-kun?"

"Put all your power into this."

"Got it, Yuka, Misuzu."

And so he swung the sword straight at Liselotte. Immense power surged through him.

Looking briefly over his shoulder, he saw them all, hands on each other's shoulders in a line leading straight to him. Combining strengths.

"Tomo To asu No tame Ni!" he yelled, knowing that he and his friends would come out as winners.

IT'S THE END OF THE STORY!I guess it's perfectly obvious what happens next-it's the same as what happens at the end in the 11eyes anime-so there really is no point in my writing an epilogue. I hope you all enjoyed the story