I remember moments, not days
Jay's World


First encounter


He knows my name. I don't know his.

I pick up my pen and pad, and jot down his orders.

He smiles, but it's worn and tired. Bags under his eyes.

A bag beside him. Plastic. White. Yet I can't see its contents.

I wave down the chef at the counter and give him the order. He grunts. He never smiles.

Grease and fat swirls on the plate as I place it in front of him.

This time he doesn't look up.

I feel profoundly disappointed.

bornonhalloween's Once Upon a Desire is so good, I've reviewed every chapter 'till her latest update. She replied, saying I could be "a fantastic drabble-writer". I thought I'd try it out. So here you go...let's see if I prove her wrong or right.