Pairings: Seto X Yugi and Atem X Seth

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Yugi waited patiently underneath the cherry blossom tree in the school courtyard. He found himself having to constantly swipe at the schedule in his hands to get the soft pink petals from blocking his view on it. Today was his first day of being a junior at Domino High and he couldn't help but be a little nervous, but who wouldn't be on their first day. Even if they had been going to the same school for two years prior. Everything was going to be different. This year would have different class's, teachers, and classmates from the two years before. He just hoped that he got at least one class with his best friend who he was currently waiting for. They agreed that they would meet here to see if they had any classes together before school. If he got stood up Yugi wouldn't forgive him for this… for at least an hour or two.

Even though he was a junior now he was only sixteen and wouldn't turn seventeen until the year was over, due to the fault of going into school late. He lived in an apartment with his counterpart Atem who was seventeen and also a junior. Then with his boyfriend Seth who was nineteen and already graduated from high school and worked most of the day at the local museum. No one knew that Atem was gay and dating Seth except for Yugi who promised to keep it a secret. Yugi was also gay but the only people who knew were Atem and Seth, he felt bad for not telling his best friend but he just didn't know how he would react.

Yugi glanced down at his schedule to see which class's he had in what order. For first he had english with a blank spot where the teacher's name should be so that meant he would have a new english teacher. The last one probably either quit, retired, or strangely disappeared like a few of the other teachers. Yugi bet that they just left the country and assumed a new name. After english he had history with a teacher he didn't know which wasn't much of a surprise. Then third was math then lunch and after was chemistry, art, and then study hall. Since he was a junior he'd gotten done with having to take P.E class's which he was very happy about. Yugi was horrible at it.

"Yuge! Hey buddy!"

Yugi looked up from his schedule to be the victim of a clumsy tackle hug by Joey. He landed on the ground with a thud and Joey very uncomfortably on top of him. "Joey!" Yugi cried while laughing and playfully hitting him. When Yugi heard someone else laughing he looked beyond the dirty blonde to see Atem. "Hey Atem! You could help me!"

Atem stopped laughing to smile down at the crushed Yugi. "Sorry Aibou." He admitted while helping Joey get off the smaller boy.

When Yugi stood up he brushed himself off and gave Joey a look. "Thank you for crushing my internal organs." He muttered sarcastically while bending down to pick up the schedule he had dropped due to Joey's "hug"

Joey laughed while slapping Yugi on the back to make him drop his schedule again. "That's what best buds are for, right!"

Yugi sighed as he picked up his schedule from the ground again. "Yeah…" He trailed slightly while gripping his schedule tightly this time so that he didn't drop it.

Joey instantly looked over Yugi's schedule. "Oh hey, let's see if we got any class's together." Joey said as Atem came to stand next to Yugi to look over his schedule also. "We got english together! Room 505B!" Joey admitted while stabbing at his first class with his finger.

Yugi smiled. Glad that he had at least one class with him. "That's awesome! Do we have any more together?" Yugi questioned.

"Uhm…" Joey moved his finger down the piece of paper to gaze at the class's. When he reached study hall he stopped. "And we got this class together!" He stated as he took his hand off of Yugi's schedule.

"So first and sixth? That's great! I was scared I'd be all alone." He admitted before looking to Atem. "Do we have any class's together?" He asked while showing Atem his schedule.

Atem looked it over once before nodding and smiling. "Yes, we have art together." He admitted.

Yugi smiled even brighter. "I'm glad that I have class's with both of you guys. That'll make this year so much more fun." Yugi told happily. He'd been over nervous about being all alone in class's since he was horribly shy and couldn't make new friends very well.

"Sure will!" Joey said as he went to sit down on a rock that was near the large cherry blossom. "So either of you hear anything about the new english teacher?" He questioned while picking off a pink petal that had landed on his blue coat.

Yugi and Atem both shook their heads.

"Hmm… I haven't either. I wonder what happened to the old one." Joey stated.

"Most likely retired or got fired." Atem mentioned.

"Yeah, I guess… But I was hoping for somethin' more interesting. Like…" he thought for a moment before smiling and laughing. "Like getting abducted by aliens."

Yugi giggled but Atem gave him a stern look. "That accusation sounds like one of a ten year old… And your how old Joey? Seventeen?"

Joey glared slightly. "Come on! I was just kidding around." He suddenly crossed his arms and turned to look the other way. "Killjoy…"

Atem rolled his eyes before turning to walk away.

Yugi looked after him. "Wait, Atem!" Yugi called before he got too far.

Atem stopped to look over his shoulder at Yugi. "I'm going to go find my first class. I'll see you at lunch." He stated while gazing forward again and continuing his trek over the grass to the front of the school.

Yugi turned back to face Joey. "So who do you think the new english teacher will be?" He questioned curiously.

Joey shrugged. "Probably some old dude or lady with a ruler threatening to hit us with it in front of the class." He stated nonchalantly.

Yugi grew a nervous look. "Seriously? Are they even allowed to do that?" He asked worriedly.

Joey laughed at Yugi's fretfulness. "Nah! I was just kidding! They can't hit you with rulers, but they can hit you with books."

"Seriously?" He asked. His eyes widened even more than before.

Joey hopped off the rock laughing and placed a hand on Yugi's shoulder. "Buddy… Your way too gullible for your own good."

Yugi blushed lightly from the embarrassment before gazing down to the petal littered grass. "Sorry…"

"Hey! No need for the apologizes! I was just sayin' it's not good to be that gullible. I don't want my best friend getting taken advantage of for it." He admitted while gripping Yugi's shoulder tightly.

Yugi nodded slightly before gazing up at Joey to smile softly. "Thanks, I'm glad you're my best friend."

Joey smiled back for a moment before letting go of Yugi's shoulder to punch him there playfully. "Now don't go and get all mushy on me!" He teased.

"Don't worry about that." Yugi admitted while rolling his eyes.

*Ring, Ring, Ring!*

"There's the bell! Let's start our first day on the right foot and not be late, huh? Tomorrow we can be." The dirty blonde joked before walking past Yugi to the front doors where everyone else was beginning to pile in.

Yugi walked quickly to catch up with Joey before stepping on his untied shoe lace. "Ahh!" He cried before tumbling into the grass.

Joey stopped to turn and gaze at Yugi. He instantly broke out in laughter. "I said on the right foot Yuge! Not the untied one!" He shouted before approaching Yugi to help him up onto his butt.

Yugi sighed. "I know… Today is just not my day…" He admitted before shoving his schedule into his pocket to tie his shoe as quickly as he could.

When his shoe was tied Joey helped Yugi to his feet then they both made their way to the front doors.

"Maybe we'll get lucky and have some push over teacher." Joey admitted when they finally stepped off the grass to the concrete paved path that led straight to the front steps then the entrance of the school.

"Yeah." Yugi agreed. He stopped for a moment to brush off any grass and petals that could have gotten onto him from his fall before continuing. "So do you have any class's with any of our other friends?"

"Um… I think I have math with Tristan and science with Duke." He admitted.

Yugi nodded in acknowledgement. "I haven't talked to them since that party you had on Friday and I forgot to ask what class's they had." Yugi admitted. Joey had thrown a "last day of freedom" party to pretty much officially end summer. Yugi wasn't big on parties but he couldn't resist one at the beach.

"Well we'll find out." Joey said as they stepped up the steps then finally walked into the school. "Alright 505B…" He mumbled while looking down at Yugi. "Do you have any idea where that is?"

Yugi sighed. "No but I'm sure we'll find it." Yugi said as they hurriedly walked past the door to the office then down the long hallway into a large opening where people still lingered by white support beams and one of many staircases.

"Well four hundred is that way." Joey admitted as he pointed down a hallway.

"Then maybe if we walk far enough down it then it will lead us to five hundred." Yugi added. They then both quickly began walking down the hallway, glancing at each door they passed whether it was open or not. On the other side of the classroom doors were many grey and white lockers which people were still approaching and scrambling away from to get to class. When they reached the end of the hallway it was a large staircase, since going back would be pointless Yugi and Joey quickly ran up the stairs. Yugi making sure to hold the handrail since he'd fallen down the stairs many times. Running or not. As soon as they reached the top the first number they saw by an open classroom door was 501.

"Yeah! We found it." Joey cheered while beginning to walk down the hall with Yugi trailing next to him.

*Ring, Ring, Ring!*

"Shoot! So much for the right foot! We're late!" Joey said hastily while taking off to run a few more doors down then stop by one and turn to gaze at Yugi who had tried to keep up with him. They then both walked into the class excepting to get yelled at when they discovered the teacher wasn't even there yet. Joey sighed thankfully. "Awesome, so we aren't gonna be late."

Yugi also slightly sighed as he followed Joey to take a seat next to him at a double table. The rest of the classroom was abrupt with laughter, cheers, and yelling if the teacher didn't show up within fifteen minutes then they could leave if they really wanted too. Just in case Yugi took his tan backpack off and placed it on the floor next to his foot. He then gazed to Joey who had fixed a strap on his backpack. "I wonder where the teacher is…" Yugi trailed.

Joey shrugged while leaning back in his chair to put his feet up on the table then cross his arms. "I dunno, but if they don't show up I'm leaving."

Yugi gazed forward to look at the front of the room. They'd picked a desk that was a few back away from the teachers desk which was in the front of the room, behind that was a large white board that took up almost all of the wall. On the left wall was short cabinets and right above them were windows which took up almost the whole wall much like the white board. Each window was open and to let in fresh air which was nice. In front, behind, and next to him people talked loudly making it hard for him to even hear himself think.

"Yugi, Joey?"

Hearing his name called Yugi glanced to the side to see Tea standing next to him and smiling between him and Joey. "Hi, Tea…"

"Hey, Tea. So you got this class too?" Joey questioned from next to Yugi.

She nodded. "I got switched in last minute. Isn't it great!" She jested annoyingly.

"Totally…" Yugi mumbled.

"Yeah." Joey added.

She then told them she'd talk with them later before going back to sit down at a table farther away from them thankfully.

Joey gazed at Yugi to laugh at the expression on his face. "I'm surprised she didn't ask about Yami, she always is." He admitted.

Yugi nodded in agreement. She was always talking about Atem like he was her boyfriend. Yugi felt so sorry for him, and even worse that Atem had to deal with that when he was actually already in a relationship. If Seth went to school here Yugi knew there'd be a lot of problems. Luckily he didn't. Tea really needed to find some kind of hobby or something instead of being so obsessive about Atem, it was kinda scary. Though they were friends Yugi found her getting more and more annoying with the years. Atem would be sure to say the same thing.

All of a sudden there was an incredibly loud slam that sounded like a metal briefcase hitting a desk. Everyone went immediately dead silent and Yugi jumped slightly from the surprise. He gazed forward to lay eyes on their obvious teacher. He was a very tall man, he looked to be in his twenties with brown hair and bangs that went over his forehead. He had on a formal shit shirt with black pants and a belt with a bright silver buckle on it. His eyes were as cold as ice while they seemed to stare individually at each person sitting completely still. When they connected with Yugi's he could feel the annoyance of the class wear on him.

When he looked to Joey he glared very darkly. He then let go of his briefcase to walk around his desk and the few that separated them from him. When he was standing in front of their table he instantly pulled it back to cause Joey to fall backwards in his chair and the class to erupt in laughter.

"This is a classroom. Not your living room." He growled. His voice was as cold as his blue eyes while he glared intensely at Joey.

Joey glared back at him while getting up from landing on the ground. He didn't say anything while crossing his arms.

"Do it again and you can scrape gum from underneath each one of these tables for two weeks." He threatened before putting the table back where it had been. He then walked back to his desk to open his briefcase.

Joey leaned over to whisper in Yugi's ear. "This guys a total bastard."

Yugi didn't reply since he was so enveloped in gazing forward at the teacher before them.

"As you all saw I don't take lightly to slackers. If you put your feet up on my tables you will be cleaning them." He said harshly while turning to grab a pen to write very quickly on the white board. When he finished he turned and eyed Joey for a moment. Before glancing throughout the rest of the class. "I go only by Mr. Kaiba, if you feel like joking around then you can do it in detention which with me you will completely hate." He said. "I also do not take lightly to tardiness. If you walk into my classroom late then you might as well go back home because your clearly not serious about getting an education." He added while picking up a piece of paper from out of his briefcase. "Now, everyone get up. I know each one of you clearly sat by your friends and in here I will make you as far away from them as possible."

Everyone rose from their seats and moved to the sides of the classroom. Yugi gazed at all the tables seeing that there were ten tables which meant twenty students since each one could seat two. The tables were arranged so that there were three rows of three right next to each other and a single table in the back. Kaiba came to stand at the first table in the first row. He looked to the attendance and called out a name then pointed to the spot while doing the same to the chair next to it. Yugi didn't really pay much attention unless he heard a name he knew. Hopefully he would get to sit next to Joey even though Kaiba had told the class that no one would be sitting by their friends. How would he knew if they were friends or not?

Kaiba went through the first row then when reaching the middle table in the second row he called out a name he knew. "Joey Wheeler. Right here." He said harshly while pointing to the spot.

Joey moved from next to Yugi to sit down where Kaiba had told him to. They instantly glared at each other before Kaiba moved to the seat next to Joey's which Yugi was crossing his fingers for. Unfortunately his name was not called. When Kaiba finished that row then the row after that the very last table in the back was the only one left. Yugi sighed slightly, not really wanting to sit in the back.

"Tea Gardner." He called as Tea came to sit down in the spot appointed. He then moved to the spot next to hers and called out the very last name. "Yugi… Muto."

Yugi hesitantly walked over to the spot then sat down.

Kaiba then turned away to walk back to the front of the classroom. "These will be your permanent seats unless I need to move someone." He told the class while he walked around his desk to his briefcase to remove a binder, a few pieces of paper, and large lesson book. He then placed them on the desk before moving his briefcase to the ground and sitting down in the black chair for his desk. "Since today is your first day back and you expect something easy your all going to be writing an essay."

The whole class groaned.

"Enough! The essay will be about you, write about what you like to do in your free time, your favorite vacation place, music, or if you have some kind of pet. You'll be graded on grammar, punctuation, spelling, and if you even know how to write an informative essay. You will have class today to finish it, and if you don't then it is homework and will be due tomorrow on my desk when you walk in. No exceptions." He explained.

Everyone began getting out paper and pencils to begin writing their essay's when Joey spoke out.

"What's the point of this? I doubt you give a shit about what we like to do." Joey asked.

Kaiba glared. "The point of it is so I can identify how you write and if you need to be sent back to first grade to know when you have a question you raise your hand!" He yelled. "I also do not tolerate foul language in my classroom! Say it again and you can come have lunch with me here for the rest of the week."

Joey glared back before getting out his notebook and pencil to angrily begin writing the essay.

Yugi had also gotten out his notebook and pencil and had gotten down the first few sentences before Tea whispered to him.

"Isn't it lucky Mr. Kaiba put us next to each other? I bet he didn't think we were friends." She said while also working simultaneously.

"Yeah." Yugi mumbled back equally as quite. He would have rather sat next to Joey but he probably would have been moved for talking. Now having to sit next to Tea he would probably hear her start talking about Atem soon. Yugi had to admit that it was better than sitting by someone he didn't know. If he did and they did something with partners he'd be dreading it all the time. Tea was nice to him but she could just get really annoying.


After an unexpectedly short thirty minutes Yugi got almost done with his essay, he knew he'd be able to finish it tonight when he got home. Since there was only three minutes of class left everyone had cleaned up their things and were talking amongst themselves.

"So how is Yami doing? He wasn't at the party Joey had last Friday… Do you know why?" Tea instantly questioned while turning in her seat to look questioningly at him.

That was because he was on a date with Seth. "He's fine, and he was already busy." He told her.

"Oh, well that was kind of a shame. I was really looking forward to seeing him." She admitted before frowning slightly. She then smiled. "At least I'll be able to a lunch."

Yugi nodded. Very much looking forward to that right now. All of a sudden Yugi felt something hit his head, bounce off, and land on the floor. Yugi gazed forward to see that Joey had thrown it. Though standing next to Joey was Kaiba. Yugi could clearly tell the two didn't like each other at all, and it was only the first day. Yugi saw Kaiba point over to the paper then Joey got up and walked next to Yugi to pick it up.

Joey glanced Kaiba before at Yugi. "What a prick!" He whispered before going over to the trashcan to throw it away then sit down at his seat.

Yugi couldn't help but giggle at Joey's clear fit he was having. The rest of the year in this class was sure to be interesting.

"I don't think Mr. Kaiba likes Joey all too well…" Tea mumbled obviously.

"Yeah, I know." Yugi added.

*Ring, Ring, Ring!*

The whole class got up and scrambled quickly out of the classroom. Since Yugi hadn't been rushing to leave he was the very last one out the door. Before leaving to barely glanced back and wasn't sure if he saw Kaiba looking at him or not. While walking towards the stairs he fished his schedule out of his pocket to see that his history class was room 401. Luckily that was just down the stairs. To see what locker he had he glanced underneath his sixth class to see that his locker was number 702, so that meant it was in the 700 hallway. He quickly looked over his class's to see that his fifth class was in the 700 hallway so that's when the best time to stop by it would be.

Yugi didn't know where Joey went, he was probably angry about what happened in class so he most likely stomped off to his second period. Yugi quickly managed himself through the groups of people then down the stairs and quickly managed to find the classroom before the bell rang.