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1. The Surprise that Garp Brought

"Eh? You're leaving already?"

A ten year old Ace could only merely nod dejectedly as he began to walk towards back to Dadan's place, his steps a bit hesitant as he suave through the forest; A ten year old Sabo just right behind him.

The boy with the top hat looked rather confused. "But Dadan never complained about you staying with me in the tree house before, why now?

Ace then suddenly stopped, making Sabo lightly bump into the freckled boy's back.

"It's not that Dadan is complaining, trust me, the old hag would've cared less if I die, but….."


Sabo slightly leaned over to see Ace's face, which was shadowed by his bangs, only to find himself sweatdropping.

He can see that the black-haired boy paled considerably, sweat coming down from his face. Sabo paled also at the realization, knowing that-

"Garp is coming… and he said that he has a little surprise."

And when Garp comes with a surprise, that usually means that he is coming with a new he-ish training for Ace; and sometimes Sabo whenever the boy was there. They both know that just running away from it wouldn't help at all, for Garp would just extended the training and probably added a punishment to it. They don't want Garp to be here for more than two days. That is how long they can bear the vice-admiral's presence.

Also that Garp would always find them where ever they are hiding. It was pretty creepy how he knows.

"Maybe I should come along…?" Sabo offered his friend as he didn't really want to leave Ace in the mercy of Garp alone, no matter how terrifying the old man can get.

But Ace only shook his head, refusing the kind offer given from his longtime friend.

"No, this is my problem… yeah, my problem." Even though he refused, Ace did sound a bit nervous to even want to go up to Garp by himself. Of course, being prideful as he is, he'll never admit that.

Sabo being Sabo, of course he heard this and only smiled at the freckled-boy.

"I'll just go anyway. I'm pretty curious about what the surprise is."

"Should you be? You know it is going to be another torturous plan to get me to become a marine." Ace then grinned. "Even though I had planned to be the King of Pirates."

Sabo, snickering at the declaration, humbly knuckles with Ace.

"Don't you mean me?" Sabo asked in good humor, sticking his tongue out.

The two boys just laughed as they ushered on their way to Dadan's place, in a better mood now despite of the foreboding future of Garp's visit.

When they were just simply five miles away from Dadan's place, they can already hear the screaming, protesting, and insults.

Sabo and Ace looked at each other with expressions of confusion.

Usually, Garp would be already gone from Dadan's place to hunt out for them. It gives the boys some times of leisure before Garp comes back.

As they walked on forward towards the home in the mountains, they can see a heated discussion between Dadan and Garp behind the bushes.


Ace stuck his tongue out in horror at the mention of him being Garp's grandson, for he doesn't really like that statement that all. Garp is a mean old geezer in the first place, what child would want Garp as a grandfather?... or be related to him at all?

"I CAN'T TAKE CARE OF HIM, YOU KNOW THAT!... Even though I do want to make him into a marine!"

The two boys didn't questioned about the sounds of giggling and gurgling from the background for they were frankly horrified by Garp's undignified display of affection towards the buddle of joy in his hand; with flowers and hearts that just seemed to make the display even more terrifying.

…Wait a minute, "buddle of joy"? As in, like a "baby"?

Soon, Garp then promptly dropped the infant into Dadan's arms, giving her one of those shining smiles and a casual thumb-up.

"So I'm pretty sure you can take care of him, I mean, isn't that what woman do?"


"Come on! Do this little favor for me!"


The argument continues on as the two boys looked rather shock at what is happening…

You mean, there's going to be another kid living with them?

In the end, Garp left with a victorious smile. Blackmailing always has its perks.

Despite the fact that Dadan looks like she's ready to go out and massacre a village; it could be pretty much said that both Ace and Sabo were relief at that knowledge that they are not the reason for Garp's visit.

But they did shot curious glances towards the baby in the buddle of blankets carried in Dadan's arms.

In an instant, as they saw a little hand peeking out from under the blanket, Dadan snapped her gaze towards the two boys. Out of instincts –and knowing the fact that if Dadan is pissed, she'll be taking it out on the poor closes thing she could grab –both of them duck down as if to hide themselves behind the bushes, even though they know from the fact that it was useless and their fate is sealed by the dark aura creeping out of Dadan.

If Garp isn't going to get them; they are pretty sure that Dadan would.

"Both of you brats, come right here!"

They automatically complied as they grudgingly picked themselves off the floor and slowly walked to the woman. They know better than to try her patience when she's this pissed off. Pissed off as when she's on that monthly thing. And that is not a pretty site.

Both Ace and Sabo looked up at the huge woman, slightly sweating. Ace managed to look as tough and masculine as a ten year old can get, while Sabo was wearing a polite smile out of habit though it was twitching with nervousness.

Suddenly, the baby was thrust in Ace's arms, making the boy almost dropped the infant if Dadan still haven't got a grasp on the baby.

"There, your new baby brother."






As this little argument continues on, Sabo began to take away the little babe from the two hot heads, in fear that it would somehow be included into the fight, as he looked down at the child in his arms.

The toddler looks no more than six months old, making the top hatted teen frown a bit. The child is so young, what happen to his parents? What of his mother or father? Did they just dump the child on Garp or did something happen to them? Though, he had to admit –since this is pretty much his first time seeing a newborn up close –that the child is pretty cute.

Hair has already begun to grow on top of the head; black like Ace. In Sabo's arms, he seemed like a tiny little doll that could be easily shattered, but at the same time, he can see that the child was strong. It can be easily indicated that he's strong for he has yet to cry even when going in between Garp's and Dadan's arguments, and Ace's and Dadan's argument.

What mostly mesmerized Sabo are the huge grin and the huge, wide eyes of innocence that the infant have. A laughter echoed from the child's mouth as he lifted his arms as if to make a "hurrah!" movement.

The blond child couldn't help but smile softly as he felt a tiny hand touching his cheek ever so lightly, those big eyes looking curiously at him (though he has a premonition that the curiosity would someday bring trouble). It seemed very reassuring to the older child that the little babe is such an innocent being, not knowing the world around it; of it dangers, cruelty and selfishness.

Then looking back and Dadan and Ace, he couldn't help but sigh as he know that this innocent being could easily be defiled as the child would live with Dadan and Ace… probably by him too, depending on day.

Sighing as he adjusted positioning a little to hold the child a bit more comfortable, Sabo began to went inside the house, where the other bandits are just doing what they normally do. They didn't bother paying attention to Ace's and Dadan's argument; it's not like that this is the first time they have fought. Some times over something ridiculous that they didn't bothered to guess.

That is when they saw Sabo holding onto a little baby, and their eyes popped out.

Then they mumbled something about "not again" and put it off in their minds that this is a normal thing. Garp has ways to make their boss listen to what he said. And this is no different.

Ace was sent here as a little child too, so it's not surprising if they got another child.

Sabo sweatdropped as he saw the others reverting back to what they're doing. They seemed so use to this though it had been years since Ace had come.

He then looked outside to see that Ace and Dadan now are using their fists. Well, at least they wouldn't be so loud.

Sabo froze as he heard a whimper.

Everyone froze as they heard the whimper, even Ace and Dadan. Looking down, Sabo saw those same big eyes watering, the little guy's lips quivering. And before he could do anything about it further, the little baby wailed. Loudly.

The others went into a panic because of it, for they didn't really know what to do anymore about caring for a baby. It's been years since Ace was a baby and they forgotten the proper way to take care of one.

"W-What is it that he needs?"

"M-Maybe a diaper change?"

"Warm milk?"

Sabo was trying to still the fussing infant in his arms, afraid that he might drop the babe, and then quickly went to the single couch in the room and put the little newborn on. He was still wailing then.

While the other bandits are trying to calm down the fussing baby, trying to see what's wrong with the little kid; Sabo heard a noise in the kitchen, seeing that Dadan and Ace are actually working together, making something that Sabo couldn't see from where he's at.

After a minute, they came rushing out and forced –Sabo looking quite worried at how hard Dadan did it –a bottle the infant's mouth.

The cries instantly died down as the little toddler is sucking the bottle ever so contently.

While Ace and Dadan are rather relief, everyone then looked at them with mix surprised and amusement in their expression. It was then the two hot heads noticed.

"I didn't know you know you can take care of an infant Ace." Sabo couldn't help but teased his sworn brother, who instantly flushes at the mention. He then stuck his tongue out and looks away. It was instincts, he told himself. He knows that Dadan knows what to do and out of panic, he followed the woman and tried to help her with the preparation and such.

"I don't!"

"Sure you don't."

Sabo only snickered as Luffy's bottle was already emptied out.

Dadan mumbled something about 'family's monster stomach' and such. Sabo couldn't blame her for that. She now practically has to take care of two kids with a stomach that could not be satisfied at times.

Looking at the infant he chuckled and wondered if Ace was like this when he was little. Probably most likely. How else would have a stomach like that? Well, other than Garp, but he's another out-worldly creature.

He looked at his best friend, seeing the distraught expression on his face. It seemed that his sworn brother isn't too hot on the fact that he might have to use most of his day just to please the infant, for he knows that Dadan is going to force him to. Just at the realization, Ace then glared at the seemingly mini-me.

Sabo rolled his eyes, knowing the simply mind of Ace, and decided that they need some bonding time.

"Oh yeah! I have to go get something! I'll see ya later then!"

"Wait, you're leaving me here?" Ace questioned incredulously as he saw his sworn brother dashed out of the house.

Something tells him that he's doing that on purpose. For what reason, Ace doesn't know, but he is sooo going to get Sabo back as soon as he sees him.

"Ace, stay here, I'm going to sink Garp's ship before he gets there….."

Ace sweatdropped as he watched a dark Dadan stomping out of the house, the bandits looking rather nervous. Their boss; with that dark look on her face, they knew she was going to carry out that unsaid promise.

"W-We're going to try to stop her, stay here Ace!"

And the others left, leaving a clueless child who doesn't even know the slightest about baby care. Ace could only stand their frozen as he tried to figure out what to do next.

"W-Wait a minute, what in the he- am I supposed to do?" Ace shouted a minute after, too late.

Now, he's alone.

A giggled interrupts the silence, the bottle thrown over Ace's head.

Oh wait, he's not alone.

Ace then snapped his head towards the happy infant, glaring at it as he had already made it as if it was the kid's fault.

The infant was blissfully unaware of Ace's judgment of him and only giggled as he squirmed in his blanket, wanting attention.

The ten year old frowned.

"You're so tiny…" the older D. mumbled, pressing his finger on the tiny one's hand feeling the softness of it, which kind of surprised him in the way. Are all babies this soft?

But before he could pull it away, the big-eyed infant already have a tight grasp on Ace's finger, and it took a while for the freckled boy to figure out that he couldn't get out of the strong clutch. It doesn't seemed surprising if the newborn has inquired some of Garp's inhuman strength.

Ace repeatedly tried to pull his finger out of the baby's hand, only to see that it only increases the infant's amusement even more and tighten the grip. Ace was getting much more frustrated and yanked it harder.

Not knowing his own strength for that moment, the older D. accidently flung the younger over his head.

Ace jaw dropped open as he realized the heat from his finger is gone. And there was soon a loud sound of shattered glass. Ace paled as he slowly turned his head.

There he saw the black-haired baby rubbing its eyes, its big eyes then looking at Ace. The little one seemed unharmed, but his eyes began to water.

Ace screamed in his head, "Please don't cry! Please don't cry! Please don't cry!"

He can take punches, he can take kicks, he can take a beating; but there is no way he could take crying! Especially from a baby! He found something so nerving about a baby's cry.

"Wai-" Ace started to run towards the infant, before the younger himself sneezed and then sniffled.

Ace found himself tripping out of nothing and face planted on the floor.

Seeing that the older D. has fallen, the younger laughed and pointed at Ace as if to make fun of him. Ace couldn't help but wondered where in the world did that child learned that while fuming about how it does seemed to make fun of him.

If he wasn't sure that Dadan would kill him if he tried to choke the baby, then he would.

"You're as tough as the old geezer…" Ace mumbled as he knows that he should take the baby away from the broken glass before the infant hurts himself; the freckled boy picked up the newborn and set him back on the couch again.

He wondered if he could blame the baby for breaking the glass.

"I'm back. Where's Dadan?"

Sabo looked back at the exhausted Ace who mumbled something along the lines with 'Garp', 'Sink', 'Others' and 'Dadan'.

Frankly, Sabo doesn't really want to know much of what happened when he left.

Sabo look at the giggling child and smiling slightly, seeing that there was not much harm done. Of course, he had yet to see the mess in the back.

"Guess we would have to name him soon, huh? It doesn't seem like his parents or Garp has given him one."

Ace suddenly then frown at the thought. Sabo saw it but didn't say anything about it.

Well, at least Ace has gotten a name before his mother died. She gave it to him at her last moments of being alive. But he doesn't know what had happen to this infant's parents. Did they die like his? Or are they alive and simply didn't care about him? He just doesn't know. He could try to know, but at the same time, it doesn't seem like something he would understand. Asking Garp about it might be an option, but would the vice-admiral tell him anything? He never even heard Garp talk about his family before. Realizing that, he somehow irritated him. What, Garp knows so much about him and his family, yet he doesn't know anything about the Vice Admiral and his family, other than the fact that Garp has a grandson?

"Well, let's named him!" Sabo said positively, trying to make sure the mood wouldn't be so down since he saw the confused look on the infant's face, as if he read just how dark the air seemed to be. "I mean, I don't want to keep calling him "baby" or "kid" and such. And since we're the only ones here, I guess we have the privilege."

Ace actually looked as if he is really thinking deep thoughts about the subject.


Sabo looked confuse.

"Luffy? Why Luffy?"

"He's fluffy."

"I don't think babies would be considered 'fluffy' Ace. And what does that have to do with it?"

"Take out the 'F' and you'll get Luffy."

"How in the world did you think of a name like that?"

"It's to humiliate him. It sounds like a girly name, right? It's his fault for making fun of me."

"He's only six months old. I doubt he could even have the brain capacity to make fun of you."

"He did laugh and pointed at me!"

"I doubt that. He's only a baby Ace!"

"It's Garp's Grandson!"

Sabo opened his mouth then closed it soon after. Well, yeah, he couldn't deny that. Maybe the kid did in fact made fun of the older boy. He doesn't exactly know how, but it could be a possibly.

"Well, you shouldn't give so much thought into it. If you're going to name him 'Luffy', then pick an even better name really. Seriously, making someone's name like that for this kind of reasoning."

"Nah. Luffy fits him."

"Maybe you would think so."

There was a giggle in the background and both look at the new member of their so-called 'family'. It seemed that 'Luffy' actually likes his name from the way he seemed to bounce a bit every time the name 'Luffy' was heard.

"Well, he seemed to like it."

"You would say that since you gave him that name."

"Got any better names smarty?"

"I'm sure I can come up with better names than Luffy."

"Oh yeah? Like what?"


"Ha! See!"

"Let me think of one!"

Big eyes watched his soon to be "sworn brothers" and then giggled with joy.

Me: I always did wonder about the possibility to "what if Luffy was younger?". It was a random thought that popped into my head. When I imagined it, I squealed.

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