Hello all who're reading this dribble! This is my little author's note to you all.

First of all. This randomness started as an assignment in my English class and evolved into a very interesting one-shot. We were given a place, occupation, and an object (mine were the 'Clue' Mansion, a pitchfork and Structural Engineer) then told to write about them. Thus crack ensued. It's mostly un-edited, because that was against the rules. Enjoy this, because I may never feel the need to have anything written ever again.

(The names were inspired by my dad. he always calls those when I need ideas for names)

I was on my way to my next job when suddenly my phone rang. "Yeah?" I called into the device as I slowed for a red light. "Bill? We're gunna need you to check out a new job for us." that would be my boss, Fred. He's in charge of making sure everyone gets where they're supposed to. Se we're Engineers, Structural Engineers. Sorry, i couldn't resist throwing the Bond intro in. I sigh. "Alright, so where is it at?" "Glad you can do it." you could practly hear the boredom in his voice "It's at 123 Wonder Road. You're expected." and he hung up on me. Not even a goodbye or anything. And isn't it just my luck? It's in the opposite direction that i was just heading. Wonderful. He better be paying me back for the gas I'm using on this little side trip.

~After about an hour of driving (it's a big town, after all) ~

I manage to reach the front gates with only a minor headache from dealing with bad drivers. But, there's no speaker. The gates're unlocked. And Fed did say I was expected. So I did the only thing i thought of at the moment and went in. I regret that now. "Hello?" i call, hoping to get some sort of answer. Wow, this place is huge! And well made, too. That's what i love about old buildings, better made. Hmmm...i wonder what they needed me for, everything looks to be in really good condition. "Hello?" sometimes if you call again they answer, right? Maybe if i walk in a little further I'll find someone. And, with that in mind, id did. When i think back on it was a really stupid decision. Because just a few yards into the Mansion i found the Butler. And he was holding a bloody pitchfork. "Good Evening, Sir." Ah, butlers. Well mannered even when holding a possible murder weapon. I really should have seen what was coming next, though. Really i should have. "Thank You for coming, Sir. But I'm afraid I'll have to be getting rid of you now. Terribly sorry." See? I told you. Good manners, even when killing someone.

I suppose now i know why the kids all call it the "Clue" Manor.