I remember moments, not days
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Afterthought – an author's note


I guess you can ignore this if you want, but I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone
who's sat down and followed this story, whether you've been here from the beginning,
jumped on the train as it went, or have shown up after the stop but stepped on either way.
Thank you, for every 'hit', every review, every kind word of correction and encouragement,
and for sharing… For taking the time to read about a broken girl and a broken man, who
together found a way to heal each other in the end.

And of course, thank you to bornonhalloween, whom in a review reply from her own drabble gave me
the idea to write drabbles to begin with…without you, I don't know if this would have become a reality.

5/31/11 to 7/21/11
It's been two months, fifty chapters, and a whole lot of love through the angst and heartbreak.
God I love you guys!

So yeah, thank you for taking the time… I really do appreciate it : )

xx Jay