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Even by lunch, Yugi was still in the nurses office, or in the bathroom. He was kneeled before the toilet, throwing up and crying, he didn't even know how many times he'd thrown up or how long he'd been in here. He was afraid of what was going on with him, he just couldn't stop it. Yugi didn't even want to think about lunch right now, he felt completely disgusted with himself. He wanted this to end.

He stared into the toilet for a few moments before gagging twice and throwing up whatever was left inside of him. After he was done, he stood shakily, flushed the toilet, washed off his face with water, washed his hands five times, and wobbled out of the bathroom. Hoping to not return for a while. Once he was back in the small white room with two beds, he saw Tea still sitting on the bed he'd been laying at. She looked up at him, her face completely worried.

"Feel any better?" she questioned him.

"A little bit… I don't think I'm going to be throwing up for a while... or at least I hope so." Yugi replied back. He was surprised that Tea was still here, the nurse had gone for lunch and probably told Tea to stay here and make sure he was alright. Yugi went to sit down next to Tea who sighed.

"The nurse told me she thinks you had an emotional overload, care to talk about what happened? Was it something to do with Joey?" she asked. Though wasn't very demanding about it.

Yugi thought back to this morning, barely wanting to think about it. Yugi nodded. "We had a fight…" sudden tears found their way to his eyes.

Tea noticed this and frowned. "If you don't want to talk about it, it's ok. I'll understand."

"No. You need to know… and I want to tell someone." Yugi confessed even though thinking about made his eyes blur with tears. "We fought about what had been happening… he told me that best friends don't lie to each other or keep secrets… he even…" Yugi's voice began choking up. Thinking about how he'd threatened to expose Kaiba and him. "He…"

Tea placed an arm around Yugi to comfort him. "It's ok Yugi, you can tell me. That's what friends are for."

"I… I don't think I can…" Yugi muttered. He didn't know how Tea would react. What if she threatened to expose them just like Joey had? He couldn't tell her, Yugi didn't want to take that risk.

"Whatever you tell me I promise to keep between us. I promise I won't tell anyone else." she reassured.

Yugi glanced to her, seeing Tea smiling at him. Yugi stared at her, feeling something inside him snap and the words just flow out of his mouth. "He even threatened to expose that I was dating our english teacher!" he cried at her. Watching her expression.

Tea's smile faded away and she stared at Yugi in complete shock, during then Yugi used the time to explain.

"I haven't been dating him that long but Joey found out and threatened to expose us." Yugi explained. "Please Tea, don't tell anyone! Please!" he begged her. Hoping that she agreed. He didn't know what he'd do if she didn't.

Tea remained completely shocked. Like someone had just punched her in the stomach, but eventually she nodded once. "I-I won't tell anyone…" she stated. "But I can't say that I'm not completely shocked and that I approve of it, but I won't tell anyone." her features eventually softened, seeing so many tears on Yugi's cheeks. "We're friends, I would never do anything like that."

Yugi smiled thankfully at her. "Thank you." even though Tea said she wasn't going to tell anyone, that didn't stop the fear of Joey's threat from going away. What if he already told someone? What if something happened to Kaiba? Yugi chocked on a sob, turning away from her to bury his face in his hands and cry. How could things get to this? He'd thought that they would get better, he couldn't believe that Joey had threatened to tell someone. How could he?

Weren't they supposed to be friends? Yugi knew it had been wrong to lie and keep secrets like that, but that didn't give Joey a right to expose them just because he was mad at him for it. That was completely unfair and there was clearly nothing Yugi could say that would change his mind. This was all so horrible, what was he supposed to do? He didn't want to just break up with Kaiba for this, he really liked him and he should be able to date whoever he wanted to.

He refused to end their relationship even if Joey exposed them. He just couldn't wrap his head around that Joey was causing all of this, his best friend.

When both Atem and Kaiba entered the room, Tea glanced up at them but Yugi still kept his face buried in his hands. Unable to look up at anyone, feeling too pathetic to.

"Tea could you giv-" Atem began but Tea cut him off.

She glared slightly. "I know already, and I promised I wouldn't tell." she said seriously. Tea then stood up to let Kaiba approach Yugi and take her seat.

Yugi looked up at him, large purple eyes filled with painful tears. He wrapped his arms around Kaiba and cried into him, trying to take in all of the comfort and warmth he gave off. Kaiba also placed his arms around Yugi to comfort him further.

Atem frowned at the sight. He sat down on the other side of Yugi, he placed a hand on his back and rubbed along it soothingly. Trying to calm his sobbing counterpart. "It's ok, everything will be ok Yugi." he tried to calm him, but it didn't seem to work.

Yugi turned his head to glance at Atem with one eye. "No it's not!"

Atem gave him a soft smile. "It will be! I promise. Now what's wrong?"

Yugi stared at him for a moment before closing his eyes and turning back to keep his face buried in Kaiba's coat. "Joey! He knows about me and Kaiba! A-And he threatened to expose us!" Yugi cried. It was disoriented and muffled but Kaiba and Atem still understood what he said.

"He won't, he's probably just still mad." Atem reassured even though he was unsure himself. He just wanted to get Yugi to stop crying.

"How do you know!" Yugi cried out again. Holding onto Kaiba even tighter.

"Well… I guess I don't… but I'm sure he won't." Atem stated. Completely failing at trying to calm him, but he just didn't know what else to do or say.

Yugi backed out of Kaiba to use a hand and wipe away some of his tears. His eyes red rimmed and a broken expression on his face. "He's going to tell everyone… he hates me…"

"I don't hate ya."

They all gazed to the door, seeing Joey standing there with his hands jammed into his pockets and a sorry look on his face.

Yugi almost couldn't believe it. "Joey…?" why would he be here? And why did he look like that?

"Look Yuge… I'm… I'm sorry. I may have been mad at you, but I never hated you." Joey walked closer to them until he was standing in front of the still teary eyed Yugi. He seemed to be trying to ignore who's arms he was in. "I'm sorry for the way I acted towards you, I'm not gonna tell anyone about you two… I was just mad at you guys for keeping so much from me. I felt like you guys didn't trust me enough of somethin'. Like I wouldn't understand, before any of this happened, I would have if you guys just told me sooner."

He glanced between Atem and Yugi while he spoke, but it was clearly hard for him to see Yugi's upset face. "I'm sorry for acting so immature, like fightin' with Yami an just avoiding you guys. I just wanted to stay away from the problem like it would go away." he gazed at Atem. "What you told me was true, but I was too stubborn to except it." his attention went back to Yugi. "I just want everything to be better again. I'm sick of this stupid pointless fighting."

Joey frowned. "When I saw you look so sick Yuge, I realized how big of an ass I was being to his best friend, an knowing that I caused it." Joey reached behind his head to scratch at it a little hesitantly. Clearly having a hard time finally owning up. "I don't wanna fight with you guys anymore… and even though I'm still creeped out that your dating our teacher an everything… I'll get over it." Joey then reached out his hand to Yugi. Smiling lightly. "So… you'll forgive me right? Cuz that was the hardest thing I've ever done."

Yugi glanced from Joey's face to his hand before smiling. He let go of Kaiba to reach out and grab Joey's hand, who pulled Yugi up and into a hug.

"Yeah, after that I'll forgive you! We're best friends after all! I would have forgiven you if you just said sorry." Yugi admitted.

Joey looked down at him. "Seriously?"

Yugi thought about it for a moment before laughing. "Probably not."

"Haha. Figures. I knew it wouldn't be that simple." Joey replied.

Atem then stood up. "Hey! Don't I get a hug too?"

Yugi and Joey glanced to Atem, both smiling.

"Come here then!" Joey yelled playfully. Breaking an arm away from Yugi for Atem.

Atem smiled at them before joining in on the now group hug.

Tea laughed at the boys. "Aw, how cute. I'm glad this is all over now."

"You bet it is!" Joey crushed both Atem and Yugi for a second before letting go of them. Laughing when they both were breathing a little heavier at having the air squeezed from their lungs. "You know Yuge," Joey glanced between him and Kaiba. "I never imagined you'd be one to break the rules."

Yugi laughed. Glancing to Kaiba and smiling. "I wouldn't normally, but in this case it's worth it!" a second later he was at Kaiba's side. Holding onto his arm. "Isn't it?"

Kaiba smirked at him. "Yeah, it is."