Chapter 23

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The door opened and Proffesor Rumbridge and Cornelia Fudge stomped out angrily. Then Dumbledum and Rumbridge sawed(ouch that sounds like it hurts...Hogwarts Chainsaw Massacre Part 1 Dumble Dogs Revenge) us.

"MR. WAY(so the erection thing is still correct...she is a boy?) WHAT THE BEEP(looks like the FCC are censoring her potty mouth...little too late huh) ARE YOU DOING!" Rumbridge shouted angrily. Dumbledore blared at her.

"Oops she made a mistake!" he corrupted(oooh sneaky) her. "She means hi everybody cum in!"(yes that sounds like what she said)

Well we all came in angrily. So did all the other students. I sat between Darkness(I don't remember who that is) and Draco and opposite B'loody Mary. Crab and Goyle started 2 make some morbid jokes(like what? why did the dead chicken cross the road?). They both looked exactly like Ville Vollo(Valo, she can't even write her favorite artists name correctly)). I eight(wow, writing a three letter word is too hard now?) some Count Chocula and drank som blood from a cup. Then I herd(random deer herds XD) someone shooting angrily(off by one letter but I can't let that slide anymore. Never did in the first place). I looked behind me it was¼¼¼Vampire! He and Draco were shooting at eachother.(did they do like you and just throw the guns at each other?)

"Vampire, Draco WTF?" I asked.(did she ever mention why she changed the characters original names?)

"You fucking bustard!" yelled Draco at Vampire. "I want to shit next to her!1"(...sounds romantic)

"No I do!" shouted.(who shouted least she spelt it properly)

"No she doesn't fucking like u, you son of a bitch!" yelled Draco.

"No fuck you motherfucker she laves me not you!" shouted Vampire. And then¼¼¼¼¼¼(how do you not notice that when you type?) he jumped on Draco! (no not in dat way u perv)(when you wrote " he jumped on him" it never crossed my mind as something perverted.) They started to fight and beat up each other.

Dumbldore yelled at them but they didn't stop. All of a sudden¼¼ a terrible man with red eyes and no nose flew in on his broomstick(out of all the 7 movies he never did either of those two things... on a broomstick show up at Hogwarts). He had no nose(ya we get it) and was wearing a gray robe(black). All the glass in the window he flew thru fell apart. Britney that fucking prep started to cry.(only her...?) Vampire and Draco stopped fighting¼(pff they should of kept going, would've been funny).I shopped eating¼(I thought she was finish? ah well not like it's an important thing in this story).Everyone gasped. Da room fell silent¼¼¼¼¼¼¼.Volzemort!

"Eboby¼..Ebony¼¼." Darth Valer(WHAT?) sed evilly in his raspy voice. "Thou havfe failed ur mission. Now I shall kill thou and I shall kill Vampire as well. If thou does not kill him before then I shall kill Draco too!"(still can't get over the darth vader part)

"Plz don't make me kill him plz!" I begged.

"No!" he laughed crudely(nope doesn't make sense). "Kill him, or I shall kill him anyway!" Then he flew away cackling.(ha...I guess his mask is borken)

I bust into tears.(she's been doing that a lot) Draco and Vampire came to contort(ouch.) me. Suddenly my eyes rolled up so they looked all cool and gothic(...ya that's not gothic nor is it cool. what is wrong with this girl). I had a vision were I saw some lighting flash and then Voldremot coming to kill Draco while Draco slit his wrists in a depressed way.(what other way do you do it...)

"No!" I screamed sexily.(when in doubt scream sexily) Suddenly I locked up and stopped having the vision.

"Ebony Ebony aure you alright?" asked Draco in a worried voice.

"Yeah yeah." I said sadly as I got up.

"Everyfing's all right Enoby." said Vampire all sensetive.

"No its not!"(so are you ok or not?) I shouted angrily. Tearz of blood went down my face. "OMFG what if I'm getting possessed like in Da Ring 2!"(...ugh)

"Its ok gurl." said B'loody Mary. "Maybe u should ask Proffesor Sinister(wrong professor and wrong name) about what the visions mean though."

"Ok bich." I said sadly and den we went.(...gotta love the pet names they have for each other...k I'm gonna come up with a random one for her...*cough* "ok cabbage school bus road line tree"'s that?)